How to Cheat on Honorlock: The Ultimate Guide for Students

How to Cheat on Honorlock

Over 300 learning institutions trust Honorlock’s proctored service to maintain exam integrity. However, learning how to cheat on Honorlock can help seize the moment if the opportunity to cheat presents itself during an online exam. In this post, our proctored exam experts explore the best ways to bypass the Honorlock proctored exam without getting caught by the system or instructor. We have special software that can help you do the exam remotely, bypassing Honorlock’s proctoring system undetected.

How Honorlock Works

Honorlock uses advanced exam security protocols to minimize instances when students try to cheat in an exam. Some of these features integrate with artificial intelligence to enhance monitoring. The following are the main features of the Honorlock proctoring system:

  • Honorlock extension: The platform has a browser extension that encloses students in the test-taking environment during the exam. It also monitors browser activities and disables normal browser functions, like menu address and search bar.
  • Multi-device detector: Honorlock’s AI uses infrared technology to detect cell phones and other secondary devices nearby or connected to the network.
  • Webcam: The webcam monitors student movements during the exam and records the video for instructor review. It also scans the testing area and student ID before the exam.
  • Microphone: Honorlock’s AI integrates with a student’s microphone to monitor suspicious sounds and voices during the exam.
  • Search and Destroy: The search and destroy feature prevents students from sharing information online.

Different Ways on How to Cheat on Honorlock Undetected

Though the exact number of students caught cheating on Honorlock remains unclear, there have been cases of students caught cheating. Despite the strict security protocols that deter cheating occurrences, students can use clever ways to beat the system and cheat on Honorlock undetected.

The following are some practical suggestions on how to cheat on Honorlock:

Use the Best Exam Help Online Software

The BEHO software is the most trusted way to cheat on Honorlock. It has features designed to bypass the Honorlock security protocols undetected. Before the exam, students log into the exam platform with our software running on their exam device, blocking the system from monitoring their activities. In return, this allows our exam help experts to do the exam remotely and send it to students for counterchecking and submission.

Install a Virtual Machine

Honorlock monitors screen activity during a proctored exam until a student submits the exam, after which it switches off this function. Installing a virtual machine on an exam device can help bypass Honorlock’s anti-cheating features undetected. A virtual machine creates an independent operating system from the host OS running the exam. The anonymity created by a virtual machine offers an added layer of protection, allowing students to browse exam answers without getting caught.

Strategically Position the Webcam

Cheating on Honorlock while the webcam is on can be difficult since the camera uses AI to record videos of test-takers. However, strategically positioning the webcam to the side may prevent the camera from taking direct videos of facial and body movements. Any cheating devices, like mobile phones and tablets, should also be away from the webcam’s direct view to avoid detection.

Get a Double Monitor with a Silent Keyboard

Honorlock’s webcam and microphone detect sound and visual movements in a proctored exam. A computer with two monitors and a single operating system can help bypass these features undetected. Students can run the Honorlock browser on one monitor and open software, browsers, and other cheating tools on the other. Furthermore, combining a double monitor with a silent keyboard prevents the system from detecting typing background noise.

Ask for Outside Help

Organizing external help is an excellent way to cheat on Honorlock without getting caught. For this strategy to work, the student and the external helper should develop a stealth mode of communication, such as hand signals or earpieces, during the exam. The external helper should also be familiar with the course content, especially if the subject is technical.

Wear a Mask

Wearing a medical mask is an effective way to cheat on an Honorlock proctored exam. A mask covers the mouth, allowing test takers to communicate in low tones in the testing environment. Students can also use masks to cover parts of the ears and wear earpieces for conversing without external helpers.


Learning how to cheat on Honorlock can help avoid getting caught by the platform’s strict exam cheating deterrent mechanisms. While these features minimize the opportunities for students to cheat, using a virtual machine, 2 monitors with a silent keyboard, and strategically positioning the webcam are legit ways of cheating on Honorlock. However, if you want the best service, use our software to bypass Honorlock’s exam protocols.

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