How to Bypass LockDown Browser: The Expert Tips

How to Bypass LockDown Browser

How to bypass LockDown browser discusses the various ways a students can get help with their proctored exam. If your institution avails exams via a LockDown Browser, students feel uneasy being monitored during examinations. It becomes even more stressful when you get constant warnings from the software to keep your face in view, especially during a math-heavy calculation. Additionally, the Respondus LockDown Browser violates the test-taker’s privacy, especially when your institution monitors you discretely without your consent. In this blog, our experts will show you how to bypass LockDown browser and cheat in your exam without being.

How to Bypass LockDown Browser: Is it Possible

Yes, you can circumvent and cheat on a Respondus LockDown Browser using our software. Use the “Do My Proctored Exam” button above to sign up for the service. This hack is the most discrete and safe way to bypass the Lockdown Browser safely without being caught. Plus, we will delegate your exam to experts with proven expertise and knowledge of your academic field. Thus, we come as your light of hope, especially for learners who didn’t adequately prepare for their exams.

What is Lockdown Browser and How Does it Work?

Examination integrity is significant, especially since students integrate innovative solutions to bypass online proctoring technology. Respondus LockDown Browser refers to a customized browser that limits students from opening other URLs, accessing other tabs, copying or printing the exam details, and taking screenshots of their test. It works by running full screen during the test, thus preventing the students from accessing other windows or unauthorized applications.

However, the Respondus LockDown Browser alone doesn’t record cheating. The test administrators use an additional proctoring system called the Respondus Monitor to monitor students. With these 2 systems, the test administrator can record audio, take live feeds, or record videos for future assessments.

Can I Know if the Respondus LockDown Browser is Recording Me?

Yes. You can know if the LockDown Browser is taking live feeds by:

Conducting a Webcam Pre-check

Before learning how to bypass Lockdown Browser, be sure to verify if your institution will use the LockDown Browser during the exam. The first surefire way to authenticate this possibility is when the examiner asks you to conduct a webcam pre-check. In one of the verification steps, you will be informed of your camera quality. This information should inform you of the possibility of being recorded. Other clues to look out for include conducting environment and facial detection checks.

Ask Your Instructor Directly

Most institutions notify learners of the possibility of being recorded as part of the preparation measures. You can confidently ask your instructor about it if there isn’t such a notification. They are highly likely to inform you if they will use the browser. But if they fail to do so, check your examination brief for pointers, including the following instructions:

  • All students should take their exams in a distraction-free environment void of exam aids.
  • All students should use webcam-enabled devices and ensure their camera functions optimally. Ensure that the camera can capture your face and immediate environment without interference.
  • All students must take examinations in well-lit environments to prevent automated video analysis flagging.

Check If the Recording Icon is On

The recording icon appears on the top right corner of the screen immediately after your test begins on a LockDown Browser. Additionally, you won’t be able to exit the screen, and if you accidentally do, you won’t regain access to the exam page. This recording icon and the webcam stop when you submit your paper. All these cues point out to using a Lockdown Browser to monitor learners.

How to Bypass Lockdown Browser

There are several ways around Respondus LockDown Browser, but only a few work efficiently. Here are the tried-and-tested ways to bypass the LockDown browser successfully:

Using a Virtual Machine

Install and run a Virtual Machine on your computer, and you will have the additional virtual environment at your convenience. You can use the extra virtual machine to browse the web, access other functionalities, and type away questions to exam helpers. For this hack, ensure the administrator hasn’t integrated anti-VM systems into their Lockdown Monitor to be safe.

Use Desktops.Exe

Desktops.exe divides the window into two or four virtual desktops, allowing the device to run several processes concurrently. However, this feature is on limited window series, so you need to check if your computer has it inbuilt. Use the primary virtual desktop to take your exam and the additional three to surf the web or request help.

Use the ALT+Tab

Long-pressing the ALT+tab combination circumvents the LockDown Browser to navigate between all opened windows. For security, always assign hotkeys whenever switching between windows. Also, ensure that you open the windows you need during the exam before clicking on the link to the LockDown browser provided by your examiner.

How to Bypass Lockdown Browser: The Bottomline

There are so many ways on how to bypass LockDown Browser. You can use the ALT+Tab keys, run a virtual machine, use the desktops.exe, or use the additional device to bypass the browser successfully. The only safe way to bypass the LockDown browser and cheat in your exam is by using the bestexamhelponline software. Contact us for a 1-on-1 consultation for questions and clarification on how it works.

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