How to Use the Honorlock Proctoring Software

How to Use the Honorlock Proctoring Software

The Honorlock exam proctoring system monitors students’ activities during an exam to ensure they maintain academic integrity. Unlike other proctored exam systems, it is web-based and doesn’t require students to download an external app or software apart from its Extension browser. In this post, our proctored exam help experts look at how the Honorlock system works, including what features like Browser Guard and Chrome Extensions do. If you need help with an upcoming proctored exam, our exam-taking experts can use our software to bypass the system’s strict exam protocols, allowing our proctored exam experts to do the exam for you.

How to Get Started with Honorlock

The process is quite simple. Here are the steps students should follow to take a proctored exam:

Install the Chrome Extension

It only works on the Chrome browser. Before the exam, download and install Google Chrome on your computer and then install the Honorlock Chrome Extension.

Apart from the Chrome Extension, you will also need the following system requirements for it to work:

  • Windows 10 OS and MacOSX 10 and higher
  • Internet speeds of at least 1.5 Mbps
  • A microphone
  • A webcam

Sign in to the LMS platform, whether Canvas, Blackboard, or another LMS system. Navigate to the course you’re taking the exam on and click on it. Confirm that you agree with Honorlock’s Terms of Service and Exam Taker Privacy Notice.

Review the Exam Rules

It has guidelines on acceptable and unacceptable activities in a proctored exam. Students must read and agree to these rules before proceeding to the next step. Some of the Honorlock guidelines include:

  • No open books or writing material allowed
  • No notes allowed
  • No headphones allowed
  • No mobile phones allowed
  • No hats allowed
  • Restroom breaks allowed
  • Calculators allowed
  • Hats allowed
  • Background noise allowed

Launch Proctoring

After agreeing to the exam guidelines, press the Launch Proctoring button to be redirected to the exam questions. Taking the test outside of the extension will block you from viewing the exam by asking for access codes.

Next, if the Browser Guard feature is active on the extension, a message will pop up stating any attempts to engage in these acts will be flagged for review:

  1. Opening additional windows or tabs
  2. Resizing tabs and windows
  3. Accessing external software and tools

Click accept and continue to go to the next step.

Capture Data

The Honorlock system captures specific information about the examinee and the testing environment. Before the exam begins, you must do the following:

  • Give the system access to your webcam to take a photo of you.
  • Upload your exam ID to validate that you’re the one taking the exam.
  • Complete a room scan of your workspace.

You’ll need to review the footage captured and upload it for further instructor review. Honorlock is FERPA-certified and can be trusted to protect all students and institutions’ information from external cyberattacks. The system undergoes regular security reviews to reduce the risk of breaches.

Take Your Exam

Begin your examination after completing all prompts, including enabling the screen recording. The proctoring system monitors all your activities during the exam and flags suspicious movements to the instructor or notes them for review if the instructor is absent during the exam. Once students complete and submit the exam, a confirmation page will appear, stating the exam has ended. No further action is necessary from here.

Can I Cheat on Honorlock?

Yes. Students can cheat on this system using Best Exam Help Online exam proctoring software. Click on the “Do My Proctored Exam” button above. Enter your exam details as requested, fulfil the monetary obligations and leave the rest to our proctored exam-help experts.

There are other software that do the same task, but are risky. With proctoring systems, any slight movement or mishap can easily get flagged. Our software will bypass the Honorlock exam security protocols undetected which gives our experts remote access to do the exam for you. However, you have to be there for the system to note your presence for audit purposes.

How to Get Started with Honorlock

Using Honorlock might seem complicated the first time. However, taking exams through the platform becomes easier with time and practice. Always avoid skipping steps to prevent complications during the exam. If any challenges arise, notify your exam instructor or raise an issue with the system support team. If you need assistance with an upcoming Honorlock exam, use our software to bypass strict security protocols, allowing our experts to do the exam remotely. Our experts hold Master’s and PhD’s from accredited institutions, guaranteeing a perfect exam score.

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