Test Taking Strategies for Nursing Students: Acing Nursing Exams

Test Taking Strategies for Nursing Students

Test taking strategies for nursing students refer to the systematic approaches exam takers adopt to succeed in their exams. These strategies are centered around helping students answer the questions correctly, manage time, enhance confidence, and eliminate anxiety. In this blog, our nursing test-taking experts will take you through 6 proven approaches nursing students use to ace their exams. We also offer nursing exam help services, guaranteeing a perfect score in their exams.

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Using the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need for Test Taking Strategies for NCLEX Exam Questions

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory is a critical exam preparation tool that can help prioritize and plan test taking strategies for nursing students. According to this theory, there are five levels of need ranging from the highest to the lowest priority. Here is how to use the Maslow’s Hierarchy of need for your exams:

Physiological Needs

Your physiological needs should be prioritized to help your brain function optimally during the exam for the best performance. Have adequate sleep, eat properly, and stay hydrated throughout the examination.

Safety Needs

The environment should be conducive, comfortable, and secure. If you’re taking a home-based proctored exam, ensure it’s clutter-free, void of distractions, and quiet. A conducive environment eliminates cognitive load for better memory recall, concentration, and comprehension.

Love and Belongingness Needs

Reach out to your peers and collaborate through group discussion for effective test taking strategies. Share ideas, discuss topics, exchange resources, and answer past quizzes to enhance your comprehension. Study groups guarantee diverse perspectives, motivation, and accountability through collaborative learning.

Esteem Needs

Esteem needs are critical in test-taking as they impact cognitive function, attitude, resilience, perseverance, and how best examiners manage time. Practice self-confidence by learning to cope with exam pressures and mitigating anxiety. Trust your abilities as you answer questions and avoid second-guess to mitigate sub-optimal performance.

Self-actualization Needs

Every detail you put down in your exam adds to the scores unless you’re answering unscored questions. Thus, you should aim to achieve your full potential. Go beyond memorizing and apply the inherent critical thinking skills to demonstrate your understanding of the materials studied.

Test Taking Strategies When Answering the True and False Questions

True and false questions comprise 5-30% of nursing tests, including TEAS and NCLEX exams. One trick about these test taking strategies for nursing students is that they have more accurate answers than false ones and that learners have a 50% chance of getting each question correctly by taking a guess.

Read each question between the lines while paying attention to qualifiers. If the query uses “Never, Always, and Every,” it implies the given sentence must be considered true all of the time. If the question uses “Sometimes, Generally, and Usually,” it implies that it can be considered true or false based on the underlying circumstance. Also, remember that if any part of the phrase is incorrect, the whole sentence is false.

Answering the Multi-Choice Questions

Multi-choice questions comprise most test taking strategies for nursing students, accounting for 80% of NCLEX exams and approximately 50% of the TEAS. These questions require test-takers to adopt a strategic and systematic approach that entails reading each question between the lines and answering without bias. The best way to answer MCQ’s question is by using the elimination process. Look at your answer choices, then eliminate the incorrect picks. Next, consider the context based on the provided qualifiers and trust your knowledge of the subject to pick the best answer. You may need to trust your instinct, especially when you need to make a confident guess without thinking twice.

Answering the Open-Ended or Open-Book Questions

Open-book questions require test-takers to use reference materials learned in the textbooks, notes, or other online resources to complete a specific quiz. In nursing, most open-book questions come as task-based questions (TBS). They need test-takers to thoroughly understand the question and combine critical thinking and problem-solving skills to provide ideal solutions. When answering these questions, structure your answer by creating a brief outline. The solution should be directly supported with examples or evidence to authenticate their validity. Cite resources where possible.

Answering the Short Answer Questions

Short-answer questions require concise and pragmatic responses that answer the questions promptly and with specificity. They’re more open-ended; hence, test-takers, you should adopt critical thinking. When answering these questions, use flashcards to underscore key terms and concepts. Don’t leave blank answers since that’s a 100% guarantee for failing. Write anything logical you can think of relative to the question. Most importantly, visualize or anticipate questions you will likely meet when preparing test taking strategies for nursing students.

Test-Taking Strategies for Nursing Students: The Bottom Line

These test taking strategies for nursing students work almost instantly. However, your success in nursing depends on how adequately you prepare for the exam. We offers comprehensive support for nursing students looking to perform their tests. Whether you need learning materials, study guides, or exam hacks, we are your light bearer through your academic pursuit. Contact our support for an instant guide or consultation.

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