Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam

Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam

Studies have shown that 94% of students who pass the Kaplan nursing entrance exam receive unconditional offers to their first-choice nursing colleges and universities. More than 60 top-tier schools in the U.S. administer this exam to students seeking admission into License Practical Nurse (LPN) programs. The test also assesses the applicant’s readiness for ADN, BSN, Accelerated BSN, and other nursing certificate and diploma programs. Our Kaplan Nursing Exam experts will cover the test’s content sections and question dynamics to enable prospective applicants to understand what’s on the test. Learners struggling with the details can also contact us for Kaplan Nursing Exam services to streamline their success chances through accurate, timely, and professional help.  

Kaplan Content Sections

The Kaplan Admission Test is administered in four parts across four content areas: Reading, Math, Science, and English. The test replicates the NCLEX multiple-choice format, consisting of 91 questions that take 2 hours and 45 minutes. Here is what’s in each section:

  • Reading and Comprehension: Questions on reading and comprehension assess the applicant’s knowledge of essential reading skills. They require learners to read a logical passage, determine context and objectives, and make informed inferences. Question dynamics for the reading and comprehension section cover history, nature, and themes from science. Learners have 45 minutes to complete 22 passage-based quizzes on the purposes of specific paragraphs, their main ideas, and supporting details.
  • Math: The math section of the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam has 28 questions. Students have 45 minutes to tackle questions mostly on basic algebra and arithmetic. Question types for the section mainly consist of word problems and basic equations. Common quizzes cover ratios, operations, units and principles of conversion, and word problems.
  • Science: Kaplan’s science section is the shortest, comprising 20 multiple-choice questions, covered in 30 minutes. It’s the exam’s bedrock as it contributes significantly towards the final score. Questions in the science section are mainly A&P, covering ten areas. This section test concepts on the renal, cardiovascular, hematological, respiratory, gastrointestinal, sensory, and neurological systems. Other areas include electrolytes, homeostasis, and the immune system.
  • Writing: This section consists of 21 questions from nine passages. It measures the applicant’s writing skills needed to succeed in the nursing program. Expect questions on grammar rules, vocabulary, and punctuation. Learners can also be asked to develop a unified essay based on the context of a specific passage.

How Is the Kaplan Entrance Exam Scored?

The Kaplan scoring calculator considers three factors:

  1. The content score: Refers to the scores from each four individual areas. The content scores enable administrators to evaluate learners based on their particular areas of strengths and weaknesses. Mathematics and science sections are more heavily in the total scores. The Writing section and the Reading and Comprehension sections have slightly lower weights. The content score varies among colleges.
  2. The Composite Score: Refers to the cumulative scores derived from the content scores average. Schools consider composite scores for admission, with the passing grades falling between 60-70%. However, some schools also require additional minimum scores on particular content areas, primarily the science section.

Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam Registration and Retakes

 Kaplan exam registration is straightforward since the exam administrator provides all the application details, which may differ between colleges. Below is a typical registration procedure. 

  1. Check the testing mode offered by the institution. Some colleges prefer computer-based examinations, while some only allow for pencil-and-paper formats. Other schools blend both modes for flexibility.
  2. Create the Kaplan student account: Navigate to the “Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam” tab on Kaplan’s official website. Key in the identification details and click complete. Learners should be able to access study materials and the types of exams available upon successful registration.
  3. Choose a preferred test center: Enter the name of the preferred school or choose one from the drop-down list on the “test centers” tab. Choose an ideal date, depending on the list provided by the institution. With that done, complete the payment and registration by paying the registration fees. The fee differs depending on the college, beginning at $70.
  4. Confirm the registration: Check the email inbox for a confirmation message and click on it. Keep the message and the registration details safe for the records.
  5. Access the test preps and study materials: Learners can access the Kaplan test preps and revision materials on the registration website. The NCLEX-RN Prep Plus 2023 paperback costs between $17 and $45.

Depending on the institution’s guidelines, learners can retake Kaplan Nursing entrance exams twice or thrice. Our Kaplan test experts also handle exams on learners’ behalf to alleviate the burden of retakes.

Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam: Final Thoughts

Acing the Kaplan Nursing Entrance exam requires focused preparations only possible by knowing what’s on the exams. This blog has broken down the question dynamics and the Kaplan scoring mechanism to aid the learner’s understanding. Feel free to contact our experts for more questions and clarifications. Contact us for a comprehensive list of guidebooks and Kaplan test preps, available at the best prices.

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