How Do You Know if Proctorio Flagged You? 3 Indicators To Note

How Do You Know if Proctorio Flagged You

Proctorio can flag you for various suspicious activities, some of which are not genuine. In retrospect, how do you know if Proctorio flagged you for punishable reasons or by mistake? A common accidental activity captured on Proctorio is when you look away from a webcam for an extended period. Under such instances, you must prove your innocence to the LSM administrator and the senate or face punishment. In this guide, our Proctorio exam expert explains the instances that can lead Proctorio to flag you and how to know if the system flagged you. We also help you do your proctored exam without detection, guaranteeing you over 90% score line.

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How Do You Know if Proctorio Has Flagged You; It Might Be Difficult than You Think

Proctorio’s unique selling point lies in its ability to record reasons for flagging and providing context into the exam malpractice for future assessment. However, these red flags are not accessible to the test-takers. Instead, the system avails them to the human proctor or the exam administrator, who assesses them for suspicious activities and decides whether to cancel them.

As a learner taking an exam on Proctorio, you’re in the dark concerning system-generated alerts. In addition to recording video feeds, this software sends real-time notifications to the instructor or human proctor whenever it detects red flags. Critical alerts may prompt the proctor to stop the exam, which is the only way to know if you’ve been flagged mid-exam.

The other way to know if Proctorio has flagged you is when the instructor contacts you for an explanation, usually after the post-exam review. They will share the details with you and restate the institutional policies on exam cheating. We encourage test-takers to review these policies beforehand so that they can find leverage whenever asked to explain their suspicious behavior.

The last way to know if Proctorio flagged you is by checking your Gradebook row on Canvas. Proctorio records real-time suspicious activities and shows them with red icons on the Gradebook row. For example, it will capture IDs with unrecognized format, blurry font imaging, or damaged status with a brief message. However, this option is only available to Canvas users.

How Do You Know if Proctorio Flagged You: Stay in the Loop

At their core, red flags in proctored exams maintain fairness, ensure authenticity, and prevent academic dishonesty. They help instructors assess the exam quality through evidence-based practice. Therefore, to avoid it, test-takers need to understand these red flags to preserve trust. Such instances include:

  1. Suspicious background noises, such as talking to someone during the exam
  2. Suspicious body movement that signifies the probability of getting extra help from someone
  3. Keeping your face out of view for an extended period
  4. Multiple facial detections in the exam room
  5. Cases of webcam blocking by intentionally obscuring the view
  6. Problems with identity verification, especially the inability to match your student’s ID with the webcam image
  7. Suspicious keystroke patterns
  8. Leaving the camera view and the designated testing environment before the end of the test

Note that Proctorio only reports red flags. It is incapable of conclusively deciding whether a student was cheating in the exam. It is the role of the human proctor to verify these red flags, assess them for cheating, and decide on disciplinary action depending on the institution’s underlying policies.

How Do You Know if Proctorio Flagged You: Summary

There are three answers to the question: how do you know if Proctorio flagged you? The most immediate is when the exam administrator instructs you to stop answering the question mid-exam. The second instance is if they contact you after post-exam review to explain and defend your strange behavior. Lastly, the answer to “How do you know if Proctorio flagged you…” by the report on your Gradebook report.

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