How to Pass Prometric CNA Exam

How to Pass Prometric CNA Exam

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the demand for nursing assistants will increase by 4% in the coming years. Before prospective nursing aide students can fill the available job openings, they must receive official licensure from the Board of Nursing. An understanding of how to pass the Prometric CNA exam is essential to becoming a certified nursing assistant. In this post, our nursing experts provide tips for excelling in the written section of the CNA exam and the skills section that tests students’ command of hands-on skills. We offer exam-help services to students who want to pass their entry exams.

How to Pass Prometric CNA Exam Written Section

According to the CNA Training Institute, the average passing score for the written tests is 70% to 80%. The written questions consist of multiple-choice questions that test students’ knowledge of various nursing concepts. The following tips can help learners understand how to pass the Prometric CNA exam multiple-choice section:

Read Each Question Carefully

Reading the questions in the written section of the CNA is essential, even if the answer seems straightforward. Most questions have hidden meanings or components that can be easily overlooked when in a hurry. Similarly, some questions could have complex calculations that require critical thinking.

Come up with Answers Before Looking at the Choices

After reading a question, students should derive an answer based on the knowledge acquired during the training or revision. Then, they should compare the answers to the choices to see if a similar option is available. Deciding the correct response before looking at the options increases the chances of answering CNA multiple-choice questions correctly.

Keep an Eye on Exceptions on the CNA exam

Some questions in the written section have subjective terms such as “best” or “most appropriate.” On the other hand, some have exceptions such as “not” or “except.” Students should be aware of subjective questions when answering them to avoid confusion.

Select the Best Answer from the Options

Like true or false statements, some questions in the CNA exam may contain two or more correct answers. In such cases, using the elimination technique helps choose the most appropriate answer among the choices based on specific phrases and keywords in a question.

How to Pass Prometric CNA Exam Skills Section

The practical skills section of the CNA Prometric exam asks nursing aide students to show their command of the skills needed to perform daily tasks. Each tested skill gets a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes, so students must think on their feet during the evaluation. The following tips can help students know how to pass Prometric CNA exam skills section:

Hone Each Tested Skill

The Prometric CNA exam is in 13 major states countrywide, including New York, Miami, and Florida, to name a few. While all states teach the 30 nursing aide skills during training, only 5 or 6 skills are examined in the skills section. The tested skills are randomly selected except for handwashing, which is in all exams. Therefore, students should be ready to handle any skill in the Prometric CNA exam, including:

  • Handwashing
  • Indirect care
  • Measuring and recording (e.g., temperature, blood pressure, urine output, heartbeat)
  • Dressing
  • Foot, mouth, and hand care
  • Transferring and positioning patients
  • Bedpan

Dress Appropriately

Donning the proper attire can boost confidence when performing various skill assessments. It also reflects positively on the evaluator and patients. Exam takers should wear clean and well-ironed scrubs and closed-toe shoes. They should also tie their long hair back, trim long nails, and remove jewelry such as earrings, rings, and facial studs.

Understand the Requirements of Each Scenario in CNA exam

Students should ensure they understand the tasks assigned by the evaluator. They should avoid rushing to perform tasks and, instead, take time to process each question before handling it. If needed, ask the evaluator for clarification where instructions are unclear. Remember, once an evaluation begins, there is no room to ask for further clarification.

Handle the Patient with Care and Respect

A big part of the evaluation process centers on patient care and safety. Students should always treat the patient with respect while conducting different tests. They should ensure the patient is comfortable, well tucked in, and has maximum privacy by pulling up the bedrails when unattended. In transfers, they should secure their body using a safety belt to avoid slips, falls, or other petty accidents.

Repeat Some Skills If Necessary

If a mistake occurs when conducting a test or evaluation on a patient, students should ask the evaluator for a chance to repeat the skill. Most CNA exam instructors allow students to re-do specific performance tasks, provided the time allocated (30 to 44 minutes) hasn’t elapsed. Repeating increases the chances of passing the skills section.

How to Pass Prometric CNA Exam with the Help of Professionals

The Prometric CNA exam can be challenging, especially for first-time test takers. Most states allow students to retake the skills tests three times in two years, so knowing how to pass the Prometric CNA exam the first time is essential to avoid waiting for subsequent periods. Our nursing experts can help students take the written section of the CNA exam, allowing them to focus their energy on the skills test.

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