How to Cheat on Test

How to Cheat on Test

About 50% of high schoolers in the US admit to having cheated at least once, while 10% of university students also admit to copying from fellow examinees yearly. Figures from the National Institute of Health are more concerning, showing a 60% rate of exam misconduct among students taking online exams. However, for students looking for how to cheat on test as a last resort, they will need more than copying from peers or sneaking crib notes into the exam room. Our exam experts will explain savvy and foolproof ways to circumvent the typical examination protocols without being caught. Beyond cheating, you can delegate the test to our professors for secure and professional help. 

How to Cheat on Test Administered via Proctoring System

A survey by McCabe reveals that 95% of students admit having participated in some form of exam misconduct. ICAI researchers attribute such figures to transitioning from in-class testing to virtual proctored exams. Best Exam Help Online identified these smart techniques learners use to bypass the proctoring systems without leaving a virtual trail.

Using Best Exam Help Online Proctoring Overpass System

The proctoring overpass software by Best Exam Help Online is the most secure way to cheat on proctored exams. A learner only needs to install the software on their computer, and it will give our experts remote access to their exam. The exam helpers then type in answers as the students keep their faces in ‘view.” Systems the software can overpass include Honorlock, ProctorU, Proctorio, Examity, and LockDown Browser.

Installing SS and RDC

The Screen Sharing and Remote Desk Control also allow students to give up control of their computers to a test-taker. The only caveat is that some proctoring systems can detect SS and RDCs and flag students. To stay safe, learners can install a virtual machine (VM) over an existing OS and run the proctoring software from the VM. The hack allows learners to use their computers to type away questions or surf the web for answers without being caught.

Interrupting the Exam for More Time

Buying some minutes to cheat is a proven trick that always works. The examiner can request a bathroom break to access materials sneaked into their rooms, including phones. They can also fake system errors or internet connections to block the camera or postpone the exams.

How to Cheat on Test Administered Via a Proctored Online System

Learners cheating on online exams before the COVID-19 pandemic were only 29%. After COVID-19, this figure has risen exponentially to about, with many students searching “how to cheat on online exams” daily. Below are brilliant techniques on how to cheat on proctored online exams:

Learners cheating on online exams before the COVID-19 pandemic were only 29%. After COVID-19, this figure has risen exponentially to about 64%, with many students searching “how to cheat on online exams” daily. Below are brilliant techniques on how to cheat on proctored online exams:

Using Forbidden Materials

The beauty of unproctored exams is that learners are at will to use all forbidden materials. They can sneak in course materials, electronic devices, and crib notes and use them at their discretion. The only downside of prohibited materials is that online exams are timed. Thus, the examinee must be fast enough to avoid running out of time. A shortcut would be surfing the net and using ChatGPT to get accurate answers quickly.

Need to Know How to Cheat on Test? Collaborate with Friends

Partner collaboration mitigates the effects of time pressure by allowing the examinees to delegate a portion of the exam process to someone. As the students answer questions, the friends can surf the web, peruse through notes, and access resources like Chegg Unlocks for accurate answers.

Delegating their Exams to Our Experts

Our “take my online exam services” integrate tools like our proctoring system overpass, RDCs, and SS devices for remote exam access. Learners can give control of their devices to our top experts, who then key in their exam answers as they relax. Alternatively, learners can share their student login details with us for secure and timely access to their online learning dashboard.

How to Cheat on Test in on-Campus Sitting

Cheating in an on-campus test is high-risk, especially when the exam is taken in a room with cameras. Using a smartphone or other electrical device makes it riskier. Thus, an examinee’s options boil down to the old methods of sneaking cheat sheets into the exam room.

Gather the critical information, including keywords, names, definitions, vocabularies, and challenging formulas. Write them down on a foldable piece of paper. Smart learners hide the crib note at the back of a calculator, on a water bottle label, inside a binder, or wear it inside a long-sleeved shirt.

Another savvy way to cheat on campus is by adopting the partner-cheating method. Learners can adopt a sitting arrangement to review their partner’s exam sheets and copy the details. Lastly, learners can request two exam sheets and share one with their partners for help.

How to Cheat on Test: Final Remarks

The answer to how to cheat on test lies with the nature of whether the exam was administered online or in class. To this end, you have learned the best way to cheat in online and in-class tests. Contact our top experts to delegate all your online exams for timely, accurate, and professional. Also, please read our blog on how to cheat in online tests when the camera is on for more insights.

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