Nursing Prerequisites Online: How Good Are They To Career Growth?

Nursing Prerequisites Online

The nursing acceptance rates have been going down recently, hovering around 66% in the U.S. Experts attribute the decline to rigorous selection standards set by colleges, especially for highly competitive programs. Thus, students failing to get into their dream programs register for nursing prerequisites online to build on the fundamentals. Nursing prerequisites also help students prepare for advanced courses by enhancing their rigors and conceptual understanding. Our experts delve into nursing prerequisites online, explaining what it means, core courses, and relevant examinations. We also take nursing exams for students needing help due to challenging concepts, emergencies, time pressures, or psychological hurdles.

What Do the Nursing Prerequisites Online Entail?

A prerequisite course is a foundational course delving into the core skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a specific program. A nursing prerequisite is a preliminary course that covers fundamental concepts that lay the groundwork for more advanced or specialized courses. Depending on the institution administering, learners can register for the program online or on campus. Success in a nursing prerequisite online is necessary for demonstrating the learners’ academic abilities to suitable admission counselors. It also allows prospective nurses to adopt broad terminologies and perspectives required to excel in focused nursing academic paths.

Admission Requirements for the Nursing Prerequisite Online

Applicants registering for the nursing prerequisite course must have a high school diploma, GED certificate, or equivalent. Most colleges also require learners to have at least a 2.5 GPA and an ideal score in the standardized entrance exam, including HESI or TEAS. Letters of recommendation are commonplace among top-tier colleges as they explain the applicant’s readiness and willingness to take the course. Other requirements include a personal statement or essay and clinical experience from voluntary work or healthcare experience.  

Subjects in the Nursing Prerequisites Online

Every nursing college has in-house admission requirements different from other schools. However, the content in nursing prerequisites is similar since they cover the core concepts, as broken down below:

Introduction to Human Nutrition

The introduction to human nutrition is the first part of any nursing prerequisites, adding four or three credits, depending on the school. It explains the impacts of proper nutrition in maintaining human wellness, including disease prevention and recovery processes. Introduction to human nutrition begins with learning the basic nutrient concepts, digestion, absorption, and energy metabolism. Learners also study nutritional requirements, dietary tables, nutritional assessments, and medical nutrition interventions for various conditions.

Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab

A&P is an essential nursing prerequisite with four credits. It provides a groundwork for understating the physiological and biological aspects of health and diseases among humans. Throughout the course, the learners study all the body systems, structural components, and physiological processes. The course also studies how physiology relates to anatomy, its clinical relevance, and laboratory components. The last part of the course explains the applications of A&P principles in patient care.

Fundamental Nursing Prerequisite Online: Microbiology With Lab

Microbiology with lab adds four credits to the total counts. The prerequisite provides a foundational knowledge of organisms and their interaction with the human body. Prospective nurses must learn the microbial structures and functions, their growth and development, and host-microbe interactions. Microbiology with lab also explains infectious diseases, sterilization and disinfection, public health implications of microbiology, and lab techniques.

Introduction to Developmental Psychology & Lifespan Perspective

This content area comprises three credits. It is a developmental course covering the entire human lifespan, providing a comprehensive understanding of human development. Prospective nurses must know the stages of human development, theoretical perspectives on development, and social and emotional aspects of growth. This course further explains the cultural influences shaping human development, skills and abilities emerging during each development stage, and psychological implications of the factors influencing developments in nursing health care.

General Psychology

The general psychology comprises three credits. It delves into the findings, theories, principles, frameworks, and methods in modern psychology. Nurses need robust communication skills, therapeutic relationships, and stress management measures when intervening with patients. General psychology delves into the mental health conditions versus the crisis intervention measures necessary to develop effective coping mechanisms. It also covers the ethical decision-making process vital to navigating dilemmas during nursing healthcare.  

Nursing Prerequisites Online: Examination

The nursing prerequisites online do not have standardized exams. Still, some colleges administer in-house assessments to evaluate how well a student grasps particular courses making up the nursing prerequisite. Remember that all prerequisite courses are approved by the school’s relevant nursing authority to ascertain whether students met credit requirements and covered all course content. Learners can get the final review after admission.

Nursing Prerequisites Online: The Parting Shot

Top-tier colleges in the U.S. provide nursing prerequisites online under the Online Prerequisites for Entry Program (OPEN). All non-nurses or applicants seeking admission to sciences that require prerequisites are free to take these courses. Consult our top nursing exam experts for personalized support with your OPEN program or timely nursing exam help that guarantees the best grades.

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