How to Cheat on ProctorU: Effective Ways for Not Getting Caught

How to Cheat on ProctorU

ProctorU uses different levels of surveillance to monitor suspicious student activities during remote examinations. With its anti-cheating mechanisms constantly improving, most students who feel unprepared for an upcoming exam look for ways on how to cheat on ProctorU. Our proctored exam-help dive deeper into the ProctorU system, how it works and what students can do to cheat the system. Our software remains the most effective way of cheating on ProctorU undetected by the system or live instructor. If you need the service, click on the button below to request for it, and we guarantee 100% success rate with no detection.

Can I Cheat on a ProctorU Remote Exam?

Yes. Students can cheat on ProctorU with the help of our exam-proctoring software. To access this service, click on the button above (Do My Proctored Exam) . The process redirects you to the order page, where you give the exam details, and we will solve the rest. Our exam proctoring software has improvised features that bypass the ProctorU anti-cheating security protocols. It allows our expert Master’s and PhD exam-takers to do the exam for students remotely undetected.

How ProctorU Detects Cheating in Online Exams

Tutors and institutions prefer giving virtual exams on ProctorU because the platform is simple to use and secure. Before accessing an exam, students undergo a verification process, including an ID confirmation process and a 360-degree scan of the testing area. ProctorU then uses artificial intelligence to track eye and body movements, such as motions on the mouse pad. A human proctor (hired by the site) is also present during the remote examinations to monitor student activities.

For the ProctorU to work, students must meet specific requirements that include:

  • Stable internet connection
  • A laptop or computer with a standard operating system
  • A microphone
  • A functional webcam that records visible videos

Effective Ways on How to Cheat on ProctorU

Although cheating on a ProctorU exam can be challenging, students can cleverly bypass the system’s anti-cheating protocols. Here are some practical ways on how to cheat on ProctorU:

How to Cheat on ProctorU Using a Bluetooth Earpiece

Using a Bluetooth device is an old-school way of cheating in a remote exam that still works. In this technique, students wear a Bluetooth-enabled earpiece during an exam for discreet communication with a friend, family member, or professional exam taker nearby. This method also requires students to wear a beanie or hoodie to hide the earpiece from the webcam’s view.

How to Cheat on ProctorU By Sneaking a Smartphone into the Testing Area

Smartphones can be an effective tool for cheating on ProctorU since they’re difficult to detect if well-hidden. Students can sneak their smartphones into the exam room before scanning the area and use their devices to browse exam answers.

The smartphone should always be close to the body, preferably adjacent to the exam monitor, to prevent the camera from detecting it. The phone cover should also resemble the colour of the exam desk, with the Wi-Fi and mobile data turned off during the exam.

Alter Video Footage

Tampering with the webcam live feed is an excellent way to cheat on a proctored exam. Students can alter video footage in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Applying Vaseline or tape: Students can place a transparent tape or apply Vaseline over the camera to minimize visibility. This makes it harder for instructors and AI systems to detect cheating.
  2. Using Software: Students can use various software to create of themselves doing the exam before the exam day. They can use the fake video during the exam, getting more freedom to cheat.
  3. Dimming the lights: Before the exam, students can put on sunglasses, dim the lights in the testing room and increase the screen brightness of their exam device. Doing this creates a glare that blocks the webcam’s clear view.

How to Cheat on ProctorU by Mirroring Your Exam Screen

Students can cheat on ProctorU by mirroring their screen to a nearby friend, family, or exam tutor. The first method of creating a mirror screen is using the WhatsApp web version on the exam device and pinning the questions on the screen for the other person to see and share answers. Alternatively, students can use an HDMI cable to share the screen with a nearby external helper and receive answers via text or WhatsApp.

How to Cheat on ProctorU: The Final Remarks

Students who are unprepared for an upcoming proctored exam can use any of these methods to bypass the ProctorU strict exam deterrent mechanisms. Even so, our software remains the best tool for bypassing ProctorU, allowing students to cheat on an exam undetected. Our exam experts are available to guide students on how to cheat on ProctorU using our service.

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