How Does Examity Proctoring Work? Review from Test Experts 

How Does Examity Proctoring Work

Examity proctoring utilizes AI to flag any perceived exam malpractices by pinpointing activities in and around the system. Knowing the answers the questions help learners align with the exam requirements and troubleshoot issues in real-time as they arise. Our Examity test experts will show you what this proctoring software entails, its capabilities, and its limitations. We can also assist you in your proctored exam using our unique proctored exam-help software.

What is Examity Proctoring?

Examity proctoring is a software that actively monitors learners during a live online exam and can work for multiple accommodations. It is a cloud-based proctoring service that uses cloud-computing technology to ensure exam integrity and security. Examity promises an individualized proctoring that allows instructors to define proctoring mechanisms and develop their own KPIs. It provides individualized monitoring for high and low-stakes quizzes, live and automated proctoring, and custom or standardized settings. It works with all popular Learning Management Systems, test drivers, and test scenarios.

How Does Examity Proctoring Work?

Before administering the exam, the school or administrator partners with Examity to create a client account. Then, they integrate the software into a pre-existing Learning Management System like Canva or Blackboard. With this done, the school instructs learners to add their IDs manually to Examity via their LSM dashboards. To do this, they must navigate to their “course menu page” and click “student registration.” They will be requested to type their names and upload photos of the government-issued or student IDs.

If the school lacks an LSM, the instructor may send a particular Examity link to students, usually on the exam date. Before taking the exam, learners are required to close all open windows and tabs except the LSM page. Then, they should click the link to Examity posted on their course menu navigation section. Clicking the link opens up the exam window with details on subsequent steps.

System Requirements for Examity

The following are the system requirements that answers the question: how does Examity proctoring work?

  1. Operating system compatibility: macOS X 10.5 and above or Windows Vista and above
  2. Browser support: Firefox and Google Chrome
  3. System support: laptop or desktop with built-in or external webcam, microphone, and speakers
  4. Latency and lag: Requires 2MB internet speed or above

Examity Classic doesn’t’ support Chrome OS. Before beginning the exam, each test-taker must verify all these system requirements. Examity takes between 1 to 3 minutes to conduct a robust system check and verify the internet speed.

How Does Examity Detect Cheating?

Examity detects cheating by actively monitoring test-takers through webcams, recording audio, and monitoring screen activities. Here is the complete list of functionalities this software does:

  • Screen recording and monitoring

Once you click on the link to the exam page, Examity takes full-screen control of your monitor, limiting learners from opening new windows. Meanwhile, it begins recording your screen activity, allowing the instructor to peek at what you type. This record is made available to the instructor for future assessment.

  • Controlling the computer and limiting particular keyboard functions

By permitting Examity to monitor you, it controls your computer completely, limiting learners from accessing particular functionalities. Test-takers cannot access the copy-and-paste function, right-click option, Alt+Tab prompts, function keys, print screen features, keyboard shortcuts, and special characters. However, these control features can be disabled by the instructor by clicking the “toggle off” function on the client’s account.

  • Webcam Monitoring

Emaxity records and monitors students through a 360- or 180-degree camera angle. Before that, students must scan their room to verify their conductivity in a test-taking environment. Emaxity can detect other computing devices, crib notes, and authorized materials during room scanning. It provides the instructor with picture scans and video records for future assessments.

How Does Examity Proctoring Work? The Limitations

While Examity offers stringent measures against exam cheating, it has its fair share of limitations. Below are a few cases worth mentioning:

  1. In most cases, Examity will prompt a learner to conduct another room scan should it record any strange background noise. Students report being notified to repeat the room scanning at the slightest barking of a dog.
  2. The proctoring system strictly works with 2MB internet speed for uninterrupted streaming. Students report being locked out of the exam page whenever their internet dips below 0.5MB. Learners locked out must apply for a makeup exam.
  3. Some human proctors require students to clear their browsing history, cache, and filled forms. However, some go the extra length to control the computer and look up the history completely. This process isn’t only creepy but also violates the test-taker’s privacy.

How Does Examity Proctoring Work? Do I Need to Block Pop-Up Window?

In addition to causing unnecessary distractions, pop-up windows are an excellent ruse students can use to access unauthorized materials. Examity proctoring requires students to block pop-up ads and windows to preserve monitoring quality and guarantee standardization. Plus, it ensures the screen recording and webcam monitoring function optimally.

As with advanced proctoring software like Hornolock, Examity doesn’t encourage taking proctored tests over hotspots for security reasons. Hotspot puts the learner’s computer at risk of being hacked. Nefarious students can maximize this golden chance to by-step Examity proctoring security guards. Additionally, Hotspots have bandwidth limitations and higher latency. Examity works best at at least 2MB internet speed. Higher latency below 2MB can cause glitches in functions like screen sharing and webcam monitoring.   

Does Examity Grade Students? How Comes the Scoring Was Instant?

No. Examity doesn’t grade learners. If the scoring was instant, the test was administered from a bank of questions via Examity. The results then feature immediately on the learner’s LSM dashboard.

Can I Bypass Examity Proctoring?

Yes. You can successfully bypass Examity using our service. Click on the link after the introduction paragraph to request for the proctored exam-help services.

How Does Examity Proctoring Work? The Bottomline

To this end, you have explored what Examity proctoring is, how it works, and its limitations. If you plan on bypassing Examity, you’re only one click away from getting help. Contact our support now for 1-on-1 consultations.

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