SLCC Online Classes

SLCC Online Classes

Salt Lake Community College is the largest campus in Utah, with over 45,000 students. From this population, nearly 10,000 students achieve their academic goals through SLCC online classes. Virtual SLCC classes offer low-cost, high-quality education and support to help students attain their learning outcomes while still attending to personal and professional responsibilities. In this guide, our online exam experts outline the process of getting started with SLCC online classes. We also offer online classwork help, handling all classroom activities.

Choose SLCC Online Classes

SLCC online classes offer 15 associate degree programs and certificate courses. These classes are 100% remote and allow students to pursue baccalaureate programs in other higher-learning institutions. The following are some programs offered in SLCC online classes:


SLCC online classes train students on accounting essentials such as filing taxes, auditing financial books, and managing ledgers. Intermediate accounting lessons teach them to use manual and computerized systems, while general accounting focuses on human relations skills, including oral and written communication. Students who complete at least 63 credit hours can apply for associate accounting science degrees.

Business Management

The associate of applied science degree in business management instills business principles used in business activities today. It equips learners with problem-solving and decision-making skills required in various jobs, such as sales, operations manager, retail, and business analysis. This two-year program doesn’t earn transfer credits.

Marketing Management

The SLCC marketing management program is a two-year degree that provides a deep understanding of commerce. It teaches students effective selling techniques and the qualities required to succeed in retail, direct sales, purchasing, and advertising.

Communication Studies

Communication studies in SLCC online classes equip learners with communication skills that apply to different settings. They learn to address individuals, groups, societies, and organizations with a certain degree of competency. These skills lay the groundwork for pursuing an associate of science degree program.


Education SLCC online classes provide the knowledge to pursue four-year teaching programs at accredited Utah higher learning institutions. This two-year program equips learners with the hands-on skills to succeed in academic fields such as early childhood development, secondary elementary, and special education.


The SLCC Humanities degree explores the history and cultures of different groups and societies, both past and present. It trains students to relate people’s cultures to their moral behavior and conditions and empathize with them.

The lessons in these SLCC online classes also teach them the significance of various cultural symbols and frameworks for societies. The disciplines covered in humanities include English, history, philosophy, religion, international, and writing studies.

Graphic Communications

Graphic communication programs equip learners with design, photography, and visual creative problem-solving skills. The main topics covered include graphic design, animation, motion graphics, web design, game development, and multimedia illustration. Excelling in this course prepares students for entry-level jobs in web design, printing, and publishing. Students can also transfer to four-year programs at various Utah universities.


SLCC online classes offer short sociology courses and a two-year associate degree program. Both programs train learners to identify the causes of different human behaviors and the social consequences of their actions. Sub-topics covered in the classes include gender issues, deviant behavior, class, race, and ethnicity. A sociology certificate and degree prepare students for further studies and entry-level jobs in business, law, and other professional fields.


Online psychology associate degrees and individual courses explain how the brain functions and its physical elements. They look at the components responsible for memory and emotions. Course takers also get insights into how humans learn, acquire specific characteristics, and socialize with animals and beings. The knowledge from these classes allows students to pursue degree programs provided they meet the minimum requirements, such as GPA score.

Political Science

Political science classes give a better understanding of the local, state, national, and international governing bodies. They also elaborate on the processes, branches, and divisions that run these bodies and their policy decision-making processes.

Apply for SLCC Online Classes

After students decide on an area of study, they can apply for it by filling out an online application form from the school’s website. They’ll enter their name, address, phone number, password, and preferred online study program.

Talk to an Advisor

Students enrolling in SLCC online classes must schedule an appointment with an academic supervisor. They will advise them on the course requirements, including the program length and learning outcomes. Students can also ask them academic-related questions.

Complete a Placement Test

Students registering for courses in math or English must take the math and English placement test. They might also submit their ACT, SAT, or individual transcripts if the program includes CASAS or ESL learning.

Register for SLCC Online Classes

Students must register for the SLCC online classes based on their academic schedule. They can use Banner Registration to track the time and dates for specific courses to include in the registration process.

Pay Someone to take SLCC Online Classes

While SLCC online classes are convenient and flexible, they can be demanding. Students juggling personal and professional duties might need expert help to ace their classes. Our online class helpers can take SLCC online classes for students with demanding and conflicting schedules.

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