Pharmacy Tech Classes Online

Pharmacy Tech Classes Online

Pharmacy technician jobs are growing at a faster rate than most healthcare occupations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 44,900 new pharmacy tech jobs open yearly. Pharmacy tech classes online prepare students for employment opportunities in drug stores, retail and mail-order pharmacies, hospitals, and assisted living facilities. They also prepare them for the pharmacy tech certification exam (PTCE), administered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). Our online exam experts discuss the class’s objectives, curriculum, length, and cost. It also shows how to request our online class services, including assignments and exams.

Pharmacy Tech Classes Online Course Objectives

Pharmacy tech classes online cover topics that equip prospective pharmacy technicians with the skills and knowledge to excel in the work environment. They help them realize the following outcomes:

  1. Understand human physiology and anatomy
  2. Perform arithmetic calculations for preparing dosages
  3. Comply with state and federal pharmacy regulations and practice ethical obligations
  4. Provide effective patient care in hospitals and other healthcare settings

Pharmacy Tech Classes Online Curriculum

The pharmacy tech classes online curriculum has several lessons covered at different points during the semester or program length. These are the core units students look into before taking the PTCE and getting a license to practice:

Introduction to Pharmacy

The first unit introduces learners to pharmacy and the roles of a pharmacist and pharmacy technician in healthcare. They also explore pharmaceutical history to help students understand the profession’s origin, plus emerging opportunities in the field. Some pharmacy tech classes online also go through the common pharmacy terms and vocabularies and their abbreviations, such as efficacy (E), formulation (F), generic non-proprietary (G), and more.

Pharmacology and Drug Administration

In the pharmacology class, students begin by learning the human anatomy and physiology, including the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and hematologic systems. They then discover the interaction of drugs with these systems and their impact on normal and abnormal body functioning. Learners also become familiar with drug classification for various conditions, drug delivery and administration, and medication routes in the human system. Proper drug storage and documentation techniques are also in this lesson.

Pharmacy Ethics and Law

This part of pharmacy tech classes online covers state and federal pharmacy rules and regulations. It teaches students the legal obligations of drug administration, such as the prescription of Schedule II drugs, which requires patient medication to be written or electronically prescribed, among others.

Additionally, the lesson describes the legal consequences of breaking pharmacy civil and criminal laws, including fines, license suspension or termination, and jail time. It also helps learners know the best risk mitigation measures if they commit pharmaceutical crimes.

Pharmaceutical Calculations

The calculation lesson covers the essential math and arithmetic concepts used in pharmacy practice, like algebra. Students learn to express drug concentrations, calculate quantities, and change drug concentrations using equations and inequalities. They also explore the trituration concept (managing drugs in small portions), solubility, rates of infusion, and dosage calculations. The final part of the lesson covers SI units, such as mg, mL, and grams, and their conversion methods.

Pharmacy Compounding

The compounding unit explains mixing, combining, or altering drug ingredients to form unique medications. It covers 503A compounding, where technicians create medicine from a doctor’s prescription, and 503B compounding, outside companies make prescribed drugs. 

Students also learn about compound IV treatments in sterile and nonsterile environments following the USP 797 and 800 guidelines.

Management and Billing

This final lesson of pharmacy tech classes online explains the business side of running a pharmacy, including the management operations of different pharmacy departments. It covers where to get drug information resources and the proper documentation of drugs to prevent errors. The course also teaches the various health insurance programs available today, billing clients and claiming reimbursements through their insurance.

Pharmacy Tech Classes: Online Length and Cost

Fast-track pharmacy tech classes online can take as little as three months, whereas the average learner can take eight months. The more time learners dedicate to the course, the faster they complete it and get certified. Also, program costs vary depending on the package. Students who choose to pay the complete course package once pay about $999 for the entire class, while monthly costs amount to $1,129. Payments can be in both credit and debit cards.

Licensing Requirements

After completing pharmacy classes online and taking the PTCE exam, students may be eligible for licensing or certification based on their state’s requirements. Pharmacy technician licensing varies depending on jurisdiction. For example, some states require students to complete externship programs in healthcare settings before they get a license to practice, while others don’t. Students should check their state pharmacy technician licensing requirements before enrolling in online classes to ensure they satisfy the prerequisites.

Get Someone to Help with Pharmacy Tech Classes Online

Pharmacy tech classes online can be demanding for students with personal and professional responsibilities. Getting a tutor to help cover the course materials can improve the chances of passing the PTCE exam. Our expert exam helpers can help with the revision process and take proctored exams for students who want to pass the class and get a license to practice.

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