Effective Strategies for ProctorU Cheating in Proctored Exams

ProctorU Cheating

Thanks to technological advancements, students in higher learning institutions can now take their entire courses, including the exams, online. ProctorU provides the medium for online exam invigilation, with features that deter students from cheating. However, there are several ProctorU cheating processes that students use to bypass the system. Our proctored exam help experts assist students in passing their exams by circumventing the ProctorU system undetected, guaranteeing good grades and an excellent GPA.

How Does the ProctorU Software Work?

Understanding how ProctorU proctoring software works makes comprehending the ProctorU cheating process easier. ProctorU allows test-takers to sit their exams remotely, monitoring their screens and surrounding activities. The software keeps tabs on the students’ screens, browser activity, and surroundings throughout the exam period. It can detect when the students open web browsers or other computer programs and reports them for cheating.

The students taking the online exams must have the following:

  • A strong internet connection to keep you online throughout the exercise. Poor internet is also a precursor to cheating.
  • Standard operating system with reliable programs to ensure uninterrupted exam.
  • A functional webcam to monitor the surroundings via video.
  • A microphone to monitor the surroundings via audio.
  • Identification card like an ID or driver’s license to prove your identity.

How to Effect ProctorU Cheating

Despite the stringent measures to invigilate online exams, students can bypass the system in several ways. Below is a list of techniques to make ProctorU cheating possible, even for students with basic computer knowledge.

Using Our Special Software

Our software can bypass ProctorU and take control of the system, allowing us to do your exam remotely. Contact customer support, who will guide you on installing and using our proctored exam cheat software. Click the “Do My Proctored Exam” button above to start off the process..

Using Screen Mirroring to Cheat

Screen mirroring is a very effective ProctorU cheating technique. You’ll need to share your screen with someone you have made prior arrangements with. They will see the exam questions on a second screen and share the answers with you. The connection between your computer screen and the second screen is made possible via an HDMI cable.

A second alternative is projecting your screen in a place not in the webcam’s view. The other person can see the questions, google the answers, and share them with you. It has worked in the past, but the current ProctorU features can detect a reflection, even if it is not in the camera’s view.

Smartphones or Other Tech Devices Are Another Option Too

Students can sneak mobile phones or other gadgets into the room when sitting for a proctored exam. While showing the surroundings before the exam starts is necessary, such small gadgets can easily go unnoticed. For easy ProctorU cheating, The student can then use these to refer to various concepts, formulas, and other information relating to the test questions. However, the sitting arrangement and facial expressions should not show fidgeting or any sign of uneasiness, as it can be taken as cheating.

Intercepting the Video Footage

This method is complex but still doable and has proven very effective for remote cheating. It requires the student to install software that intercepts the actual footage. The installed software shares fake virtual footage with the proctoring footage.

The student must have a pre-recorded video that mimics what they would do in a normal examination setup. They should take the video in the exact room and clothes as the exam. When the actual exam starts, they’ll replay the video and proceed to cheat.

Old School ProctorU Cheating Techniques

Most of these techniques are easy to implement, making them popular among students. They can range from:

  • Bringing textbooks into the exam room.
  • Use petroleum jelly on your webcam to decrease vision.
  • Using a Bluetooth device then wearing a wig or beanie hat over it
  • Turning up the computer brightness and then wearing sunglasses to increase glare projected on them
  • Write your note’s summary on pieces of paper or body parts such as on the things or palms of your hands.

ProctorU Cheating Conclusion

The lasting solution for ProctorU cheating is remote software to do the exam. It gives us the ability to do the proctored exam undetected while you are in session. If you are unprepared to do online proctored exams, contact us and will take you through the ProctorU cheating process, guaranteeing you an A.

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