How to Cheat on LockDown Browser with Webcam

How to Cheat on LockDown Browser with Webcam

Learners who know how to cheat on LockDown browser with webcam no longer have to worry about failing their online tests. There are simple steps that enable you to bypass the proctoring system with just a few clicks. Our proctored exam-help experts created the following steps make you understand how the process works. If you need help with your assignment, call on our expert for guaranteed assistance.

Is it Possible to Cheat on a LockDown Browser with Webcam During a Live Online Exam?

Yes. Thanks to our unique software, test-takers know how to cheat on LockDown Browser with webcam and even assign the entire test to our experts for discrete help. Click on “Do My Proctored Exam” button above and request for our services. To make the whole experience believable, type random words on your keyboard to avoid any slight suspicion that may cost you. However, it’s the easiest as you only need to keep your calm and act smart.

How to Cheat on LockDown Browser with Webcam: Proctored Exam Cheating

Cheating on a LockDown browser is challenging since the administrator monitors exam takers actively for suspicious activities. Still, learners persistently find the best ways to beat the proctoring system and cheat without being caught. Here are the most ingenious ways to cheat on LockDown Browser with webcam undetected:

Using External Projector

Smart learners understand that the LockDown Browser blocks onscreen activities like copying and screenshotting the exam details. Reflecting their screen on an external projector offers an alternative and ingenious way to pass their exam content to helpers. These can be friends or peers with knowledge of the subject areas. The helper can then browse and pass the answer on a bigger screen behind the examinee’s computer.

The LockDown Browser with a webcam cannot detect a screen behind the computer. The only downside of this exam hack would be if you don’t practice caution. Remember that the Respondus LockDown Monitor added to the Browser can detect unusual body language and head movement. Thus, you need to be smart enough to copy the details from the bigger screen without moving your eyes and head suspiciously.

Using a Virtual Machine

A virtual machine works almost instantly since detecting one using the LockDown Monitor with a camera is nearly impossible. In this hack, the students must install an additional Operating System on their devices. For example, they can install Oracle Studio on the Windows virtual environment. Oracle Studio will act as an additional Operating System undetectable by the LockDown Browser. You can use this virtual machine to surf the web, access unauthorized materials, access prohibited URLs, type away questions, and seek help from peers.

Virtual machine proctoring exam hacks present a nearly perfect way to circumvent the LockDown Browser. However, it would help if you practised a few cautions to make this method foolproof. First, check that the administrator isn’t using an AI-based automated proctoring system with anti-VM since they can detect and block virtual machines. Some AI-based proctoring systems can also detect extra keyboard noise, leading to suspicion. Otherwise, if your institution uses the LockDown Browser alone, you can use any of the “How to Cheat on LockDown Browser with Webcam” suggestions to bypass the proctoring.

Using Advanced Tech Gadget

Learners always continue to explore ingenious ways to circumvent the LockDown Browser with a webcam, and one such way is by using advanced tech gadgets. Devices such as smartwatches can be worn into the exam room and used to surf the web for real-time results. You can also sneak in and place your mobile phone below the screen and use it to find a solution from the net. The key to this hack is to practice calmness to avoid being flagged for suspicious behaviour. Otherwise, it presents an excellent leeway to chat with helpers, share questions, and receive timely answers.

Bathroom Break

Most LMS administrators allow students to request bathroom breaks mid-exam. You can use this golden chance to open your notebooks and review the materials for quick details. Another excellent excuse is the poor internet connection. Some learners manipulate the webcam and blame it on the internet. It is tricky dishonesty, but the fact that your administrator can’t confirm if the excuse is genuine or fake makes it an ideal go-to-option.

How to Cheat on LockDown Browser with Webcam: The Parting Shot

Up to this end, you’ve known how to cheat on LockDown Browser with Webcam and cautionary measures to undertake. You can use an external projector, virtual machine, advanced tech gadget, or bathroom breaks to beat the system. We have also presented you with a foolproof measure: bypassing the webcam and LockDown Browser using our special software. For more details and questions, contact us for 1-on-1 consultations.

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