How to Bypass Honorlock: Everything You Need to Know

How to Bypass Honorlock

There are several ways to explain how to bypass Honorlock proctoring as an exam cheating practice. Each has its pros and cons, depending on its processes. Whereas students have their reasons for using a specific method to bypass Honorlock, there are safer ways of doing so without detection. The aim is to get the best exam help and score highly without detection. Our proctored exam specialist shares several methods you could use to bypass Honorlock, including our trusted service. If you need proctored exam help, we offer it at a competitive rate.

Understanding Honorlock as a Proctored Exam System

Honorlock is an internet exam invigilating software with several features that can detect cheating. It monitors the student’s online activity on the screen and their surroundings using the computer’s webcam and microphone. Any movements, voices, or wondering eyes raise suspicion, which can lead to exam nullification or any other penalties. Artificial Intelligence is used in setting up the system, which explains why it is challenging to circumvent it.

Benefits of Using Honorlock 

  1. Students don’t need to download any app since Honorlock is browser-based.
  2. It is integrated into the Learner Management System
  3. Their customer support is available 24/7.
  4. User-friendly interface.

Here’s a breakdown of what this proctoring program does and doesn’t do:

What Honorlock Does

  • Provides a secure examination platform.
  • Offers customizable settings, e.g., using calculators, certain websites, or ‘paper and pencil’ for students to show their work when solving problems, etc.
  • Accommodates special students’ needs like additional exam time or any other resources as needed.
  • Flags certain behaviors and gives reports used to determine the magnitude of exam malpractices.
  • Adheres to the FERPA policy – students’ information collected during the exam is protected and used only for educational purposes.

What Honorlock Doesn’t Do

  • Charge students for usage.
  • Sell student’s information to third parties.
  • Monitor activity on secondary devices like phones.
  • Give final decision on exam cheating. Human invigilators must review the report shared to determine whether cheating occurred.

How to Bypass Honorlock: Cheating Tips

It is possible to cheat on Honorlock despite the concerted efforts to curb it. There are several ways to do it, depending on the level of effort used. However, the recommended process is using our special software.

How to Bypass Honorlock Using Our Software

We have a special software which you will install on your computer, allowing us to do your exam remotely. It bypasses Honorlock without detection, guaranteeing error-free and hands-off exam help services. Click on the “Do My Proctored Exam” button above to order the service. You get a 100% guarantee pass with an A+ and the software is undetectable even with the most sophisticated proctoring system.

How to Bypass Honorlock by Setting up a Virtual Machine

You can bypass Honorlock by installing a virtual machine that runs on a different operating system. Ensure that the OS is lightweight to allow you to bypass the stringent security measures on Honorlock. The virtual machine gives you a second screen where you can look up the answers online and use other prohibited applications, like the calculator. Honorlock won’t detect any examination irregularities if you are careful enough not to raise suspicion.

How to Bypass Honorlock Using a Second Monitor and a Quiet Keyboard

You need some basic computer knowledge to set up two monitors side by side. The most important thing to do here is to ensure that the dual setup isn’t in the webcam’s field of view. Your hands, too, shouldn’t be visible on the webcam.

The second monitor should have a quiet keyboard connected to eliminate typing sounds. You can easily use prohibited programs to find answers on the second monitor as you input them on the host monitor that is running Honorlock.


This guide touches on the capabilities and limitations of Honorlock as a proctoring system. Students utilize these limitations to find ways on how to bypass Honorlock. First, we must understand how Honorlock proctoring works, making it easier to devise an exam help method. The main aim of putting together a guide is to ensure students know that Honorlock exam help is possible.

Our exam help services use the best approach in Honorlock exam help. Since it is system-based, there are no extra modifications on the computer setting to raise suspicion. Contact us today for assistance, and we promise exemplary results without exam help detection.

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