HESI Exit Exam

HESI Exit Exam

The success rate for the NCLEX exams, particularly for registered nurses, has curved a worrying trend in recent years. Students passing after their first attempt declined from 88% in 2019 to 82% in 2021. Meanwhile, the pass rate for repeat and first-time students dropped from about 72% to about 70% in 2022. These percentages aren’t pleasant news to any aspiring NCLEX candidate preparing for the HESI Exit Exam. Our HESI exam specialists discuss what students ought to do and how it affects their nursing entrance exam. If you need proctored exam-help services, call us for assistance, and we will ensure that you are admitted to the nursing school of your choice.

What is the HESI Exit Exam?

The HESI Exit Exam is a standardized test nursing students take to prove their readiness to sit the NCLEX exam. It is tailor-made to assess and evaluate the student’s competence in many areas, including medical–surgical nursing, mental health nursing, and more. Recent statistics show that excellence in the HESI Exit Exam predicts passing the NCLEX Exam by a 96 to 99 percent chance.

What Should You Expect on the Exam?

The HESI Exit Exam tests candidates in three key areas, observing the NCLEX exam blueprint. These are specialties, nursing processes, and client needs.

The Nursing Processes

The nursing process assesses a candidate’s ability to offer proper patient care. It takes on a thorough approach covering assessment, diagnosis, and planning. Additionally, it covers the implementation and evaluation of patient care. The process evaluates a student’s proficiency in applying this process to make sound decisions in delivering safe and quality patient care.

Client Needs

This area is more about assessing and dealing with patient needs holistically. It evaluates a candidate’s readiness to offer safe and effective patient care. The testing seeks to evaluate one’s ability to leverage their skills in planning and making interventions to fulfill client needs. Expected subtopics include the management of Care and Safety, Safe Environments, and more. 


The specialties category tests one’s understanding and competence in specialized domains such as psychiatric nursing, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, and others. Furthermore, candidates are tested on their readiness to apply critical thinking, clinical skills, and relevant nursing principles.

Preparation and Tips for the HESI Exit Exam

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Therefore, Implementing the following ideas increases a student’s chances of success.

Are Practice Tests Necessary?

A practice test typically simulates the actual exam. Aside from building one’s confidence, it helps to measure the student’s readiness. Moreover, they aid in identifying challenging topics and questions, hence shedding light on the areas that need more revision. 

Time Management

Candidates must learn to manage their time well since all exams are timedTrain during practice tests by allocating time limits to each question. Those stuck on difficult questions for a long time would immensely benefit from this tip. 

Finding Practice Test Resources

Resources are available for any student keen on preparing for the HESI Exit Exam. Search online.

Leverage Elimination

While handling the multiple-choice questions, first cross out obviously wrong questions. 

The Exam Question Format

The HESI Exit exam’s question format is designed to replicate the NCLEX board exams. These questions emphasize critical thinking skills rather than conventional factual information. The exam questions come in any of the four following formats:

  •  Multiple Choice

Most questions fall into this category. You are required to choose a single answer from a set of four options.

  •  Fill in the Blank

Here, you must compute an answer and then input it. An on-screen calculator is available for your use.

  • Drag and Drop

In this case, you arrange or order items based on ranking or sequence.

  • Multiple Response

You are given five to seven choices to pick answers from 

How Many Questions Should You Expect?

The number of questions on the HESI Exit Exam varies based on the specific version you must take. The HESI RN Exit Exam presents 150 questions, while the HESI LPN Exit Exam can consist of 150 or 75 questions.

HESI Exit Exam Score Category

HESI ScoreChances of Passing NCLEX
Above 950Excellent
940-900Strong level of preparedness. High probability
899-850Average Probability
799-750Additional preparation needed
749-700Prepare a lot more seriously
699-650In real danger of failing
Below 649Expect dismal performance

In essence, these score categories offer a clear spectrum of the likelihood of success on the NCLEX, providing valuable guidance for those on their nursing journey


There are several elements that make up the HESI Exit exam, ranging from content, scores awarded and and how to plan for the exam. Best Exam Help Online offers practical help that allows HESI Exit exam candidates to access experts for professional assistance.

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