How to Cheat Lockdown Browser: Bypassing the Exam Protocols

How to Cheat Lockdown Browser

The Respondus lockdown browser uses exam cheating deterrent features like screen sharing, screen capture, and window monitoring. With these high-tech detection mechanisms, many students wonder how they can cheat the lockdown browser undetected. In this post, we look at how the Respondus lockdown browser restricts students from cheating. Our proctored exam-help experts also explain how to cheat lockdown browser using our software and recommend other ways to bypass the lockdown browser as well.

How to Cheat Lockdown Browser: Is it Possible?

Yes. Students can cheat in a lockdown browser exam using our software. Click on the “Do My Exam” above to request for the service. Our proctored exam software bypasses the Respondus lockdown browser strict security protocols, allowing our exam experts to do the exam for you undetected. 

How Respondus Lockdown Browser Detects Cheating

Lockdown browser integrates into supported school learning management systems (LMS), such as Canvas and Blackboard.

Once the browser connects to the LMS, it gains access to your exam computer’s webcam and monitors the test-taking environment and all student movements. Examples of activities the browser can flag as fraudulent include:

  • Suspicious head, hand, and body movements
  • Eye movements
  • Minimizing the browser window
  • Exiting the LMS testing environment

The webcam also monitors student web browser activities during the remote exam. Therefore, if a student enters a foreign URL address into the browser during the exam, it blocks them from accessing the website.

Respondus Lockdown Browser System Requirements

The lockdown exam cheating deterrent browser works on devices with the following system specifications:

  • Windows 8 and 10 operating systems with 75MB hard drive storage space
  • Mac OS 12, 10, and above with a minimum of 120MB of storage space
  • Google open-source or Chromium framework (Chrome browser isn’t a requirement)
  • iOS version 11 (for iPad users alone)

How to Cheat Lockdown Browser

Bypassing the Respondus lockdown browser is challenging. It blocks students from:

  1. Exiting the test window
  2. Switching tasks
  3. Copying and pasting using the right-click button
  4. Using virtual machines

Students must keep the browser open and in full-screen mode for the entire exam. Here are some clever ideas on how to cheat lockdown browser detection tools:

Try the ALT+TAB Technique

The lockdown browser blocks users from exiting full-screen mode during an exam. Students can bypass the full-screen feature using the ALT+TAB technique. 

The ALT+TAB method involves pressing the ALT+TAB buttons on your exam device simultaneously. Doing this splits the screen, allowing you to open separate programs and windows without raising suspicion. For effective screen transitions, continuously hold the ALT key while tapping on the TAB key.

Install Desktop.exe

The lockdown browser locks students into the test-taking environment until the exam is complete. Students can bypass the MAP testing lockdown feature by installing the Desktop.exe software on their exam devices.

This program partitions the device into four virtual desktops, from which students can run different exam cheating software undetected. The Desktop.exe is most effective when installed before the lockdown browser is active. It also runs on Windows OS only.

Use a Virtual Machine

Students can bypass the lockdown browser by installing a virtual machine on their exam device. A virtual machine creates a virtual computer on your exam device with a separate OS from the host OS running the exam.

Within this virtual environment, students can download and run different software and browsers to cheat undetected. However, the device’s registry must be edited first for the virtual machine to operate without raising suspicion.

How to Cheat Lockdown Browser by Creating a New User on Your Mac

Students using MAC operating systems can create a new user profile to bypass the lockdown browser. A new MAC account allows students to switch between users on an exam device and cheat without raising suspicion. 

Here’s the step-by-step process of creating a new user profile on Mac for cheating in an exam:

  1. Setup a new Mac account on your MAC device with a strong password
  2. Install the Keyboard Maestro Editor
  3. Create a Macro to allow switching between the two MAC user accounts faster.
  4. Click on the activate button to activate your Macro

Switching between users on Mac bypasses the Respondus lockdown browser, allowing students to cheat undetected.

Use an Alternative Device

A secondary smartphone device can help students cheat in a lockdown browser test-taking environment. To use your phone undetected, place it under your computer monitor, where the webcam may not detect it easily.

Connect your smartphone to an external mouse using the On The Go (OTG) connector and use the mouse to browse exam materials using your phone.

How to Cheat Lockdown Browser in 2023: The Final Word

If you’ve been wondering how to cheat lockdown browser, these tips will help you bypass the system’s strict exam protocols. You can also use our software, as it’s the most secure and proven way to bypass the lockdown browser. Contact customer service for more details.

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