ProctorU LSAT: How to Bypass the LSAT

ProctorU LSAT

The Department of Education reports that proctoring technologies have made cheating more challenging than before. However, contemporary applicants have adopted tech-savvy tricks, which explains why the number of students looking up how to bypass the ProctorU LSAT is at a record high. Our proctored exam-help experts explain the ingenious ways to overpass the ProctorU LSAT without being caught. We also take the LSAT on behalf of students for guaranteed success.

ProctorU LSAT: How it Works

ProctorU supervises the LSAT by recording the test-taker’s screen activities, tracking their facial movements and body language, and recording live video feeds for future assessments. This technology presents two ways to invigilate examinees:

Using the Live+ Version

In the Live+ version, a human proctor (an exam administrator or instructor) monitors the examinees throughout the testing session. Heeding the test protocols means students give control of their computing devices to human proctors. They can access their webcam, view the background, and keep tabs on learners’ activities to deter cheating.

Using ProctorU Record+

ProctorU Record+ refers to AI-based monitoring in which the system watches learners via webcam and alerts human proctors whenever it detects suspicious behavior. This technique is particularly efficient when the instructor needs to keep tabs on numerous students. The system uses an AI algorithm and preset behavior analysis techniques to flag real-time anomalous activities. In both cases, ProctorU takes control of the computing device and conducts deterrent activities like:  

  1. Performing identity verification and room scan
  2. Blocking access to unauthorized links and web pages
  3. Blocking access to specific keyboard keys

These activities make cheating in the proctored LSAT an arduous task. However, necessity is the mother of invention. Here are proven hacks to circumvent the typical protocols without being caught.

Method 1: Cheating on Proctored LSAT Using Bestexamhelponline Special ProctorU Overpass Software

The most effective method to bypass ProctorU and ensure success in the LSAT is using the ProctorU Overpass Software offered by Best Exam Help Online. The software has two critical benefits. It leaves no digital footprint, making it impossible to detect cheating, and allows test-takers to delegate their LSATs to experts for remote and accurate help.

Method 2: Cheating in ProctorU LSAT Using a Virtual Machine

In machine virtualization, an applicant installs another computer into a host computer’s environment. An excellent example would be running the Oracle Virtual Box in Windows 10. The virtual box is a separate computing device that uses the host computer’s storage, CPU, and memory. Once successfully installed, run the ProctorU in the virtual machine and use the host computer to surf the web, type away questions, and seek help.

Note that a virtual machine is sandboxed. Running the ProctorU in it means the proctoring software won’t have control of the host computer. Learners can use the host computer to surf the web, type away questions, and seek help.

However, before the exam, learners need to take the preventive measures below:

  1. Renaming the VM’s registries and deleting it on the icon tray to prevent ProctorU from detecting it.
  2. Having an HDMI switcher. If the ProctorU fails to install in the virtual box, boot it up in the host computer and use the HDMI switcher to access the virtual machine. Learners can use the virtual box to request help, surf the web, and type away questions.

Method 3: Cheating in ProctorU LSAT by Sneaking in a Smart Device

Sneaking a smartphone, smartwatch, or Bluetooth-enabled device into the exam room is a typical cheating method learners leverage to cheat in the ProctorU LSAT. They can then use the device to seek help from experts and friends or look up the web for answers.

Before the exam, learners sneak the smart devices into the testing room. During room scanning, they can place the smartphone behind the computer or under the table. Some learners put those devices in their pockets. However, the last option is only better if a learner is confident the human proctor won’t instruct them to show their pockets.

After the room scanning, learners can place the device below the computer screen at an angle so the camera doesn’t capture it. Test-takers can use their devices during the exam to type away questions or surf the web for real-time answers. 

Remember that ProctorU uses AI-based algorithms to detect and flag activities indicative of cheating. These behaviors include suspicious eye and body movement. It suspects when a learner looks up to think for too long. It also understands when the learner looks down to write on the whiteboard. Placing the device under the screen monitor is a safe bet since ProctorU assumes the test-taker is looking at the whiteboard by keeping their face down.

How to Bypass ProctorU LSAT Exam: Summary

Bypassing the ProctorU LSAT exam using any of these hacks is manageable. However, if a learner is unsure whether they can pull it off, the Bestexamhelponline ProctorU Overpass Software is the remedy.

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