Microbiology Class Online

Microbiology Class Online

Microbiologists are currently in demand across all the U.S. states, with Atlanta and New York needing up to 600 experts yearly. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for microbiologist jobs will grow by at least 1700 annually until 2030. Data also show that enrolling in a microbiology online class was among the to-do lists of 50% of practicing microbiologists looking to hone their clinical and theoretical skills. Success in these classes guarantees a 75% chance of success when looking for new opportunities. Our experts explain what microbiology class online entails. Learn the best classes to enroll in, including their admission requirements, course curriculum, study hours, certifications, and where to seek microbiology exam help. 

Can You Study Microbiology Online?

Yes. Various U.S. colleges offer certified microbiology classes online, including NC State University, George Washington University, the University of Arizona, South Dakota State University, and the University of Florida. These virtual classes are via Google Classroom, Zoom, or an LMS. They are primarily live sessions and seminars for teaching pre-clinical subjects. Lectures are primarily multimedia presentations using videos, animations, and simulations. Learners also access discussion forums, Q&A sessions, quizzes, and proctored unit exams to solidify conceptual understanding.

Microbiology Class Online: Which Course of Microbiology is Best?

The best microbiology course to study online is the MSC Microbiology or MSc Chemistry. These two postgraduate programs open doors for employment in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, healthcare, clinical lab, and many research institutes and academia. The Colorado State University offers a fully online, non-thesis MSC Microbiology class online with a one-year completion time. Other colleges offering MSC Microbiology and Chemistry online include the University of Arizona, Lowa State University, Tulane University, California State University Long Beach, Oklahoma State University, and more.

The last best microbiology online course to take is the Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology. A BSc Microbiology holder can work as a biotechnologist, microbiologist, lab technician, virologist, medical technologist, physician assistant, and Biology Teacher. All states require a BSc in Microbiology or a related field for entry-level jobs.

Admission Requirements for a Microbiology Class Online

Admission into microbiology classes online is merit-based. Applicants seeking opportunities for microbiology major must meet the CLAS cores in three areas: communication and literacy, social sciences, and Arts, Culture, and Society. Colleges such as the University of Florida require at least a 2.0 GPA and an additional 2.5 GPA in organic chemistry for online admission into a BSc Microbiology class. Additionally, some colleges require learners to take entrance exams before admission. Learners should review the prerequisites set by the preferred school before applying.

Course Curriculum for Microbiology Class Online

Microbiology class online has no standard curriculum. However, the complete microbiology course should cover the topics listed in the table below:

Introduction to MicrobiologyIntroduction to Biochemistry
Microbiology LabPhysics Science Lab
Microbial EcologyBiochemistry Lab
Molecular BiologyCell Biology
MycologyInheritance Biology
ImmunologyEnzyme Technology
VirologyMolecular Microbiology Lab
General Microbiology LabFood Microbiology Lab
BiostatisticsImmunology Lab
Food MicrobiologyPharmacology
Medical BacteriologyIndustrial Microbiology
ParasitologyIndustrial Microbiology Lab
Medical Bacteriology LabGenetic Engineering Lab
Research MethodologyProject
Recombinant DNA TechnologyCultural Education

Online Class for Microbiology: How Long Does It Take to Study Microbiology?

A BSc in Microbiology takes at least three years to complete. MSc Microbiology online duration ranges between one to three years. Short courses such as Udemy Microbiology crash courses can take less than 9 hours. Coursera microbiology online classes range between one to three months. Learners can also earn college credits by taking unit courses on microbiology, such as the BIOL 1020 by the University of New England, which takes two to three weeks.

Microbiology Examination and Certifications

Colleges certify students to recognize their level of competence in microbiology upon meeting particular eligibility criteria. For BSc Microbiology, learners must attain 130 semester hours in the typical hybrid learning. However, this requirement differs among colleges. For example, the University of South Florida only requires between 32 to 34 credit hours. To qualify for certification, learners must also attend 75% of all prerequisite and supporting courses for their major.

Certification for MSc Microbiology online class requires 30 credit hours in most colleges, including the University of Florida, George Washington University, and Colorado State University. Online platforms such as Udemy also offer certifications upon completing their online courses. These certificates are internationally recognized but cannot be used for state licensing.

Conversely, the University of Florida requires 28 credits, with 18 credits from core requirements. 6 credits should come from the department electives, while three credits from quantitative requirements. To qualify for the credits, learners must also pass the core unit tests and the final exam.

Microbiology Class Online: The Parting Shot

The prospects of the microbiology field are promising, with BLS projecting employment to grow by 5% from 2022 to 2032. Good news to students contemplating joining a microbiology online class since all states hire eligible applicants irrespective of whether they took on-campus or virtual classes. Contact our microbiology exam experts via live chat, WhatsApp, or Email for accurate examination help or further consultation.

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