How Does Respondus Lockdown Browser Work?

How Does Respondus Lockdown Browser Work

The Respondus lockdown browser uses complex monitoring features to minimize cheating opportunities in an exam. So complex are the anti-cheating mechanisms on this browser that students are always asking, how does Respondus lockdown browser work? With over 2000 institutions of higher learning currently using the Respondus lockdown browser and more adopting it, familiarizing with the lockdown browser helps navigate the platform easily and bypass the security protocols during an exam. In this guide, our exam experts take you through the features of the Respondus lockdown browser and how they work. You’ll also learn how to use our software to beat the browser’s strict exam-cheating deterrent mechanisms.

How Does Respondus Lockdown Browser Work?

The Respondus lockdown browser integrates with Canvas and Blackboard on Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks. It can also work on specific iOS devices when enabled by an exam instructor.

Instructors install the lockdown browser directly on the LMS platform where students are to take the exam. Students then follow the link provided by the exam tutor to access the exam on the Respondus lockdown browser.

Once logged in to the exam on the lockdown browser, students must navigate to their course and complete a set of instructions if the exam uses a webcam. Some of the requirements students might need to undertake include:

  • A webcam check to ensure the camera works properly
  • Face and ID scan
  • A scan of the testing area

After satisfying these requirements, students can then access the exam questions. The Respondus lockdown browser immediately locks students into the testing area once the exam begins. In the lockdown state, students can’t leave the exam or access other websites, applications, and software until they submit the test.

The lockdown browser also disables normal browser functions like the menu bar, web address field, and system tray. Instead, students navigate the exam area using the browser’s back, forward, stop, and refresh keys.

Furthermore, if an exam question has a link to an external website, the browser will limit navigation to that page. The lockdown browser also displays the exam in full-screen and blocks attempts to minimize or resize the screen until the student submits the exam.

Other essential features that answers the question, how does Respondus lockdown browser work include

  • Disabling the right-click menu options, printing keyboard shortcuts and function keys
  • Preventing copying and pasting information to and from the testing area
  • Blocking screen capture, sharing, and messaging
  • Preventing downloads of remote desktops and virtual machines

Requirements for Using the Lockdown Browser

The Respondus lockdown browser works best on devices with the minimum required features. The following are some of the requirements for installing and running the lockdown browser on a device:

Operating System

Respondus browser works on Windows 11 and 10 devices with x86 and 64-bit processors and macOS 10.13 to 13 and above. ChromeOS devices can also support the Respondus lockdown browser if the system is up-to-date with the Google Chrome OS “Stable” channel. Lastly, some iOS devices with LMS compatibility, such as iPad OS 11 and above, can use the Respondus lockdown browser.


Space is a crucial aspect to consider before using the lockdown browser. The browser works perfectly on Windows and Mac devices with 2GB RAM if a webcam monitor isn’t necessary during the exam. If the webcam is present, devices must have a minimum of 4GB RAM to run the browser.


The Respondus lockdown browser is economical on space. It can work on Windows and Mac devices with at least 200 MB of free hard disk space.

Limitations of the Respondus Lockdown Browser

The Respondus lockdown browser has flaws in some of its operations. First, the browser suits proctored examinations in classrooms, computer labs, and other predetermined testing areas. In un-proctored environments, students must have an external webcam and microphone to use the browser. Similarly, students with disabilities cannot access the exam on the lockdown browser if they’re using assistive technology. For example, if a student uses JAWS, the instructor must create a quiz on the assistive platform, not the lockdown browser. This forces instructors to create duplicate examinations.

Can I Cheat on the Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Yes. You can cheat on the Respondus lockdown browser using our software. Click on the button below to request our proctored exam-cheat services. We maintain total discretion during the exam to avoid suspicion.

How Does Respondus Lockdown Browser Work: Summary

The Respondus lockdown browser work is a proctored exam software that manages remote exam supervision, minimizing and form of exam malpractice. It has layers of security that prevent students from cheating in exams. Although there are other ways to circumvent the proctored exam system, our software is the only guaranteed way to bypass the browser’s anti-cheating mechanisms, allowing our expert exam takers to do the exam for you remotely.

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