Online GED Classes Oklahoma: Ideal Entry Requirements, Subjects Covered, and Course Duration

Online GED Classes Oklahoma

According to the Oklahoma State Department of Education, about 8,963 students dropped out of high school in the 2021–2022 calendar year. Many withdraw because they missed too many classes, while others got into academic trouble or choose to pursue other life ventures. Residents who never finish high school can take online GED classes Oklahoma and earn a GED certificate, equivalent to a high school diploma. A GED certification allows them to pursue better career opportunities or further their education at various colleges and universities. In this academic guide, our GED exam experts outline the requirements, curriculum, and duration of GED online classes in Oklahoma to prepare students for what to expect.

Requirements for Online GED Classes Oklahoma

Applicants looking to take online GED classes Oklahoma must meet specific criteria set by the State Education Department. The following are the eligibility requirements they must satisfy to enroll in GED classes online:

  1. Be over 18 years old (students under 16 or 17 must have notarized permission from their parents or guardians)
  2. Have a release form permission from a high school administrator
  3. Not be enrolled in an accredited high school program

However, students mustn’t be Oklahoma residents to take the state GED classes online.

Subjects in the Oklahoma GED Online Classes

Online GED classes Oklahoma prepare applicants for the state’s GED exam. According to CollegeTransfer.Net, excelling in the GED test helps access over 95% of colleges, universities, and employment opportunities countrywide.

The following are the subjects covered in online GED classes that students must grasp to pass the GED test:


The GED online math class covers geometry, algebra, arithmetic concepts, graphs, and functions. Here’s a breakdown of each subject and the content covered:

  • Algebra – Students learn how to evaluate equations and inequalities, and manipulate them to find the value of variables. The different operations students use to determine equation variables include addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.
  • Geometry – In this lesson, students learn about circles, rectangles, cones, cylinders, and other geometric objects. It covers the volume, diameter, radius, surface area calculation of these shapes.
  • Graphs and Functions – Graphs and functions topics focus on representing graphical data in pie charts, square charts, and more. Students learn to translate graphical data into tables and determine their mean, median, probability, and mode.
  • Arithmetic – Arithmetic lessons teach basic operations like subtraction, multiplication, division, and addition. Students get word problems and use a calculator to add, subtract, divide, and multiply percentages, fractions, decimals, exponents, and square roots.

Social Studies

Social studies online GED classes Oklahoma cover the history, government branches, and economic and geographic structures of the USA. The following is the breakdown of this topic:

  • U.S. History – it explains how the British colonized the U.S. and the war to free the country from colonialism. It also discusses the reconstruction, modernization, immigration, and the fight for equal rights in the country.
  • Civics and Government – students learn about the various arms of government, such as the judicial, legislative, and executive branches and their roles. They also explore the electoral system and the constitution, including citizen rights.
  • Geography – it addresses the world’s main geographic features, past and present societies, and environmental resources.
  • Economic structure: Economy classes explain different economies, including mixed, traditional, command, and market economies. They also explore inflation, labor, and consumer markets.

By the end of the lessons, students should be able to read, analyze, and interpret these social studies-related events.


Oklahoma GED classes cover scientific topics that meet the National Science Education Content Standards. The lessons focus on physical science, which explores the chemistry and physics of nonliving systems, and earth science, such as aeronautical activities. They also teach health and environmental activities related to pollution, climate change, recycling, and disease prevention.

Language Arts

Language arts online GED classes Oklahoma contain texts on age, gender, ethnicity, and other diversity-related subjects. Students read these passages and write literary and nonfictional copies in their own words. The language arts lessons are in two sections, including:

  • Language Arts Part 1 (Writing): This lesson teaches how to write nonfictional content like letters, memos, applications, and reports using correct sentence structure and words.
  • Language Arts Part 2 (Writing): This lesson teaches learners to write expository essays with correct transitions, sentence structure, and text division to improve their coherence.

Length of Online GED Classes Oklahoma

Online GED classes in Oklahoma take an average of 8 to 16 weeks for self-paced study. Students who commit three to four hours daily can complete the course much faster than those with inconsistent study plans. Learners take a GED practice test at the end of the online classes to determine their readiness for the GED Oklahoma exam.

Pay Experts to Take Online GED Class

Online GED classes Oklahoma equip learners with the skills and knowledge to tackle the GED exam and earn GED certification. Students who take these classes seriously have a higher chance of excelling in the final test. Our online class helpers can take students through the Oklahoma GED class materials and take the exam to ensure they pass.

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