How to Cheat in Online Exam When Camera is on: The Expert Advice

how to cheat in online exam when camera is on

Astonishing figures from different universities globally reveal unprecedented levels of online examination misconduct since the Covid-19 pandemic. These numbers are a direct result of students looking for how to cheat in online exam when camera is on. Some students admit hiring test helpers for remote assistance, while others sneak unauthorized materials into the exam room. However, these attempts are not 100% elusive, explaining why the number of students caught is on the rise. Our online exam experts explain how to cheat in online exam when camera is on. We also help students do exams remotely, whether proctored or take-home, without being caught.

Bypassing Proctoring Technologies Using Our Special Proctoring System Overpass Software

Proctoring technologies like ProctorU and Honorlock use advanced AI algorithms to track facial and body movements. They also rely on browser lockdown technology to prevent students from accessing unauthorized websites and webcams. These measures put test-takers in unusual positions where they can’t use external aids or crib notes to cheat.

The Proctoring System Overpass is a unique software capable of circumventing a proctoring system’s browser lockdown feature for remote access. It allows students to delegate their exams to our experts for instant help. To get started, learners must install the unique software on their computer. Doing so gives our exam helpers control over their computers and the ability to take over their exams after ID verification and room scanning. The students only need to keep themselves busy for the camera as the experts handle questions from one end.

How Else Can I Cheat in Online Exam When the Camera is on?

With 1 in 6 university students admitting to cheating in online exams, the internet is rife with numerous ways how to cheat in online exam when camera is on. Our exam analysts took their time to review the most common and feasible methods students use, and here is what they found out.  

How To Cheat in Online Exam When Camera is on Using Remote Desktop Control and Screen Sharing Technologies

Remote Desktop Control (RDCs) and Screen Sharing (SS) devices are tech-savvy methods that work almost constantly. Using an RDC, a student gives up control of their computer to a proxy tester (someone more knowledgeable), who then answers the question on their behalf. RDCs such as TeamViewer allow the proxy texter to take control of computers based anywhere globally. They can then access the proctoring system and answer the question on the other end, as the human proctor monitors the examinee via webcam.

The screen-sharing method works differently. In this proctored exam hack, an examinee shares their screen with a proxy texter (who may be in another room), who then answers the questions and shares the details through private messaging.

But here is the downside. Advanced proctoring systems like ProctorU can detect and block RDCs and SSs using their anti-RDC and anti-SS features. Thus, the students risk being caught unless they connect the screen-sharing device via HDMI cable since even the advanced proctoring software cannot detect such connections.

How to Cheat in Online Exam When Camera is on Using a Virtual Machine

A Virtual Machine (VM) technology allows examinees to install and run multiple operating systems within a single virtual environment. For example, you can install an Oracle Virtual Box in Windows 11 by downloading the latest version of Oracle and running it on your computing device. With these two configurations in place, the examiner can run the proctoring software on Windows 11 and use the extra Oracle box to connect with a proxy texter, type away questions, and receive real-time answers.

The best part is that the examinee can use Windows 11 to limit the proctoring software from accessing the Oracle Virtual Box. An examinee can get caught using this method only if the administrators conduct pre-exam VM threat detection. But once the exam is on, only highly advanced and AI-based proctoring software can detect virtual machines.

How to Cheat in Online Exam When Camera is on by Asking for a Bathroom Break

Most examiners allow students to take short bathroom breaks unless the integrity of the exam is in jeopardy. The examinee only needs to notify the invigilator verbally before taking such a break. Additionally, they aren’t allowed access to their personal belongings or any other unauthorized items.

An examiner can use this golden chance to request help from a family member or open their notes. They can also call friends for expert help. This method works since the human proctor isn’t 100% certain that the excuse given for the bathroom break is genuine or fake. The only way the test administrator can curb it is by informing test-takers to stay on camera until the exam ends. 

Cheating in Online Exam When Camera is on: The Parting Shots

Up to this end, our experts have explained how to cheat in online exam when camera is on. VMs, SS devices, RDCs, and by taking bathroom breaks are some of the popular methods.. However, these ingenious hacks are not foolproof since the administrator can suspect cheating or adopt anti-cheating tools to flag students. The only way to cheat without a trace is through bypassing the proctoring system using our software. Contact us for a 1-on-1 consultation.

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