Online Proctored Exam Cheating: 6 Savvy Ways to Cheat

Online Proctored Exam Cheating

Students pursuing courses online and on-campus constantly seek online proctored exam cheating techniques to supplement their learning activities. The pressure to succeed in academics without adequately studying the materials is immense. According to Academics Integrity, approximately 95% of students have attempted cheating in online exams at least once in their lifetime. However, academic institutions have put in place stringent measures to ensure examination integrity, catching up with many culprits of exam malpractice. In this blog, our proctored exam help experts uncover 6 intelligent ways to cheat in a proctored exam without being caught, including our customized method with proven success.

Can I Cheat in an Online Proctored Exam?

Definitely! You can cheat in online proctored exams with our service. Our online proctored exam cheating is 100% discrete and foolproof. It works by overpassing the proctoring software to allow our experts to handle your test as you relax. We only hire experts with certified academic credentials for the job, so you can feel easy knowing top brains are doing your exam. To request the service, click on the “Do My Proctored Exam” button above, follow the instruction and submit your request.

Other Online Proctored Exam Cheating Ways

Developers are coming up with other online proctored exam cheating ways that suits different situations. It combines both online and offline methods, depending on the proctoring system. Students settle on a method that favors their approach, budget and convenience. Below are some of the most common proctored exam cheating ways.

Online Proctored Exam Cheating Using the Old School Method

They say old is gold, and this technique remains one of the best exam cheating tricks used by students for years. In this trick, the examinee communicates with a friend or expert through sign language or visual aids for instant replies. It works primarily where the proctoring software doesn’t include live camera monitoring. The friend can be located behind the computer with a device such as a phone or study materials they can use to search for real-time results. They can stick notes on the walls or read the answer when the audio recording is deactivated.

Cheating in Proctored Exam by Impersonation

Impersonation refers to paying someone with extensive knowledge of the subject to take the exam on the examinees’ behalf using their identities. To complete the job, the student only needs to share their login details with the imposter. This method works effectively in proctored exams that lack live human monitoring. Otherwise, online software can mitigate this malpractice by introducing biometric identification systems like facial recognition.

Cheating in Proctored Exams with Smart Devices

Necessity is the mother of innovation, and true to this word, students come with advanced online proctored exam cheating techniques far beyond imagination. One such method is wearing smart devices like watches, glasses, or micro-headphones with cameras. The smart device instantly capture the questions and send the photo to a specific address; the system relays the necessary answers to the student in real-time. Most institutions consider this method illegal, so you must be extra careful. The most popular use of smart devices is projecting answers on the wall or screen-sharing devices with peers.

Using a Virtual Machine

A virtual machine, or VM, refers to adding an extra operating system to a single operating system. For example, students can add an Oracle virtual machine to Windows. Once installed, they can run the proctoring software on Windows and use the OracleVM to surf the net or request help from peers. It takes advanced proctoring software to detect a virtual machine. For example, ProctorU has anti-VM layers that detect and report virtual machines to prevent exam cheating.

Bathroom Breaks

Most proctored exam administrations allow students to go for bathroom breaks, provided that they excuse themselves before leaving the examination room. During the break, a test-taker cannot access to study materials. However, this rule can only work on paper since the human proctor isn’t available physically to observe if the student has access to such resources. Thus, most examinees utilize this golden chance to review materials hidden in the bathroom or text away questions to friends for answers.

You Can Cheat Smartly Without Being Caught: All It Takes is Confidence

Online exams are a new phenomenon, with more academic institutions joining in. Our proctored exam experts have come up with 6 online proctored exam cheating methods to choose from. All it takes is to prepare in advance and maintain peak confidence as you pull it off. contact us if you need help with the exam, and we will help you do the exam without being caught.

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