How Many Times Can You Take the TEAS Test?

How Many Times Can You Take the TEAS Test

If you want to get a more competitive score on your TEAS, you might be asking, “How many times can you take the TEAS test?” Most schools with nursing programs have a limit to the number of times prospective nursing students can take the TEAS in a calendar year. Our TEAS exam-take experts explore the TEAS retake policies in institutions with nursing programs. They also recommend the best ways to pass your TEAS once it’s time to retake the test. If you need help with your TEAS, our experts can do the exam remotely, ensuring you get a good grade in your TEAS.

How Many Times Can You Take the TEAS Test: TEAS Retake Policies

The ATI sets and administers the TEAS test to prospective nursing students. ATI has its own policies on retaking the TEAS test, while individual institutions also set their minimum score and retake rules.

Here are the different policies on retaking the TEAS exam in institutions today:

Attempt Limit

Schools have different limits on the number of times students can take the TEAS test. The maximum number of attempts can vary from one to three, but others even lack a time cap on the attempt limit. Thus, it all depends on the university’s test-taking rules.

For example, the University of Maryland allows a maximum of two attempts in a calendar year, whereas the Pennsylvania College of Technology accepts up to three attempts in a year. Students should check the testing center or school website to know their institution’s attempt restrictions. 

Waiting Period

The ATI sets specific waiting periods before students can retake the TEAS exam after a previous attempt. The waiting period can be 30 to 60 days, depending on the school’s or testing center’s regulations. Some schools also have a lengthier waiting period of a year or two for second and third TEAS attempts.

For example, Paloma University has a 30-day waiting period for retaking the TEAS the first time. If a student wishes to retake the exam a second time, they must wait two years to retake the TEAS test.

Score Reporting

The ATI reports all student TEAS scores to their respective institutions. Some schools look at the highest score out of all the TEAS retakes to determine if students are eligible for a nursing program. On the flip side, other institutions use the most recent score to decide whether to admit students to a nursing school program.

How Many Times Can You Take the TEAS Test: Essential Tips for Retaking the Test

Before retaking the TEAS, consider the following factors to increase your chances of getting your desired result:

Preparation Time

If you failed the TEAS initially, never rush to retake the exam, even if the retake window is almost closing. Instead, take time to analyze your weak areas in the previous exam and improve on them to do well on the next one. It’s better to wait for another retake cycle rather than retake the exam without adequate preparation.

Study Strategies

Assess your first TEAS attempt and the study methods you used for that exam. Some of the routines and strategies may not have been effective. You may need to replace them with better learning resources, such as:

  1. ATI website – The website has helpful TEAS test resources like TEAS study guides and practice tests for applicants.
  2. Focused Review – Each TEAS test result has a focused review that indicates your weak and strong areas in the previous TEAS to guide you on improving.
  3. Study guides – TEAS study guides and plans direct exam takers on the best areas to prepare for before the exam.

Can I Cheat While Retaking the TEAS Test?

Yes. You can cheat on your TEAS test with the help of our proctoring software. Scroll up to the first paragraph and click on the “Take My TEAS Test” button. Fill in the details to request for the service. Our software bypasses all the TEAS exam security protocols undetected, allowing our exam experts to do the exam for you.

How Many Times Can You Take the TEAS Test: The Final Word

If you’ve been asking, how many times can you take the TEAS test, the maximum number of trials depends on an institution’s retake policy, such as the attempt times and waiting periods. Students should check the testing or school’s retake regulations to ensure it’s the right fit for them before retaking the TEAS test. If you’ve taken the TEAS without success, our proctored exam experts can do the exam for you,  ensuring you pass. We use our proctoring software to bypass online exam protocols, allowing our test-takers to do the exam for you remotely.

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