How Does Honorlock Work? Here’s Everything You Should Know

How Does Honorlock Work

Online learning is becoming the new norm, with institutions like Pennsylvania State University taking advantage of Honorlock to ensure exam integrity. This proctoring software has numerous capabilities that ensure online learners can take their tests fairly without cheating. Curious students looking to bypass Honorlock often ask, how does Honorlock work? It’s a highly advanced proctoring technology that integrates AI-support systems and machine learning algorithms to monitor students, record video feeds, and analyze test-takers’ behavior for bizarre actions in real-time. In this blog, our Honorlock test experts will show you how the software works, its unique capabilities, and how to bypass it without being caught. We also offer proctored exam-help services, guaranteeing a perfect score.

How Easy Is It to Bypass Honorlock?

Bypassing Honorlock is challenging, but not with our service. Our unique software can circumvent its security systems and allow students to delegate their exams to top experts. Our process has an edge over other Honorlock bypassing methods, guaranteeing a 100% success rate.

How Does Honorlock Work?

The hi-tech era has ushered in two pivotal breakthroughs that continue to shape online learning: Artificial Intelligence and Online proctoring. Honorlock is a one-of-a-kind online proctoring service specially designed to integrate AI-support systems and algorithms to enable real-time monitoring. It primarily works by actively monitoring test-takers through webcams and recording live video feeds for future assessments. The idea behind Honorlock was to develop stringent proctoring software capable of carrying out advanced tasks like sequencing and randomization to deter cheating. According to The State Press, Honorlock even goes the extra mile to create honeypots. These are decoy or seed websites used to bait and tattle cheats, especially learners with an extensive history of exam dishonesty.

7 Critical Aspects Explaining How Does Honorlock Work

How Does Honorlock Work: Digital Identity Verification

Before beginning the exam, Honorlock captures a picture of the test-taker and matches it with the student ID photos. It automatically flags facial identities that don’t match those on the IDs and reports them for further assessment. Honorlock can also compare the captured image with other national identification records, including the driver’s license and passport.

Tracking Facial and Body Movements

Honorlock ongoing monitoring ensures real-time tracking of the head and body movements. It requires the test-takers to keep their eye in view throughout the test. An attempt to navigate away from the proctoring window leads to an automatic error and a pop-up message that prompts the test-taker to return to their actual Honorlock page.

How Does Honorlock Work: Blocking Access to Other Web Pages

The only page a student can access during the exam is Honorlock’s test page. If there are additional resources relevant to the test, examinees are required to request authorized PDF links from the administrator. Turns out, these links lead to other pages remotely monitored by Honorlock.

Entirely Limiting Tab Switching and Use of Specific Keyboard Keys

While most proctoring software can tell and report tab navigation, Honorlock entirely limits test takers from switching between tabs. As part of the exam policies, Honorlock requires test-takers to close all tabs before opening the link leading to the exam page. It uses a robust browser guard to block the test-taker from opening a new window, application, or tab until the exam ends.

Recording and Reporting Live Feeds

According to Honorlock’s homepage, the software records the screen activity, navigation, and background audio. It also records and avails video feeds to instructors, primarily whenever it detects anomalous activities. However, the video-recording functionality can only be set by the instructor.

AI-Based Assessments

The unique feature of Honorlock is that it can monitor more than 200 students in one sitting. This arrangement often means there won’t be a particular instructor assigned to watch over you throughout the exam. Honorlock comes in as a suitable option, using AI algorithms to assess test-takers behavior and trigger live proctor in case of suspicious activity. It alerts the instructor if a student attempts to cheat.

How Does Honorlock Work: Room Scanning and Monitoring

Honorlock’s room scan entails showing your working space, and it will use the webcam to detect suspicious objects, including notes, scratch papers, other computing devices, and blinders. In an intense scanning, the human proctor may instruct you to follow specific steps and show particular areas. After the room scan, the proctoring software acts as a telescreen that monitors and records all the background activities in the part of the room in view.

How Does Honorlock Work? The Parting Shot

To this end, we have extensively exhausted the question:how does Honorlock work? This proctoring software primarily works by integrating AI-based algorithms to other proctoring technologies for robust, ongoing monitoring. Read our blog on how to bypass Honorlock for more details. For any technical assistance and answers to your urgent questions, contact us for 1-on-1 consultation.

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