Does ProctorU Really Watch You? Here is What You Need to Know

Does ProctorU Really Watch You

Proctoring systems bridge humans with remote invigilation, saving examinations time and resources. Since there is no physical exam manning, does ProctorU really watch you? The system relies on AI-based technologies for remote monitoring, which brings together different invigilation features. Our ProctorU exam experts and analysts answer the question of whether the software watches over students. They will also show you a safe hack that bypasses ProctorU so that you don’t have to worry about someone watching you.

Does ProctorU Really Watch You?

Yes. ProctorU watches test-takers through webcam. Once the students have scanned their rooms, the camera and microphone remain active, allowing the software to track what they do throughout the exam. The software uses advanced AI mechanisms to verify students’ behavior and flag suspicious activities in real-time.

The worthy feature of ProctorU is the Live+ and the Record+ features. Live+ refers to actively monitoring students by creating video sessions and intervening whenever the system identifies anomalous activity. Conversely, the Record+ is the process of flagging anomalous activity in real-time for further review. Both these features depend on the ability of the software to watch students through a webcam.

Is My Instructor Watching Me the Whole Time on ProctorU?

Yes and no. Instructors have two choices regarding monitoring students on ProctorU. The first option is to set the proctoring software to monitor students on their behalf independently. ProctorU deploys advanced AI mechanisms to watch over test-takers and alert instructors whenever it detects abnormal behavior. This mechanism is suitable where a single human proctor has to watch over hundreds of students.

The second option applies when only a few students are taking the exam. Your instructor can effortlessly watch over you remotely on ProctorU throughout the exam. This method is more stringent and applies primarily in high-stakes exams or when monitoring nefarious students with an extensive history of cheating.

What If I Cover the Webcam, Will ProctorU Still Watch Over Me?

Before administering the exam, all enrolled learners must undergo a system check to authenticate whether their devices meet the requirements. For example, all students must have fully functioning devices with in-built webcams and microphones. Such measures preserve the exam integrity and fairness. Covering the camera during a live online exam is possible. In fact, it blocks the ProctorU from watching over you. However, it’s a tangible breach of the examination protocols as it compromises the validity of the academic evaluation. Blocking the webcam underpins the principles of honesty, transparency, and fairness, which are the bedrock upon which proctored exams are built. Consequently, it leads to automatic cancellation.

The Webcam Accidentally Flagged Me During the ProctorU Live Online Exam. Was I Doing Anything Wrong?

ProctorU webcam monitoring technology will flag you only if you look away from the screen for an extended period. This measure is a significant limitation, especially when the learner needs to brainstorm or conduct multiple calculations. However, it ensures exam integrity by limiting students from looking up information on exam aids like crib notes. The webcam can also flag you if it detects suspicious activity in the exam room. For example, ProctorU will report you should it detect another face or voice in the testing environment.

Does ProctorU Really Watch You: How to Know If ProctorU is Watching You

There are several ways to know if ProctorU is watching you, including:

  • Checking if the Camera Icon is ON

The camera icon is a unique feature in most computers that tells whether a browser keeps tabs on you. The icon produces variations of lights (red, green, white, or blinking light) when the webcam actively captures images or records video. Before taking the exam, test whether your camera icon functions, as it can tell you when ProctorU is watching you.

  • Reviewing the Exam Guidelines

Instructors usually inform students about the possibility of being recorded beforehand to help them prepare adequately. Clues in the exam brief that tell whether you will be watched over by webcam include:

  • To scan your room before the exam
  • To use a device with in-built webcam
  • To conduct a facial identity before the exam
  • To keep your face in view throughout the exam
  • Engaging in Practice Tests

Some institutions require students to take a practice test that simulates the actual exam. Part of the test requires learners to stay on camera and follow the instructions provided. If your practice test includes being recorded, the actual exam also entails being watched over.

  • Seeking Clarifications from Your Instructor

Some institutions would want to keep tabs on students without their prior knowledge. In such instances, it’s advisable to seek clarification from your instructor. You can also contact your institution’s support or IT department for more clarification.

What if Something Goes Wrong During the Live Webcam Exams?

If things go wrong, for example, the webcam stops working due to high internet latency, ProctorU will notify the human proctor in real time and possibly close the exam window. Your instructor will verify the underlying cause and decide whether you can continue with the exam. Unfortunately, most students report being forced to register for a makeup exam.

Can I Bypass ProctorU Webcam Monitoring?

Yes! Our unique software can safely bypass ProctorU’s proctored exam and help you delegate your exam to our test experts. Click on the link in the introduction paragraph to request ProctorU exam-help assistance.

Does ProctorU Really Watch You? The Bottom Line

The answer to the question: Does ProctorU really watch you is a straightforward YES. This software uses the webcam to monitor students throughout the exam actively and alert instructors whenever it detects cheating. However, you don’t have to worry about being watched since our ProctorU Overpass Software presents the necessary solutions. Contact us to get started with us immediately.

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