UCLA Math Placement Test

UCLA Math Placement Test

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) records a 15% acceptance rate across all study disciplines, including math. It also reports an impressive 50% yield rate yearly. Admission into any of the school’s math programs requires applicants to ace the UCL Math Placement Test to unlock their academic journeys. Our UCLA Math placement test experts delve into the exam details, explaining what it entails, the content areas, scoring techniques, and placement mechanisms. Learners needing help with the UCLA math exam can contact our top experts to take their UCLA exams for perfect scores.

What is the UCLA Math Placement Test, and Who is It for?

The University of California, Los Angeles offers six categories of Math programs: Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Financial Actuarial Mathematics, Mathematics/Applied Science, Mathematics of Computation, and Mathematics for Teaching. UCLA Math Placement Test (UCLA MPT) or UCLA Math Diagnostic Test (UCLA MDT) is a standardized test administered to learners looking to pursue any math programs offered at UCLA. The test is available for first-year students, international or domestic, yet to decide which math level to get admission into.

The UCLA MPT examines the incoming student’s current math knowledge and ability to perform in math school. By knowing their math proficiency, the university can place the new students at the level they rightfully belong—not too challenging or easy. In addition to placement, some programs require math rigor. UCLA MPT allows the university to tailor their programs with the best knowledge for a strong math foundation and success in various career designations.

UCLA Math Placement Test Sections and Question Types

The UCLA math placement test comprises 20-30 questions, primarily from algebra, precalculus, geometry, functions, trigonometry, and calculus. Learners have up to 2 hours to complete the test, and when they begin, learners cannot pause the exam until it ends. UCLA understands that the exam may stop due to emergencies like power surges. Should that happen, they provide learners with a new set of questions after 48 hours.

UCLA MDT question formats vary, but they primarily consist of multiple-choice questions. Other formats include fill-in-the-blank and short-answer math problems. Most applicants ask, “Are UCLA math placement exams hard?” The answer to the question will depend on the student’s proficiency and math background in the relevant topics. UCLA MPT derives from high-school concepts. Adequate preparation using the Prep and Learning Module available on the UCLA Home website is sufficient to guarantee a perfect score. Additionally, learners have up to 3 retake chances to prove their abilities. Each attempt costs $20 if taken via the ALEKS PPL Home page.

UCLA Scoring Mechanism

Learners receive UCLA placement reports in percentages ranging between 0-100. The figure represents the overall or cumulative score summed from various content areas. UCLA assigns point values to each question based on its complexity. The cumulative result is the sum of all points taken from each question. Unlike exams like ATI TEAS, UCLA MPT does not include sub-content scores. It does not also waive students out of course. However, it has a cut-off score for placing students into different courses depending on their abilities.

Placement Mechanisms for UCLA Placement Test

Applicants with 80%+ qualify for Math 31A and Math 3A placement. Math 31A is the Calculus and Application course, which includes an introduction to integration. The course prepares applicants for Math XL 31B offered at UCLA. Math 3A is an Integral Calculus and Differential two-quarter course. It overlaps with Math 2D offered at UCLA.

A 60%-80% qualifies learners for Math 31AL designation. Math 31AL is a first-quarter Calculus course covering Differential and Integral Calculus Laboratory. The concepts of Math 31AL are significantly similar to 31A. However, it prepares learners for Math XL 31B.

Learners with low UCLA Placement test scores (30%+) qualify for Math 1. This lower-division Precalculus Course covers topics in the introduction to calculus to help learners prepare for advanced calculus. Applicants satisfied with their placements can take advantage of the Prep and Learning Modules available on the UCLA Mathematics website. Unsatisfied learners can retake the test, and the university will consider the highest score.

How to Register for the UCLA Math Placement Exam

Follow the process below to register for UCLA MDT:

  • Follow the link to the “Take the Diagnostic Test” page on the UCLA Mathematics Home Page
  • On the new page, choose between UCLA and non-UCLA students. UCLA students are learners registered on the university portals (continuing students), while the non-UCLA new learners are seeking admission at the university.
  • UCLA students should log in to their Duo Logon (students) accounts to access the Math Placement Test.
  • Non-UCLA students must register on the ALEKS signup page to access the Math Placement test.

UCLA Math Placement Test: The Bottomline

With UCLA’s acceptance rate nosediving yearly, a perfect score on the UCLA Math Placement Test is the only way to get into the school. To this end, we have covered what the UCLA MDT entails, its scoring mechanism, and passing grades. Get timely and accurate help from our top experts for guaranteed high scores.

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