TEAS Test Science Prep: 5 Expert Tips on Preparing for the TEAS

TEAS Test Science

TEAS Test Science is a structural test aimed at gauging student readiness for nursing as a career. It is an aptitude test that serves as a critical milestone in defining the student’s future academic journey and professional career. The final scores will significantly influence admission into the nursing school. Our ATI Test experts will take you through 5 preparation tips that guarantee success in the ATI Test science. They will also help you in doing the test

Understand the ATI TEAS Science Passing Scores

Understanding the ATI passing scores is the applicant’s first line of defense, as it helps them know what grades to target. The national passing score, or the national percentile, currently stands at 60%. However, different programs have varying passing scores, which range between 65-70%, depending on the school.

Note that some competitive programs can set the percentage passing grade in the high 90s, depending on other students’ scores. In such a situation, the institution will likely consider the national percentile, not the actual grade. Check the ATI official website as it tells applicants where they fall compared to their school’s average. But if you still have a rough start knowing the grades to target, seek clarifications from a TEAS test advisor or communicate with your school to clear doubts.  

Stay up-to-date with the ATI TEAS Test Science Format

The TEAS Test Science is a 170-question standardized and computer-based exam presented as multi-choice questions. Among the 170 questions, only 150 are scored. The ATI uses the extra 20 to assess the test’s integrity. These questions are spread across four main subject areas: 

  1. Science Subject Area: Consists of 48 questions that test the applicant’s understanding of concepts in four sub-content areas—scientific reasoning, human body, life science, and Earth and Physical science.  
  2. Math subject area: Comprises 30 questions that assess the applicant’s understanding of concepts in four sub-content areas—numbers and operations, algebraic applications, measurements, and data interpretation.  
  3. Reading: Comprises 53 questions that assess the applicant’s understanding of concepts across three sub-content areas—key ideas and details, craft and structure, and integration of knowledge and ideas. 
  4. English language usage: Comprises 28 questions that assess the applicant’s understanding of concepts across three sub-content areas—conventions of standard English, vocabulary acquisition, and language.  

Set Aside Adequate Preparation Time

Most ATI TEAS applicants make a common mistake that impacts their score: waiting until the last week to begin preparing. Remember that the TEAS Test Science isn’t an exam you can cram for since it assesses your understanding of various concepts applicants have already learned. Learners targeting high scores must engage in diligent study time to give themselves plenty of time. Your TEAS prepping session should begin three months before the exam. Read this blog on How Long to Study for the TEAS to understand how to prepare and develop an ideal study table.  

Study Smarter, Not Harder by Reviewing Specific Guides

Another common mistake learners need to correct is reading wide using any resource that comes their way. Sometimes, the time you put into studying is one of many essential factors. Some learners admit to taking only a few weeks to engage in targeted and thorough learning to get the high 90s. Ideal study resources for the TEAS include:  

The Mometrix Test Preparation Guide  

  1. Official TEAS Test Science Study Manual  
  2. The Kaplan Test Prep ATI TEAS Prep Plus  
  3. YouTube and Online Study Video Tutorials 
  4. Flashcards 
  5. Previous Online Practice Assessments 
  6. Online Practice Assessments that Mimic the Start Format  
  7. Join Study Groups  

Pro Tip: Smart learners should tailor the study content to their areas of weakness. Again, the material to study will depend on the test format and specific content. If you need help with what to study, seek help from our test experts.  

Adequately Prep for the Test Day

After having robust and dedicated weeks of active preparation, remember the TEAS Test Science D-Day, the test day itself.  

  • Review the ATI instructions to understand how to follow them 
  • If you plan to take in-person ATI TEAS, arrive at the center early to familiarize yourself with the environment  
  • If you plan to take the virtual proctored version of the TEAS, prepare your room early so that you don’t get caught in the last-minute rush 
  • Dress comfortably to avoid apprehension resulting from over-the-room temperature.  
  • Practice calm breathing to mitigate anxiety and stress that can take a toll on your performance  
  • Gather adequate resources as explained in the test requirements  

5 Expert Tips on Preparing for the ATI TEAS Test Science: The Bottom Line

Preparation for the ATI TEAS Test Science takes some effort and time. Discipline and staying positive are the critical ingredients you need to commit to your study routine and review all the resources. Contact us for 1-on-1 consultations if you need help deciding what to study and how to bypass the proctored online exam.   

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