Does Respondus Lockdown Browser Record You?

Does Respondus Lockdown Browser Record You?

Circumventing the Respondus Lockdown Browser needs extensive rethinking, and one question learners must address beforehand is: Does the Respondus Lockdown Browser record you? Proctoring technologies like Respondus Lockdown Browser have two completely different avatars. On one side, they make life easier by eliminating the need for students to attend in-person examinations. But on the stark side, they disrupt the existing formalities, leading to more stringent measures that often lead to stress and anxiety. One such measure is the need to be monitored and recorded throughout your exams. Our RLB test experts answer whether the Respondus Browser records learners. We also helps students with their RLB proctored exam using our special software.

Does Respondus Lockdown Browser Record You?

Yes. The Respondus Lockdown Browser (RLB) consists of two critical components: the actual browser (also called Lockdown Browser) and the Respondus Monitor. The browser’s primary role is fully controlling the test-taker’s screen activities, mic, and keyboard functions. On the flip side, the monitor takes complete control of the webcam to record learners and actively monitor them throughout the exam. Thus, the Lockdown Browser + Respondus Monitor conduct a full-length proctoring, which entails:

  1. Recording test-takers for future assessment
  2. Recording background audio for future assessment
  3. Conducting identity verification and room scan
  4. Blocking access to authorized links and web pages
  5. Blocking access to specific keyboard keys

How to Know if the Respondus Lockdown Browser is Recording You?

Here are expert ways to figure out if the Respondus Lockdown Browser is keeping tabs on you:

Review Your Institution’s Exam Policies

Most colleges administering exams on the Respondus Lockdown Browser have robust policies that deter students from by-stepping the examination protocols. These guidelines detail the collected data type and whether the exam requires live recording. If part of the brief mentions the live webcam monitoring, then treat it with finality.

Check for Room Scanning

The other surefire way to know if the webcam will record you is when the instructor requests a room scan before the exam begins. A typical room scan entails using your computer’s webcam to take a video scan or directional pictures from a few feet back, starting at your desk. However, once your room is verified to be a conducive testing environment, RLB continues using the camera to monitor background activities. So, if the test brief mentions room scanning, there’s a guaranteed chance that the RLB will record you.

Check if the Webcam Indicator is Active

Respondus Lockdown Browser runs a brief webcam and mic check before learners begin their exams to ensure these accessories function optimally. The checkup applies only to devices that have cameras and mics in-built. Learners with camera-less computers must connect them as peripheral devices, and the software will verify their functionality through a pop-up message. Unfortunately, once the checkup is complete, the camera and mic stay on to record the whole session. You can know if your camera is on by checking for visible light on the webcam.

Ask Your Instructor

Learners need to know whether they will be recorded to help them prepare psychologically. If the test brief doesn’t mention the possibilities of live webcam monitoring, you can request your instructor to explain the details. However, don’t wait until during the exam since your instructor may not engage you instantly.

Can the Software Still Record Me If My Device Isn’t Webcam Enabled?

Yes, but it won’t record the video feeds. Learners taking proctored exams on Respondus Lockdown Browser will have their screen activities recorded by the actual browser. However, the Respondus Monitor works mainly with the webcam, so it won’t be functional, limiting the video recording functionality. Note that most online colleges and institutions require students to have optimally functioning computers to take proctored exams on the RLB. Optimally functioning in this context means having a device with a clear webcam, the latest browser that supports RLB, and a supportive user interface. This guideline often puts students with camera-less computers in a less fortunate position of having to buy and install the camera or take in-person exams.

Can I Disable the Camera During a Live Webcam Proctored Exam?

The beauty of a proctored exam is that students consent to a set of rules, including putting their faces under view until the exam ends. Disabling the camera not only breaches the rules, but the act also falls among critical anomalous behaviours with dire consequences. Most institutions will automatically cancel your test for disabling your camera. Otherwise, you can disable the camera if the test doesn’t entail monitoring examinees under a live webcam. But still, you’d want to be safe, so ask your instructor beforehand.  

Is Cheating Possible on the Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Yes, with our service. Our Respondus Lockdown Browser Overpass Software can safely bypass the proctoring system at 100% discretion. Click on the link after the introduction paragraph to request for the proctored exam-help services.

Does Respondus Lockdown Browser Record You? The Bottom Line

To this end, the answer to the question, “does Respondus Lockdown Browser record you…” is a straightforward yes. However, remember that the browser is incapable of recording students. It works with the help of an additional monitor, the Respondus Monitor, to perform full-length monitoring, including live webcam recording. For more information, read our blog on how to bypass the Respondus Browser without being caught. Feel free to reach us via email or calls for 1-on-1 consultations, and exam-help services.

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