Online GED Classes Ohio

Online GED classes Ohio

According to WiseVoter, only 91.74% of students in Ohio graduate from high school. This means over 8% of students who enroll in various high school programs statewide either withdraw or drop out before earning their high school diploma. Students who never finished high school can take online GED classes Ohio and earn a certificate equal to a high school diploma. These classes prepare them for the GED test without having to commute to a physical classroom or interfere with their day jobs. Our online class experts explore the subjects, duration, and study methods used to explain concepts in online GED classes in Ohio. We also do online classwork, including discussions, assignments and exams.

Subjects Covered in Online GED Classes Ohio

Online GED classes Ohio prepare students in four subject areas – math, social studies, science, and English language arts. These are all tested in the GED exam. Below is a comprehensive analysis of each subject and its content:

Social Studies

Social studies online GED classes Ohio impact students with knowledge of American history, geographical landscape, and government arms. The history lesson explores the 13 colonies established by the British king in the 1700s, such as Delaware, New York, Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and New Jersey.

The geographical lesson explains the country’s main land features, such as forests, mountains, canyons, deserts, and water systems. Conversely, the government covers arms like the judiciary, executive, and legislature, plus other government agencies like the IRS, police, and state departments. Some online GED classes in Ohio also cover taxation, demand and supply, inflation, and interest rates.

English Language Arts

The English class explains writing and reading. Students get passages on business, diversity, and other random topics to read about. They must read the material with intent and identify the meaning of phrases, words, and arguments.

Similarly, the writing lesson explains the fundamentals of creative writing. It teaches students about grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and flow. They learn to construct error-free paragraphs and present arguments, ideas, and facts in an understandable language. By the end of the lesson, students can write complete essays on any topic under the sun.


Science online GED classes Ohio cover four scientific areas. They explain physical, earth, space, and life science. Physical science presents information on inorganic matter and energy, such as atoms and molecules. Conversely, earth science focuses on environmental activities, like desertification, disease and pest control, pollution, climate change, and recycling.

Space science explores the solar system and the universe in general. It discusses space travel, life on other planets, and the sun, moon, and stars. Finally, life science explains the existence of living things (plants and animals) on earth and the processes, like respiration, reproduction, and excretion, that keep them alive and healthy.


In the mathematics module, course takers go through high school math concepts. These include basic math, algebra, geometry, and graphs and functions. Algebra explains how to structure equations based on information presented through text. It also details the process of finding variables in equations and inequalities. 

On the other hand, geometry lessons introduce learners to geometric concepts like surface area, diameter, congruency, volume, and radius. They learn to calculate these in circles, rectangles, cones, squares, and cylinders. Basic math concepts explain manipulation techniques like addition, division, subtraction, and multiplication, whereas graphs and functions cover the following:

  • Naming the four main graph functions, such as linear, quadratic, exponential, and logarithmic
  • Finding points on a plane
  • Determining the functions of points on a plane
  • Assessing the relationships of inputs and outputs in a graph

Duration of Online GED Classes Ohio

The duration of online GED classes Ohio can vary depending on the student’s learning speed and ability. Learners taking fast-track programs can complete the course within a month, while those studying a few hours daily can take 8 to 12 weeks. All online GED classes are self-paced for students to complete at their convenience.

Learning Techniques in Online GED Classes Ohio

Online GED classes Ohio combine various learning methods to help learners grasp the content better and faster. The technique a student uses most depends on their preferred learning style. The following are some learning methods used in online GED classes:

  1. Video lessons: Classes have interactive recorded videos on different subjects and concepts for students who favor visual learning over reading.
  2. Notes: Most online classes provide lecture notes for students to read on their own time and go over before the exam.
  3. Quizzes: Some GED classes online have short quizzes with sample questions after every lesson or subject area to test students’ understanding of the concepts covered.
  4. Practice tests: Online classes provide GED practice tests to help students familiarize themselves with the exam structure and format.

Pay Someone to Take Online GED Classes Ohio

Online GED classes Ohio help students understand the subject areas (math, science, English, and social studies) tested on the GED test. They include videos, notes, quizzes, and even practice tests to help them pass. Our GED exam experts can take the test for busy students or those who are unprepared.

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