PSI Exams

PSI Exams

The Washington Department of Labor and Industries released their Electrical Certification Candidate Information Bulletin for 2023 detailing the requirements for new applicants’ approvals. According to the Bulletin, all candidates seeking licensure as an electrician, modified trainee, master electrician, or telecommunication administrator must have a 70 score in PSI Exams. This bulletin comes a few months after the Department of Commerce & Insurance, Tennessee, updated their PSI passing scores from 55 to 60. In this book guide, our PSI exam experts delve into what PSI exams entail, the registration process, passing grades, and test-day preparations. If you need help with PSI proctored exams, press the “take my exam” tab below to assign the test to top experts for guaranteed success.

What are PSI Exams?

The U.S. government regulatory agencies, professional associations, and corporations contract test providers to administer high-stakes exams to various applicants. Doing so ensures consistency, objectivity, standardization, security, and efficiency. Professional associations and corporations must also meet ethical standards and compliance by assigning any testing process to qualified and licensed exam providers.

PSI (Psychological Services, Inc.) is a reputable online proctored exams provider with 60+ years of experience in offering standardized tests on behalf of government regulatory agencies across all the U.S. states. They have a reputable standing for security, accuracy, scalability, and integrity in online testing services, which they also avail to corporations and professional associations. Learners can find the exams on the PSI exam catalogue feature, which covers 137 pages.

PSI Exams Eligibility Requirements

PSI provides exams across all industries and professions. These exams are available for real estate brokers, salespersons, artisans, agents, and anyone seeking certification for various professions, including health care. Applicants for the PSI test can check their eligibility status from the institution or licensing jurisdiction from which they take the exams. The PSI exam catalog also contains eligibility requirements for all exams they administer.

How to Register for the PSI Exams Offered by Corporations and Institutions

PSI exam registration is a straightforward process since all the details a student need is available on the PSI testing website. Below is the procedure to follow for first-time applications:

  1. On the PSI exam website, click the “I’m a Test Taker” tab, leading to the PSI test catalog.
  2. Key in the exam name and “click search” to access the particular exam. The arrow at the end of the exam description leads applicants to the candidate support center.
  3. Use the candidate support information provided to contact the school offering the test and request particular test instructions. Alternatively, fill in the Special Accommodation Form to Register for the PSI exam.
  4. Successful applicants should receive a confirmation message from the sponsor website, which is the government agency, corporation, or institution administering the test.

How to Register for State Exam With PSI

Follow the steps below to register for exams:

  1. Submit an online pre-licensing training application form to the state sponsoring the test. States like California have required program times an applicant must complete to pass the final Exam.
  2. On, create an “exam taker account.” Select the state, jurisdiction, and account, then select the exam type.
  3. Pay and schedule the test by filling out the “test schedule” online form, which includes the location, testing date, and time. Please print out the test schedule form, as learners need it alongside their valid IDs for entrance into exams.
  4. As an applicant waits for the test, it’s advisable to conduct background checks and get fingerprinted. Applicants must get approval from the LiveScan Vendor and submit their DOJ and DOI for processing before licensing.
  5. Take the Exam at the specified PSI Center.

PSI Tests: Passing Grades, Preparation Measures, and Test-Taking Strategies

PSI exams differ in length, question types, structure, and format. Hence, the preparation measures, passing grades, and study resources vary widely depending on the state and test purposes. Below are general preparation measures and test-day guidelines every applicant should follow for enhanced scores.

Study Materials

Various states administer pre-licensing training programs to applicants across all their PSI exams. For example, California has the website, where learners can access the vital resources they need for success. The study materials include live instructor-led webinars, prep classes, and exam reviews at a fee ranging between $39 to $89. Applicants can also access study resources on YouTube and Amazon, which vary based on the state. Consult the sponsoring institution about which study materials to use for exam preparation. Use these resources to understand the test format, take Mock exams, improve on weak areas, and set target scores.

PSI Test-Taking Strategy

PSI exams have a long history of being jam-packed with extraneous information. Thus, learners need a focused exam-taking strategy to ace the test.

  1. Plan to Use All the Allotted Time: PSI exams take 1 to 4 hours. Do not rush. Divide the questions depending on the areas of weaknesses and strengths. Assign each question a specific minute count so that nothing is left out.
  2. Read Each Question Twice: Read each question carefully while underlying the keywords, even for the most straightforward quizzes.
  3. Watch Out for Negatives: Key phrases like “everything but,” “except for,” and “everything other than” can be confusing. Do not overlook them. Instead, pay close attention and apply contextual understanding to answer them.
  4. Do Not Leave a Question Blank: Leaving a question blank is an automatic fail. Take educative guesses where possible.
  5. Simplify Truckloads of Details: If a question has so much information, rewrite it to simplify the stem.
  6. Use Elimination Process: PSI exams have MCQs. Apply the elimination process if unsure what the correct answer is.  

PSI Exams: Bottomline

Success in the PSI exam is a challenging feat. Many applicants find these exams strenuous since they cover extensive and frequently tricky information. Do you need someone to take the exams on your behalf? Fill out the order form to hire a exam helper in one click.      

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