Online CNA Georgia

Online CNA Georgia

Georgia is among the top ten states in the U.S. currently undergoing nursing shortages due to a growing aging population, making it ideal for prospective nursing assistants. The average salary for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) in Atlanta is $34,685, slightly above the $32,592 national median. Best of all, students in the Peach State can take online CNA Georgia, allowing them to complete their coursework on their preferred schedule and pace. Our CNA nursing experts explore what it takes to pursue online CNA in Georgia, explaining the course details, eligibility requirements, annual fees, and certifications. We can also help with classwork, assignments, and other activities.

First Thing First: Can You Become a CNA Online in GA?

Yes. CNA is the only online certification currently offered by the state under the “nursing aide program”. Georgia Highlands College and Georgia Training Center offer students the flexibility of pursuing blended learning. In this model, learners must attend intermittent in-person classes and virtually cover the rest of the course. The Wiregrass Georgia Technical College also offers a non-credit fast-track blended CNA program. Learners seeking an exclusive CNA online course can check these 51 GA state-approved nursing schools offering CNA courses.

Admission Requirements for Online CNA Georgia

The minimum admission requirement for an online CNA Georgia is a high school education or an equivalent GED certificate. Other eligibility requirements depend on the school. Below are other criteria a learner must satisfy to join most of the GA CNA schools:

  • Having a valid placement exam score
  • Presenting the Criminal History Record Check
  • Government IDs, such as Driver’s Licenses and Passports for proof of age and nationality

Other non-mandatory documents some schools require include CPR certification, health screening records, and personal statements. When applying, check with the university offering the program for their in-house eligibility requirements.

CNA Georgia Course Curriculum and Length

All state-approved CNA schools must curate their online CNA programs to match the guidelines outlined in the Nurse Aide Training Program (NATP) Manual. Learners can access this manual by pressing the Nurse Aide Tab at the website.

According to the Georgia Board of Nursing, each CNA online program must be at least 85 hours. Additionally, the course should incorporate at least 24 hours of nursing home clinical experience. More so, the curriculum must satisfy the 22 testable skills outlined in the GA Nursing Aide Handbook. Georgia CNA standards clearly outline the skills all learners must have upon completing their online programs. These standards form part of the numerous proficiencies tested on the NAAP examination, a 30-minute licensure exam consisting of 70 multiple-choice questions.

CNA Georgia Curriculum

The course structure, format, and content dynamic differ depending on the college. However, to meet the skills outlined in the CNA handbook above, the course content boils down to the following areas:

  1. Roles of the CNAs in Nursing Care: Delves into the professional responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant
  2. Nursing Assistant Skill Listings: Cover 23 particular skills, including Hand Hygiene and Care, Radial Pulse Counts, and Feeding Support for Clients
  3. CNA Definition of Terms: Explore the standard vocabulary words used in daily CNA practice and caregiving.
  4. CNA Diagnostic Tests: Delves into the standard diagnostic tests taken by CNAs, including specimen collection, procedural policies, and reporting.
  5. CNA safety measure and infection control: Teaches standard nursing preventive measures, including waste disposal, hand hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection.
  6. CNA Emergency Procedures: Cover emergency response, first aid, and mitigating safety hazards.
  7. CNA client care services: Cover the procedures, including mouth care, perineal care, and foot care, that ensure client comfort and risk mitigation.
  8. Legal Frameworks, Advisory Opinions, and State Statues: Cover the CNA scope of practice, state regulations, facility policies, and professional liabilities.
  9. CNA Record Keeping and Reporting: Delves into the record-keeping responsibilities, work delegations, and factors influencing delegation.
  10. CNA Professional Behaviors: Covers the behaviors of a certified nursing assistant, including team player, competence, dependability, honesty, and care.
  11. CNA Mental Status and Health: Covers the sources of stress and other psychological burden and their appropriate care.
  12. CNA Patience Independence and Rights: Cover the bills of rights and patient’s rights and privileges under CNA care.
  13. What’s on the CNA State Exam: Delves into the structure and content areas of the NAAP GA exam.

Course Fees and Certifications

The CNA online course fees vary among schools. Georgia Training Center charges students $900 for the non-credit blended course. Learners must also pay a deposit of $400 before admission into the college. Angels Touch Nursing School, GA, charges $1099 for their online CNA course with an additional $100 non-refundable application fee. Generally, the tuition fees range between $400 to $1500, depending on the school. These charges do not include uniforms and study materials. All state-registered colleges award certificates upon completing the CNA online course.

The Bottom Line

Statistics by the Bureau of Labor Statistics project the CAN jobs to grow by 4% from 2022 to 2032. Taking a CNA online in Georgia is worthwhile since the bureau also projects 20,000 new jobs in the state within ten years as the nursing and assisted living homes expand. Call our CNA exam experts for consultation, exam help, or study materials, and we will gladly help. 

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