What’s On ATI TEAS Math: Question and Preparation Tips 

What's On ATI TEAS Math

Preparing for the ATI TEAS Math is critical to attaining the minimum grade and ultimately joining your desired nursing school. It makes up about 30% of the total questions in the TEAS. It also forms the most complex areas that need weeks of intensive preparation. Our ATI TEAS Math experts will guide you on the question types and how to prepare so that you familiarize yourself with the ins and outs.

What is on the ATI TEAS Math: Understanding the Question Types and Sub-Sections

The ATI TEAS Math consists of 37 questions that must be taken within 57 minutes. These 37 questions are subdivided into two primary sub-sections.

Numbers and Algebra

There are 18 questions in the numbers and algebra sub-sections of the ATI TEAS Math. Learners should expect questions on algebraic equations and expressions, sequence and patterns, functions and relations, rational numbers, word problems, linear equations, order equations, and basic arithmetic. These basic and intermediate-level concepts test whether the applicant has a firm foundation in numbers and algebraic topics learned in high school.

Measurement and Data

Typically, the measurement and data sub-section will include 16 questions, which brings up the total graded questions on the Math teas to 34. The three remaining questions are used for the institution’s internal purposes. Learners are assessed on their ability to interpret data and measurement concepts. Like the numbers and algebra section, these are concepts learned through high school, so expect them to be basic and intermediate level. Popular topics to expect are ratios and proportions, percentages, statistics, probability, geometry, word problems, and estimation.

What Mathematical Tools are Allowed in the ATI TEAS Math Test?

Learners cannot carry anything into the ATI Math TEAS Test room. All test-takers must use the four-function online calculator and a timer available at the top corner of the exam page. You can only bring a stack of blank paper and a pencil for basic calculations. Most instructors require students to destroy that sheet of paper once the exam ends.

Are There Passing Scores for the ATI TEAS Math Section?

A typical ATI Math TEAS test doesn’t have a passing score. However, most graded questions add to the final grade. Therefore, learners shooting high or looking to achieve the minimum grade must strive to achieve 65-75% to stay in the national percentile. Check your program’s requirements or contact your instructor beforehand. Doing so will help you know the average score to target.  

Tackling the Biggest Challenge: Managing Time During the ATI TEAS Math Test

Taking 57 minutes to cover 37 questions means learners have approximately 1.5 minutes to handle each. This period covers minutes spent reading and understanding the question and calculating. Practice calm and follow these tips to achieve the desired grades:

  1. Practice with timed tests to familiarize yourself with the exam conditions.
  2. Skip difficult questions.
  3.  Once done with easy questions, allocate the remaining minutes to the challenging quizzes depending on their level of technicality.
  4. Eliminate wrong answers, especially in multi-choice questions

Preparing for the ATI Math TEAS Section: Here is What Our Experts Advise

Now that you fully understand the ATI Math TEAS section, the next step is to master the concepts thoroughly. It is only possible through targeted preparation focusing on the primary content.

Start Preparing Early

Learners targeting the best grade should have ample time to structure their study timetable with the actual TEAS test date. The average time to prepare for TEAS Math should be 2 to 3 weeks. Learners need to take a diagnostic test as it defines whether they will need more or less time, depending on their current knowledge. In addition to the diagnostic test, learners need to map their study timetables based on their understanding of each sub-section. This technique will help them know how long to take in an individual section.

Take Practice Tests. A Lot of Them

Math isn’t a subject students can learn by watching. They must practice, bend their thinking, and approach problems from multi-dimensional and practical angles. Practicing a lot helps learners internalize concepts, develop skills, retain key concepts, build confidence, and learn to apply knowledge learned in the actual exam. Target at least  4 practice tests weekly—usually after learning other TEAS subject areas. Your practice tests should simulate the actual exam to help you learn how to manage time.

Focus on the Key Academic Materials

ATI TEAS Math needs targeted learning, which is only possible through practicing with expert-recommended resources. Narrowing down your research materials increases the chances of meeting questions similar to the ones on your practice tests in the actual exam. Here are the study resources you need:

  • Mometrix I Study Guide
  • TEAS Practice Tests from ATI Test Study Guide
  • Online ATI Math Video Tutorials, including the YouTube Videos by Brandon Craft and Khan Academy
  • Flashcards for memorizing math formulas and critical concepts
  • Online TEAS prep courses

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What’s On ATI TEAS Math: The Bottom-line

Acing your ATI TEAS Math can be challenging, but you need to adopt a positive mindset, practice timed tests, and stay calm when answering the questions. However, if you’re still not confident in your abilities, we have a TEAS test overpass software to help you do it. Call us for 1-on-1 consultations and we will be glad to help.

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