How Long to Study for the TEAS Exam: The Complete Guide

How long to study for the TEAS exam

According to, TEAS scores predict learners’ ability and proficiency to perform in nursing school. Getting above 90 makes you stand out among applicants and increases your chances of acceptance into your dream college. How long to study for the TEAS exam depends on the exam date and level of understanding. The TEAS test can be hard or not, depending on how adequately you prepare for it. Our TEAS exam tutors and helpers will take you through the model breakdown of a TEAS test, what to expect on the exam, and how to pick the optimal study length. The can also help you do the exam remotely and undetected.

What is a TEAS Exam?

TEAS test, otherwise known as the Test of Essential Academic Skills, refers to a standardized exam prospective nursing students take before or when applying for a nursing school. This exam assesses the applicants’ understanding of various subjects and whether they are adequately proficient in pursuing Bachelor’s Degree of Nursing (BSN) and Associate Degree of Nursing (ADN) programs.

The TEAS test consists of four main sections that cover:

Basic English and Language Usage

  • Test the learners’ understanding of basic vocabulary and language
  • Comprises 28 questions


  • Test learners’ understanding of basic scientific reasoning, human anatomy and physiology, and life sciences
  • Comprises 53 questions


  • Test students’ understanding of general measurements, algebra, and numbers
  • Comprises 36 questions


  • Tests how learners best integrate ideas and knowledge
  • Comprises 53 questions

A TEAS test consists of 170 questions a learner must answer within 209 minutes. Applicants pay between $65 and $140 every time they take the test, and whether you can register for a retake successfully depends on the institution’s guidelines. However, only 150 of the 170 questions go towards your final score. The institution uses the remaining 20 questions for their internal purposes.

How Long to Study for the TEAS Test?

There are different ways to approach the question of ideal study length for the TEAS exam. As seen above, this test covers four uniquely different subject areas, and each applicant has their strengths and weaknesses. Some students struggle with math, while others struggle with science. Hence, we can only discuss the bare minimum when allocating specific study hours to prepare for the test.

According to TEAS test experts, you will need at least 6 weeks for TEAS prep. A healthy study range should be between 20-25 hours per week. Students taking this test seriously engage in TEAS classes, online tutoring sessions, research and consultations, and DIY timed test preps.

Note that 6 weeks is the bare minimum. How long to study for the TEAS exam will depend on the scope of your research materials, your learning style, and how fast you grasp the vital concepts.

What Should I Study for the TEAS Exam?

TEAS questions are random, making it hard to pick exactly what to focus on. But to avoid being all over the place, you will need a series of test preps and materials to guide your study. Below are the three most vital resources with the information key to passing your TEAS exam.

How Long to Study for the TEAS Exam: The ATI Study Guide

The ATI study guide is the TEAS official manual featuring full-length practice tests to prepare students for the exam. This guide comes in many editions, with the latest being the 7th ATI edition, which goes at $29.99.

The ATI study guide covers the principles, vocabularies, procedures, and concepts every learner must master before taking the TEAS exam. ATI’s test preps come with practice questions and detailed answers. ATI online review videos are step-by-step tutorials whereby a tutor breaks down each question to aid your understanding. But most importantly, the ATI 7th Edition contains peripheral information on preparing for the exam and overcoming anxiety. You will need at least 4 weeks to cover this book’s most vital concepts and questions.

The McGraw Hill Practice Test

The McGraw Hill practice test is an excellent supplementation to the ATI official manual. This guide contains 5 practice tests tailored toward helping students approach TEAS questions confidently. But the most helpful part is the study plan, which allows learners to time themselves and simulate the real test. Each question in the test has a detailed answer provided to help you master the vital concepts. The McGraw Hill practice tests take an average of two weeks to complete.  

YouTube Videos

The ATI guide and McGraw Hill practice test have complex concepts you may need help understanding. Luckily, there are numerous YouTube tutors ready to offer an extra hand. One such tutor, Kashewan, takes students step-by-step through learning the test preps and questions. His videos are all accessible freely.

Factors to Consider When Deciding How Long to Study for the TEAS Exam

Besides the scope of research materials, other factors determining how long to study for the TEAS exam include:

Number of Hours Available Per Day

Besides the upcoming exam, most TEAS applicants juggle between work and other commitments. When deciding on your study plan, assess how much time you can put towards your study. If you’re only free three hours a day, it may take double the average time mentioned above to adequately prepare for your TEAS exam.

Your Target Score

If you’re targeting higher scores—150 up to 160s—you will need more study hours than an applicant targeting 110s and 120s. You must engage in more focused and in-depth analytics to gauge your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Most learners who score 90s across all TEAS subject areas report adding at least a month on the average time recommended above.

Your School’s Admission Requirements

Most nursing schools require at least 50 in the TEAS examination. However, if you’re looking to join a college on merit scholarships or a school that fills up quickly, every score in the TEAS exam counts. Unfortunately, getting the highest possible grade adds to your study hours.

How Long to Study for the TEAS Exam: Bottom Line

Deciding how long to study for the TEAS exam is challenging, especially if it’s your first time taking this test. However, developing the best study plan can be a piece of cake by knowing the materials you need to cover, questions to expect, target scores, minimum admission requirements, and free time available. Please feel free to contact our exam takers for more questions or 1-on-1 consultations.

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