How To Cheat on Lockdown Browser: Tips To Employ

How To Cheat on Lockdown Browser

A lockdown browser is an extension on the search engine preventing students from accessing browser features while doing a proctored exam. It locks down the computer’s browsing tabs except for the exam window, limiting any attempt to cheat. However, there are tricks that students employ to find ways on how to cheat on lockdown browser. Our exam help experts share several ways of circumventing lockdown browser and the best approach to do it undetected. We also offer proctored exam-help services for students who are eager to pass their exam.

What Is a Lockdown Browser and What Does it Entail?

The lockdown browser has taken over the role played by invigilators in physical exam rooms. Once this setting is active, it will bar the student from accessing other browsing windows on their computer. It also prevents any shortcuts and keyboard functionalities. The idea is to deter students from leaving the proctored exam tab. The following is a concise explanation of how the program manages the proctoring process:

  • It displays a full-screen assessment, which the student cannot minimize.
  • Save for the backward, forward, refresh, and stop options, it turns off the toolbar and browsing menu.
  •  It also disables such applications as messaging, sharing of the screen, and remote computers.
  • The browser bars students from printing or capturing the screen.
  • Students can also not copy or paste to or from the assessment page.

Can A Student Cheat on A Lockdown Browser?

With such stringent measures, students can still cheat on the lockdown browser. Recently, innovators have been working tirelessly on ways to facilitate proctored exam help on lockdown browser. However, not all attempts succeed as Lockdown Browser also improve its online invigilating technology.

How to Cheat on Lockdown Browser: A Comprehensive Guideline

As students discover new ways on how to cheat on lockdown browser, the proctor programmers improve their services. Fortunately, our experts have developed a tool that bypasses the lockdown browser without detection.

Using Our Tool to Cheat

Our built-in software circumvents any proctoring system, allowing our proctored exam-help experts to do the exam for you. Fill in the details as required and let our exam-help experts do the proctored exam for you. We guarantee 90% and above, quality work with zero-detection.

However, there are other tricks on how to cheat on lockdown browsers. Some of them include:

Using the Alt + Tab

The Alt + Tab trick helps you navigate from left to right, gathering all the details you need without getting caught. With this trick, you can search on Google and type without being flagged. Just keep hold of the ALT key while occasionally tapping on Tab.

Using A Smartphone or Laptop

You can place either a smartphone or laptop on a vantage point where you can see without detection. Connect them to your mouse using an OTG cable, which allows you to browse for answers on your phone or the other laptop without getting flagged.

Cheat on Lockdown Browser Using a Virtual Machine with an Edited Registry

With this machine, you can run multiple windows on your computer simultaneously. Software like MS DreamSpark and Oracle VM can be useful for this trick.

Using Desktop.Exe To Create Multiple Windows

The desktop.exe trick works by partitioning your computer into 4 different virtual desktops. You can then use your hotkeys to swiftly move from one screen to another without any detection. However, try it out before applying this trick by running your browser. Note down any issue arising and deal with it before the exam day.

It is important to note that the lockdown browser can detect and flag a foreign voice. You should look for a quiet, well-lit room to avoid disqualification. Similarly, avoid picking up phone calls, eating, or even standing from your place before you are through with your exams.

How to Cheat on Lockdown Browser: Final Thoughts

While it is true that the lockdown browser is a very stringent invigilator, you can still access exam help services on their system without detection. However, it requires concentration and utmost dedication to the set rules. This article gives you the best tricks that are tested and verified. If you still have questions about how to cheat on lockdown browser, reach out to our support team, who will guide you through every step of the way. Our goal is to ensure you ace an A in your proctored exams and get a good GPA at the end of your studies.

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