How to Cheat on a Lockdown Browser: The Expert Tips

How to Cheat on a Lockdown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser (RLDB) is a custom browser that ensures exam credibility by limiting access to other Windows tabs. It also uses the microphone to record background audio during the exam. However, for full-length monitoring, RLDB comes with the LockDown Monitor, a system that uses the webcam to detect movements in the immediate environment and facial movements. Students looking for tips on how to cheat on a LockDown Browser are discouraged mainly by the thought of being monitored remotely. In this blog, our proctored test experts will show you how to bypass the LockDown browser. If you need help with your proctored exam, they are also on standby to help out.

Can I Cheat on a LockDown Browser?

Yes, you can cheat on a LockDown Browser using our service. This process is the only foolproof method to bypassing and cheating on your LockDown Browser without detection. At Best Exam help Online, we make life easier for examinees’ who still need to prepare for their test by delegating their tasks to test helpers. In addition to helping you bypass the LockDown browser, we will take your exam with relative ease to help you achieve high points.   

Cheating on a LockDown Browser Using a Virtual Machine

The LockDown Browser doesn’t record or authenticate the student’s user verification. It also doesn’t monitor the student actively to detect exam aids or problems in the exam room unless it’s accompanied by the LockDown Browser. But the best part is that it also doesn’t detect technologies like Virtual Machines, which makes bypassing the system a breeze.

Download and install a virtual machine like Oracle Studio on your computer. Use the primary virtual environment to do the test and the virtual machine to browse additional resources. You can also type away questions and ask for help from peers or experts using a virtual machine.

Cheating on a Lockdown Browser Using an Additional Device

You can cheat successfully on a LockDown Browser using other devices. You only have to place the device below the computer screen and use it to surf the net and source additional information relevant to your exam. The only downside of this hack is that it won’t work with the camera on. Some proctoring technology uses advanced AI assessment mechanisms that immediately track eye movement and flag suspicious action. Thus, you need to know if the live proctoring system used by your administrator uses such technology to be safe.

The LockDown browser alone doesn’t track eye movement. It provides a golden chance to use the screen mirroring devices without detection. You only need to set the device within the exam room with the help of peers and use it to access answers timely. Alternatively, you can set a big screen behind your computer. Connect your keyboard to the screen to surf the net, access other resources, and cheat in your exam.

Cheating on a Lockdown Browser by Switching Between Windows

For students using Windows, you can safely cheat on a LockDown browser using the ALT+Tab buttons. Long pressing the ALT+Tab keys allows you to safely switch between windows to bypass the LockDown browser. Before beginning your exam, open various windows you need beforehand. Ensure that these windows have the necessary details relevant to your exams. By clicking the LockDown Browser link from your administrator, you give full-screen access to one window, which acts as your primary window. With that configured, press the ALT-Tab combination to access the other background tabs for all the necessary details.

Cheating Using Visual Aids

If you’re sure that the administrator hasn’t integrated the LockDown Monitor, treat that as your golden chance to use visual aids. These can be notes passed from peers, a mobile device set below your screen, or reading directly from your class notes. The only downside to this method would be rummaging through the notes quickly without making abnormal sounds. The Respondus LockDown browser uses the microphone to identify and flag suspicious noise from the exam room. Therefore, it’s advisable to request a bathroom break and access the visual aids if causing noise is your primary concern.

How to Cheat on a Lockdown Browser: Summary

Up to this end, you’ve learned how to cheat on a LockDown Browser without being caught. These hacks include using virtual machines, connecting your computer to an additional device, switching between tabs, and using virtual aids. Remember that these methods can be detected, primarily if the administrator uses a discrete webcam. Therefore, using our overpass software is the only way to cheat in your LockDown Browser. Call or email us for a 1-on-1 consultation for more information.

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