OCC Online Classes: Great Programs Offered and Registration Requirements

OCC Online Classes

Oakland Community College is among the largest community college campuses in Michigan. Every year, it receives about 15,942 students enrolling in science, business, criminal justice, and art courses. Students seeking admission in OCC online classes must meet the school’s enrolment requirements during registration. In this guide, our online class helpers explain the enrolment process for OCC online classes and the courses offered. We also offer online class help, bringing together note-taking, classroom assignments and discussions.

Choose a Program

OCC offers a range of degrees and certificates that equip learners with the knowledge and skills to pursue further studies and land lucrative jobs. They also provide supportive tools to ensure they succeed in their field of study. The following are some programs offered in OCC online classes:

Associate in Arts: OCC associate in arts degree programs focus on economics, literature, mathematics, science, sociology, theatre, music, and foreign languages. These provide a solid foundation for students pursuing baccalaureate programs and land better jobs in their fields or increase their knowledge on the subject.

Associate in Business Administration: Business administration OCC associate degrees specialize in accounting, economics, statistics, business law, and computers. Students can choose the course that matches their long-term career goals or their desired four-year bachelor’s degree program.

Associate in Science: ASC is a general degree that provides foundational skills and knowledge on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math). Students can earn an associate degree in multiple areas of interest, provided they complete 38 to 41 course credits in the following areas:

  • Mathematics (4 credits)
  • Fine Arts and Humanities (6-8 credits)
  • Communication and English (6-7 credits)
  • Social Science (6-7 credits)

Computer Information Systems

OCC online classes offer CIS degrees and certificates that provide the skills needed to pursue numerous job opportunities. They specialize in software engineering, data science, web design and development, information technology, CISCO internetworking, and cybersecurity.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice programs provide the material to focus on various career fields and pursue bachelor programs at Michigan universities. Students can take the general course required to begin a career in police service or specialize in Homeland Security Management or Law Enforcement.

Healthcare Administration

A degree or certificate in healthcare administration prepares students for a healthcare career. They can work as nursing home administrators, hospital head departments, and administrative personnel in assisted living facilities, mobile clinics, and other private or public facilities.

Mental Health/Social Work

OCC social work and mental health online classes provide a platform to pursue a bachelor’s degree in accredited universities and a career in human service agencies. The Counsel of Social Work approves the programs to meet the national standards.

Registering for 100% OCC Online Classes

After choosing a program, students must enter their profile details on the school’s website. The information required includes full names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, and details on preferred career paths.

Apply for financial aid (if needed)

Students can apply for financial help as per government directives. They can choose need-based loans (if they qualify) or federal district unsubsidized loans. There are also apply for grants and scholarships available during the enrolment process.

Talk to a Counsellor

Prospective OCC online classes students must schedule a virtual appointment with the school counselor. The goal of the meeting is to explain the course programs, requirements, and academic challenges they should expect in an online class. The counselor also advises them to transfer to various schools and pursue their career objectives.

Complete Placement Tests

Depending on their program choice, learners must complete various placement tests to determine their academic aptitude for the preferred program. These include English, math, biology, or ESL placement tests. Excelling in these tests propels them towards their goals and helps them graduate faster.

Take the OCC Online Classes Readiness Course

Before starting the OCC online classes, distance learners must complete a mandatory online readiness course. It introduces them to the learning management system where online classes will take place and the essential features of the classroom environment. 

The free course also reviews the skills needed for a successful online learning experience, such as time management, discipline, motivation, and technology skills. It takes one and a half hours and requires a minimum score of 75% on each quiz. Here are the steps for accessing the online readiness course:

  1. Go to MyOCC website
  2. Find the pre-registration steps card
  3. Click on online learning readiness course (DIST 1000)
  4. Log in using “MyOCC” username and password
  5. Select the readiness course

It is accessible on all devices and available 24/7 on the website.

Start OCC Online Classes

OCC online classes students must apply for the Raider One Card to access online library services and copy any campus material. Then, they can register for the units in the program of choice and look for study resources from the library on them.

Pay Someone to Take OCC Online Classes

OCC online classes offer comprehensive programs that give insights into various fields of interest. Excelling in these courses allows students to pursue their choice careers and transfer to universities for further studies. Our online exam helpers can take OCC classes for busy students and ensure they earn the certificate or license to further their education or get jobs.

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