Top 8 Ways on How to Cheat on Proctored Exams

How to Cheat on Proctored Exams

Learning is a complex endeavor, and life doesn’t stop to accommodate your academics. Most students are parents or have day jobs, which doesn’t give them ample time to study for exams. They have diverse needs that require help with proctored exams. How to cheat on proctored exams becomes essential as they try to juggle between life, academics, and family. Our proctored exam-help experts help you understand how to cheat on proctored exams. If you need the service, they will share the process, which makes the whole activity undetected and worthwhile.

Research by Dr. Donald McCabe shows that 95% of students admit to cheating in exams, whether homework assignments, class-based exams, or online-based exams. Many education institutions are adopting online proctored exams and investing so much in software to help monitor the learners. It prompts learners to keep asking how to cheat on proctored exams successfully. Learners care for good grades, and a system that can help them pass exams without detection is a welcome idea. At, we have a way to help students pass their exams undetected. In this article, we shall explore some of the major strategies commonly used by students to cheat on proctored exams.

Top 8 Ways on How to Cheat on Proctored Exams

Unauthorized collaborations

Students use external communication tools such as video apps, messaging apps, and online chat platforms whereby they can receive the answers, discuss the exams, or receive any needed assistance from their friends or peers in real time. Thus, it gives them an unfair advantage over the other students undertaking the test.


Students use fake identities and one another’s, hiring impostors to cheat on the proctored exam. In other scenarios, the account login details are shared with the test helpers to deceive the system or avoid verification. In other cases, the students get to hire experts who take the exams for them.


Students tend to use online resources to copy and paste the information found online by other people during the proctored exam. They need to comprehend or synthesize the given information fully. Even with educators encouraging students to cite their work as original, many students still fall for this, especially when they are sure there will be no plagiarism checker in the given tests.

Unauthorized Resources

One of the most common ways to cheat on proctored exams is using unauthorized materials. They may include smartphones, notes, and textbooks, among others. The students tend to strategically place them in a location where no one will find them and thus employ discreet ways to access them when the test begins.

The availability of online information through smartphones has become an enticing tool for enabling cheating. The learners can get real-time answers by googling information referring to the electronic books or even the personal notes saved on their phones.

Using improved techniques and gadgets

Tech-savvy learners commonly use this. They use new technologies in creating their proctored exams, such as projectors sharing the screens with the neighboring helper and screen-sharing applications where they virtually share the questions with their fellows. Others use or run virtual machines to hide cheating activities.

 In some extreme cases, the students may attempt to hack the proctoring software to gain access to the exams and manipulate the settings. Most proctoring software schools face challenges like these when detecting irregularities if advanced methods are used.

Using the keyboard to get the answer

The use of the keyboard is the modern way of cheating in the proctored exam by copying and pasting your answers into a notepad or document. It is done by Keeping a different window open before the test starts as a way of tricking the remote proctor. The keyboard can navigate to other windows. Using a keyboard is easy as it only needs fewer movements. The remote proctor software may not recognize which keys you use when using it discretely.

Using water breaks and bad network connections as an excuse

Using water bottles may seem harmless, but when it comes to a competent cheater, it is a great avenue for cheating. This strategy works well for proctored exams, but one must ensure the facial expressions are well-maintained to avoid being caught.

Using “How to Cheat on Proctored Exams” Writing Agencies

With many students seeking help online on how to cheat on proctored exams undetected or any other kind of academic help, many writing agencies, such as are on the rise. They help students do their exams at a fess and with guaranteed good results without detection.

How to Cheat on Proctored Exams: Conclusion

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