GED Test Online NJ: Eligibility Criteria, Outline, Scoring, and Registration

GED Test Online NJ

According to the State of New Jersey, 1% of students drop out of high school, and over 100,000 residents never attend school. The GED test online NJ is an opportunity for them to earn an equivalent of a high school certificate. A firm understanding of the GED test online NJ can help prospective GED exam takers excel in the test and pursue higher education or numerous job opportunities. In this guide, our NJ GED expert exam helpers detail the requirements, content, scoring, and registration for the GED online test. We also offer test-help online services with a 100% success rate.

Requirements for the GED Test Online NJ

Aspiring GED test takers who prefer the GED test online NJ over in-person must complete several state requirements before taking the test. The following are the pre-requisites for online GED test takers in New Jersey:

  1. Must be 18 years or above. Under 16 and 17, exam takers must have a Certificate of Consent from their parent, guardian, and school district administrator.
  2. Must be registered New Jersey residents
  3. Must have not completed or graduated high school before
  4. Mustn’t be registered in another educational program
  5. Must have a “likely to pass” score (green zone range) on the GED Ready practice test

NJ GED Test Outline

The GED test online NJ has multiple-choice questions on four subject areas. These include math, science, social studies, and English language or literacy. Here’s a breakdown of the New Jersey online GED test sections:

English Literacy

The language arts GED questions examine reading and writing abilities. In the reading section, students read blocks of text, analyze, interpret them, and answer the questions based on their understanding of the content. On the other hand, the writing section presents prompts on various nonfictional subjects for exam takers to write well-supported and grammatically correct essays. This section also assesses vocabulary use, sentence structure, and paragraph transitions.

Social Studies

Social studies GED questions examine US history, economics, geography, civics, and government. The US history section asks about colonial times and the country’s modernization age, whereas economic questions examine the different market economies. Geographical content covers land structure, resources, and historical figures, while civics and government focus on government branches and constitutional rights.


GED mathematics questions test on fractions, percentages, and decimals. Another area of the exam covers algebraic equations and inequalities. These require students to solve equations using the values of unknown variables. Test takers may also encounter geometry questions asking them to determine coordinates, plane functions, angles, and graph representations. A four-function calculator is provided during the test for calculations.


Science questions on the GED test online NJ cover the four major scientific topics. These include earth science, life science, space science, and physical science. Earth science questions test knowledge of the environment, such as weather patterns, recycling, and degradation. Life science queries focus on human genetics and cell structure, while space science covers the solar system. Lastly, the physical science section tests motion, atoms, and electricity.

NJ GED Scoring System

GED test online NJ scores range from 100 to 200 for each test section, including math, social studies, science, and English. The average score required for each subject to pass the GED test online and receive a high school diploma is 145. The score range for GED tests is as follows:

  • 100 to 144 are below average
  • 145 to 164 show high school-level knowledge
  • 165 to 174 prove students are ready for college
  • 175 to 200 earn college credits

Test scores above the average are recorded in the GED testing record and kept confidential. Students scoring below the minimum score can retake the GED test online NJ immediately after receiving their results. Failing a second time prompts a 60-day waiting period before retaking any subject in the exam.

GED Test Online NJ Cost and Registration

Prospective GED test takers must register for the online test through the GED website. Before logging in, they must enter their details and present the required documents, including a government-issued identification card.

They must also pay the GED test online NJ fee for the proctored exam. It costs $36 per subject, bringing the total online exam cost to $144. Test takers must also pay an additional $28 for the Get Ready practice test. It covers the entire practice test, not individual subjects.

After registering and paying the fees, students must have a computer with a functional webcam for close monitoring during the proctored exam. A stable internet connection is also necessary to avoid signal disruptions while the proctor runs. Running a test before the exam can help spot and fix any issues that may cause poor exam performance.

Pay Exam Experts to Do the GED Test Online NJ

The GED test online can be challenging due to the subjects tested, and the nature of the questions exam takers encounter. Adequate preparation through prep courses, practice tests, or online tutoring can help test takers excel in the GED and earn a high school diploma equivalent certificate. Our GED online tutors can take students through the exam content and sit for the proctored exam for unprepared or busy New Jersey residents.

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