Fundamentals of Nursing Exam 1: Tips for Getting Good Grades

Fundamentals of Nursing Exam 1

Fundamentals of Nursing Exam 1 is the first exam students do in their first semester in school. It is a mixture of complex and engaging questions that test common knowledge and basic nursing principles. With other papers to study for, most students need help to prepare for the nursing fundamentals exam. Our nursing exam-take experts shed light on this exam and explains how well you can do it. They also help students who find it hard to do their exam, especially the proctored exam.

How Can I Pass the Fundamentals of Nursing Exam 1?

You can pass the fundamentals of nursing exam 1 with the help of our student examination help service. Follow these steps to get assistance from our nursing exam experts today:

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Top Strategies for Passing the Nursing Fundamentals Exam 1

The fundamentals of nursing 1 tests students’ critical thinking and capacity to apply the lessons learned. The following strategies can help aspiring nursing students ace both the skill and theoretical part of the exam:

Focus on Understanding rather than Memorizing.

Understanding the coursework is more effective than memorizing since the lessons learned in this unit form the foundation of the curriculum going forward. Nursing students can deepen their understanding of the course by applying the Bloom Taxonomy.

According to Dr., the six levels of deep, focused learning are:

  • Evaluation – The first level of critical understanding involves assessing information, comparing viewpoints, and making judgments based on standards and criteria of available evidence.
  • Synthesis – The next step involves combining information from different sources to create a new solution, project, or perspective.
  • Analysis – This refers to breaking down information into different parts and evaluating their relationship, such as patterns and inferences.
  • Application – Here, learners apply their knowledge to different concepts, challenges, and in completing new tasks
  • Comprehension: – This level focuses on interpreting information to understand the core meaning of ideas and concepts and interpret them in your own words.
  • Knowledge: The final level involves reorganizing facts and information to make remembering specific definitions, details, or explanations easier.

Students are better prepared to handle the cognitive demands of the nursing fundamentals exam 1 through these steps.

Supplement Course Materials with Additional Resources

Course materials such as textbooks, assigned readings, and lecture notes should be the guiding reading materials but not the only resources. Instead, students should supplement the essential materials with information from:

  • Nursing websites and forums (for example, AllNurses and RegisteredNurseRN)
  • Open educational resources (OpenStax and Khan Academy)
  • Videos (YouTube channels like Simple Nursing and Level Up RN)
  • Mobile apps (for example, Pocket Prep Nursing and NCLEX RN Mastery)
  • Online learning platforms (Coursera and Udemy)
  • Educational institutions websites

The more diverse the research, the better the perspectives and explanations you’ll capture

Use Practice Questions and Exams

The fundamentals of nursing exam 1 have questions, with almost similar choices. Knowing how to answer NCLEX questions is essential to identifying the areas of weakness to polish on before taking the fundamentals exam.

The best way to familiarize yourself with these types of questions is by tackling the questions at the end of each chapter in the coursebook. Additionally, going through any practice questions provided by the class instructor during the semester or past papers done by previous students also helps. Some websites also generate potential questions for students who register their coursebook titles on their sites.

Do Clinical Practice

Besides the theoretical part, nursing fundamentals also assess the practical side of nursing. After each lesson, students should engage in practical sessions such as changing dressings or taking blood pressure to sharpen their hands-on skills. If specific practicals are harder to perform than others, schedule more open-lab sessions to work on them.

Understand Your Best Learning Habits

Students have different study habits. Design a personalized study plan based on your reading tendencies. If you grasp concepts better at specific hours, set a study plan around this time daily to maximize reading.

Also, utilize the most effective learning method while studying for the test. It could be video, text, audio, or any method that helps grasp concepts and medical terminologies faster.

Utilize Study Groups

The course material may be too extensive to cover alone within a short period. Joining or forming a study group with other bright students in the class helps cover more ground in a short period. It’s also easier to understand complex concepts in a study group since other members explain them directly. Groups also share new perspectives or approaches on a particular subject that you might never have thought of alone.

Fundamentals of Nursing Exam: The Final Word

Passing the fundamentals of Nursing Exam 1 might be challenging, but with the right guidance, anyone can ace it. Our nursing exam experts can help you take the exam, thanks to their years of experience doing the test. Get professional help and get a perfect score today.

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