Honorlock Proctoring Secrets Every Student Must Know

Honorlock Proctoring

With millions of students taking online classes today, learning institutions have adopted different ways to administer online examinations. Among the methods schools use to maintain academic integrity in remote examinations is the Honorlock proctoring service. While other proctored exam platforms exist, Honorlock creates a safer and fairer test-taking environment for students and exam instructors. In this guide, our proctored exam experts review the nooks and crannies of the Honorlock system. We also help students do their proctored exam remotely, without detection.

Can Students Cheat on Honorlock?

Although cheating in an exam is something most students never want, too many responsibilities and lack of time to study can push many to cheat. Students who aren’t well-prepared for their Honorlock proctoring exam can contact our proctored exam experts for help with their upcoming test.

We’re always available via WhatsApp or Live Chat to help students with their online exams needs. Once you contact our team, give them all the exam details, including the proposed exam date and time, and install our software on your device.

On the exam day, ensure you get to the test-taking room at least 15 minutes before the exam begins and alert our team. Finally, log into our software 10 minutes before the exam starts for our proctored exam experts to take over and do the exam for you.

How the Honorlock Proctoring Exam Works

Honorlock is different from other proctored exam services. Unlike other services, it doesn’t require students to download an app or software. Instead, the Honorlock proctoring system works exclusively through the web.

All exam-takers must do is visit the website, verify their ID, and take an exam without creating an official account. Honorlock monitors student activities that may promote cheating during the exam, such as access to unauthorized secondary devices, tabs and apps, and other suspicious movements. Finally, it summarizes the exam details for instructor review later on.

Features of the Honorlock Proctoring System

Honorlock is among the preferred exam proctoring platforms due to its standout features. Students can take their exams independently on the platform without going through rigorous registration processes. Similarly, instructors can set the parameters of an exam, administer tests, and review student examinations remotely.

The following are the main features of the Honorlock proctoring system:

  • Live Proctor with Live Pop-In: The live proctor allows instructors to pop in on student examination sessions and assist them with a problem or secure the examination.
  • Browser Guard: The Chrome browser guard prevents students from accessing web content, computer apps, and multiple monitors during exams.
  • Search and Destroy: The Honorlock search and destroy feature finds and destroys exam copies on the web before and during exams.
  • No copy and paste: Honorlock doesn’t support copying, pasting, or printing to prevent students from duplicating content directly from the web.
  • Voice and device detection: The Honorlock built-in AI technology tracks exam-related phrases students might use to cheat in an online test.
  • Multi-device detection: Honorlock multi-device detection monitors unapproved secondary devices like phones, tablets, and computers during exams.
  • Chrome plug-in: The Honorlock Chrome plug-in allows exam instructors to design practice exams for students to familiarize themselves with the exam-taking process.

Lastly, Honorlock is FERPA-certified, giving students and instructors the privacy they need during examinations.

Honorlock Proctoring System Requirements

Honorlock only works on devices with certain specifications. In terms of operating systems, Honorlock works best on Macs, Windows 10, and Chrome OS. Students must also download the Chrome browser and have access to internet speeds of 1.5 Mbps to use Honorlock.

Other essential requirements for using Honorlock include:

  • A webcam
  • A microphone
  • The Honorlock extension

Currently, Honorlock doesn’t work on cell phones, tablets, or iPads.

Tips for Getting Started with Honorlock

Getting started with Honorlock is quite simple. First, install the Honorlock extension and Chrome browser extension, programs you can download from the Honorlock system. Once installed, click on the Honorlock quiz link on the left-side menu, select the exam and complete the 60-second pretest check to ensure you’re ready to go.

Thereafter, scan the exam room using the Honorlock webcam to confirm no reading materials or people are present in the room or reading materials. Lastly, take a picture of yourself and your student identification to verify your exam registration details. You are now ready to start the exam.

The Conclusion

Many learning institutions administer secure proctored exams using the Honorlock proctoring system, thanks to its strict exam cheating deterrent mechanisms. Its tight security minimizes the opportunities for students to cheat in an online exam. Contact us if you do not have time or haven’t prepared for the proctored exam. We guarantee you quality answers, timely remittance and without detection.

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