Online CNA Classes Arizona: Composition and How Good They Are

Online CNA Classes Arizona

Arizona is among the best states to pursue a career as a clinical nursing assistant (CNA). The average salary for a certified CNA in the Grand Canyon State is $40,000, almost equal to the national wage. More so, prospective nursing students have the flexibility to take online CNA classes Arizona from State Board-approved schools. This allows them to focus on their busy schedules and pursue a CNA certification. In this post, our nursing class-take experts explain the CNA admission requirements, curriculum structure, program length, and schools with online CNA classes in Arizona.

Admission Requirements for Online CNA Classes

Before enrolling in online CNA classes Arizona, students must satisfy several requirements. The CNA admission prerequisites may vary from school to school, but most generally, check the following aspects:

  • GED certificate or high school diploma
  • Criminal background check
  • Physical test (e.g., TB test)
  • Volunteer experience in healthcare

Curriculum Covered in Online CNA Classes

Once enrolled in a CNA program at a Board of Nursing-approved institution, students must complete 120 nursing assistant instructional training hours. The course is divided into 80 hours of theory- or knowledge-based lessons and 40 hours of clinical skill demonstrations.

The online classes usually cover the following CNA areas of interest:

  1. Ethical Behavior – Covers the professional way to treat and behave around patients when caring for them.
  2. Safety and Infection control– Teaches appropriate handwashing techniques and ways to prevent the spread of disease-causing pathogens.
  3. Body Mechanics – Explores the human anatomy, physiology, and organs’ inner workings.
  4. Data Collection – Explains how to collect patient information, from their medical history to symptoms.
  5. Recording Vitals – Covers the methods of diagnosing patients and entering information about their health, such as blood pressure.
  6. Personal Grooming – Teaches the proper CNA attire, such as closed-tip shoes, scrubs, and tied-back hair.
  7. Mental Health – Explains how CNAs can care for their mental well-being to avoid being overwhelmed.
  8. Healthcare Teamwork – Explores how to collaborate with other healthcare personnel, including effective communication methods.
  9. Emergency Procedures – Divulges what to do in emergencies.
  10. Ethics and Legal Actions – Focuses on a patient’s rights and the legal consequences of going against the set protocols, such as patient consent.

These are just some of the content covered in virtual CNA classes Arizona. Students should check their course curriculum to discover the subjects covered in their class.

Online CNA Program Length

Nursing assistant courses equip students with numerous skills to succeed in different healthcare settings. Learning clinical care skills like patient intake, care, and data entry can take about 6 to 12 weeks. 

However, some institutions have online CNA classes Arizona that take as little as four weeks to complete. The length of online CNA classes depends on the school curriculum, student study methods (self-paced online learning), and whether they learn full-time or part-time. Students who want to start working soon should pursue relatively fast courses and dedicate much of their time to completing online CNA classes.

Cost of Online CNA Classes

CNA classes in Arizona are generally affordable. Costs can range from $500 to $2000. The assigned fees may cover everything needed to complete the CNA training, including books, tests, and work attire, though some schools charge these separately.

Institutions also offer different payment plans, some allowing installment payments for online CNA classes. Other schools, such as Haven Health and Phoenix Job Corps Center, offer free CNA classes to students volunteering to work at assisted living homes during training.

Needy Arizona students can also take advantage of the following funding opportunities to cater for their online CNA classes:

  • Scholarships
  • Workforce Investment Act Grant
  • Healthcare Association Funds
  • Employer Tuition Assistance

Schools Offering Online CNA Classes in Arizona

Aspiring nursing assistant students must take state-approved CNA classes in Arizona. Most certified institutions across the state conduct in-person CNA training, and only a few accept online classes due to the demanding nature of the course. Approved schools that offer online CNA classes Arizona have the following study schedules:

  • Mostly online: These schools conduct most CNA classes online. They allow students to attend online lectures, collaborate with other students virtually, and check in with the class instructor but require them to attend in-person clinical skills activities.
  • Partially online: In partial online CNA classes, students attend part of the classes online and can access research materials and lectures virtually, but most of the curriculum is in-person or on-campus.

Examples of schools that offer most and partial online CNA classes Arizona include:

  1. Arizona Medical Training Institute – Offers online classes for some theory classes
  2. Eastern Arizona College: Provides partial online classes with several class options during the coursework
  3. Northland Pioneer College – Allows face-to-face interactive video sessions for knowledge-based training.

Hire Someone to Take Your Online Classes

Students looking for online classes CNA Arizona often have other crucial activities that demand their attention and physical presence. Some Arizona CNA programs offer online training for busy students but require them to attend in-person skills training. Our nursing experts can take online classes for students with hectic daily schedules, allowing them to focus on their demanding work.

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