Is The TEAS Test Required for All Nursing Programs?

Is The TEAS Test Required for All Nursing Programs

If you’ve failed the TEAS or have never taken it before, you may be asking yourself, is the TEAS test required for all nursing programs? Many learning institutions require prospective students to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills before enrolling for an undergraduate nursing program. However, a handful of institutions with nursing courses countrywide allow students to enroll in nursing without taking the TEAS. In this post, we look at the institutions where the TEAS isn’t a must to enroll in nursing undergraduate programs. If you need help with an upcoming TEAS, our TEAS Exam Help experts can take the exam for you using our proctored exam software.

Is The TEAS Test Required for All Nursing Programs: Institutions That Don’t Require Students to Take the TEAS

Some institutions allow students to enroll in nursing programs without taking the TEAS. These schools use other criteria to admit students to nursing courses. The following are the different schools that do not require TEAS test to join the nursing school.

Northern Illinois University School of Nursing (NIUSN)

NIUSN offers B.S. in Nursing and RN-B.S. in Nursing programs that equip students with knowledge and skills for a successful nursing career. Aspiring nurses can join without taking the TEAS to apply for admission to this school.

Instead, the school requires applicants to show their school transcript or an equivalent document, such as their GED score. Students must also have a minimum grade point average of 2.75 and complete at least 24 hours of college credit in a prerequisite course. Applications start from September 1st to January 15th each year.

OHSU School of Nursing

OSHU School of Nursing offer nursing programs both Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees. These programs help students comprehend health systems and economies, develop critical thinking, and practice interdisciplinary care.

As scholars advancing to doctoral and post-doctoral programs acquire more advanced knowledge and skills to use in the real world. Students who enroll in the OHSU School of Nursing must have an average GPA of 3.0 and a minimum of 28 quarter or 19 semester credit hours. They must also take an algebra exam and a mandatory anatomy and physiology class.

Lee University School of Nursing

Lee University School of Nursing teaches Christian-centered nursing programs with values that equip aspiring nurses with the scientific and spiritual knowledge to apply in healthcare. The nurses serve humanity by offering the best patient care in their respective fields.

The requirements for getting into this accredited college are:

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75 with prerequisite coursework
  • Complete an essay
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • TOFEL (Test of English Language) test with a 90 and above score
  • MTHS-099 level and the ENGL-105 level or above

Students also need academic recommendations to get in. While you can submit your TEAS to boost your chances of acceptance, you do not require TEAS test to gain admission.

Florida State University College of Nursing

Florida State University of Nursing is an accredited institution with a bachelor of science in nursing. The University’s nursing programs combines theory with hands-on applications in laboratories and real-life scenarios. To enroll in Florida State University, students must have a minimum GPA score of 3.0 with 60 hours of credits. They must also attain a minimum grade of C on pre-approved coursework based on the General Education Criteria. Students with an Associate of Arts degree from any Florida public institution can enroll in this nursing program. 

Leighton School of Nursing

The Leighton School of Nursing at Mariam University offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in nursing programs. Registered nurses can also advance their careers through the institution’s RN-to-BSN or Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs. The requirements for enrolling in this undergrad program are a minimum GPA score of 2.8 with a grade of C, especially in science-related subjects. Students must also attain a 60% score or higher on the Kaplan Admission Test and a satisfactory score in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). There is not requirement for a TEAS test.

University of South Florida College of Nursing

USF nursing college trains students to become all-rounded nurses through their BSN in Nursing, Masters, and Ph.D. programs. Students with a non-medical background can also enroll in the Master’s program through the school’s Accelerated Second Degree in Nursing Program, and do not require TEAS test for validation.

All potential applicants for the undergraduate nursing program must have a total GPA of at least 3.2 for consideration. The University also looks at students’ initial scores in the prerequisite courses and their responses during the admissions interview to determine if they’re a fit.

Is The TEAS Test Required for All Nursing Programs: The Final Word

If you’ve been wondering, is the TEAS test required for all nursing programs, some institutions allow students to enroll in nursing programs without taking the TEAS. Such institutions often have other requirements like GPA scores and mandatory coursework. If you need help with the TEAS, our expert exam takers can handle the exam for you remotely using our software.

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