How to Get Around Proctorio: Expert Hacks that Work Always

How to Get Around Proctorio

Proctorio keeps improving its systems to curb exam cheating, making it difficult to hack how to get around Proctorio, especially using gadgets or audio-visual methods. However, we still have sophisticated methods to override the proctoring software. Research shows that more students are opting for exam-help services to guarantee passing their exam. Our proctored exam expert will review methods used to achieve this, alongside our method to bypass Proctorio’s security guards. If you need search services, click on the button below to request for the service. 

How to Get Around Proctorio: Using Best Exam Help Online Software

It is the most discrete, safe, and reliable way to bypass Proctorio. In addition to helping learners with Proctorio’s security guard, this ingenious hack allows learners to delegate their exams to top experts. Click on the “Do My Proctored Exam” button above, key in your details as requested, and wait for the instructions.

Pros of Using the Best Exam Help Online Overpass Software

The Best Exam Help Online Proctorio Overpass presents numerous pros, including:

  • It’s 100% tried-and-tested to bypass the system without leaving any digital trails, hence guaranteed safety
  • There’s no need to prepare for the exam as it allows learners to delegate their exams to experts who remotely answer the questions from one end.
  • It’s a safe hack to bypass Proctorio when the camera is on

Limitations of Using Best Exam Help Online Software

The only caveat in this method is that the learner needs to play by the rules given by the experts. They must keep themselves busy throughout the exam as the experts remotely key in answers to their questions. Obviously, this process is an easy feat. By installing the overpass software, the experts take control of the exam at a guaranteed discretion.

How to Get Around Proctorio: Installing a Virtual Machine to Get Around Proctorio

Machine virtualization refers to creating an additional virtual environment in a computing system. The additional environment uses the host computer’s network interface, storage, CPU, and memory. Learners can then use one virtual environment to type away questions and cheat in exams and one system for running Proctorio. Here is how to do it:

  • Choose and install a compatible virtual machine on your computer. For example, you can install Oracle VM on Windows or Linux Distribution on macOS.
  • Boot up and load the virtual machine by double-clicking the name of the VM found on the left menu of the VirtualBox main page. Rename all registries of the virtual machine found in your computer’s hardware. 
  •  Click on the Proctorio link provided by your instructor to access the exam’s main page. Verify your student’s identity and conduct a room scan.
  • Navigate the menu bar to access the Virtual machine

Limitations of Using Virtual Machine to Get Around Proctorio

  • Proctorio can detect the most popular virtual machines and flag them. It has an anti-VM security guard, which the instructor can turn on or off. However, it doesn’t detect VMs that are functionally indistinguishable from the host computers. Making your VM functionally indistinguishable is complex (including renaming registries) but easily attainable for students with basic knowledge of machine virtualization.

How to Get Around Proctorio: How to Get Around Proctorio Using a Monitor that Supports Picture-in-Picture

The third most ingenious way to get around Proctorio is by connecting your host PC to another monitor that supports Picture in Picture using HDMI. This method is entirely safe since Proctorio cannot detect HDMI connections installed on a switcher or splitter. Here is how to do it:

  • Place a bigger monitor behind your test-taking device and connect it to your computer using an HDMI connection via an HDMI switcher
  • Click the Proctorio link provided by your instructor, verify your identity, and conduct a room scan
  • During the exam, use the HDMI switcher to switch between the proctoring computer and the monitor at the back. You can use the additional monitor to research questions or seek external help.

Limitation of Getting Around Proctorio Using a Monitor with Picture-in-Picture Functionality

Proctorio detects multiple monitors but not via HDMI switches like the KVM switch. You may need to connect your host PC to a more portable computing device like a Raspberry pie via a KVM switch to stay safe. All these computing accessories and systems come at additional costs, which most students may not afford.

How to Get Around Proctorio: The Bottom Line

This blog only details how to get around Proctorio using more advanced mechanisms that are foolproof. The hacks include using our unique Proctorio Overpass Software, installing a virtual machine, and using a monitor that supports a picture-in-picture connection via an HDMI switcher. If stuck, contact us for 1-on-1 consultations; we will gladly clarify all your questions.

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