Does Proctorio Track Eye Movement?

Does Proctorio Track Eye Movement

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Proctorio continues to be popular among educational institutions administering proctored exams. If you’re planning on circumventing Proctorio, you might have asked: Does Proctorio track eye movement? The software can detect cheating using real-time monitoring techniques. It has laid-back mechanisms to ensure students cannot bypass its security measures. However, each digital system has a loophole, and our Proctorio exam help experts will show you a safe way to bypass Proctorio without being caught. But first, we will answer the question of whether Proctorio tracks eye movement.

Does Proctorio Track Eye Movement: Can I Beat Proctorio Without Being Caught?

Yes. Not only can you bypass Proctorio with our special software, but you can also assign your exam to a team of experienced exam helpers for remote assistance. You only need to sign into our software using your Learning Management System credentials to delegate your exam. Click on the “Do My Proctored Exam” button above

Test-takers who rely on our special software no longer have to ask, “Does Proctorio track eye movement?” since they’re always get A+ grades. It doesn’t matter whether or not you prepare for the exam. Our experts will handle the technical details as you keep yourself busy. As a bonus, we’ve written a full-length article on how to cheat on Proctorio to help you beat the proctoring software.

Does Proctorio Track Eye Movement?

No, it doesn’t! Proctorio is incapable of tracking eye movement, but it ensures test-takers keep their faces in view using the facial detection feature. The system has flagged many students for suspicion because they looked away too long. This feature can be limiting, especially when taking a math-heavy examination that requires you to keep your eyes on the book and conduct strings of calculations. In such a case, explain to your administrator how Proctorio flagged you were accidentally. You should be able to give sufficient evidence which warrants appropriate help. Your administrator will be able to figure out why you were flagged, especially if you don’t have a history of cheating.

Can Proctorio Flag Me If I Use My Phone?

The unique quality that sets Proctorio apart is its ability to come up with test-takers’ suspicion ratings. After the exam, learners with high suspicion ratings have their papers assessed for cheating. This rating occurs in real-time throughout the exam without the test-taker’s knowledge. Using a phone to cheat on Proctorio is evidence for a high suspicion rating, which ultimately flags your exam for review. So yes, Proctorio will flag you for using the phone and automatically report your test for review.

How Does Proctorio Work and What Can It Do?

Proctorio is an advanced proctoring software designed to replace human invigilators in an online examination setting. It works by having full control of the learner’s computer’s microphone, webcam, and screen activity. Thus, it can scan the exam room for exam aids, record background noises, verify the test-takers ID, observe the examinee’s behavior, and record real-time video feeds for future assessments.

Another primary feature that sets this software apart is its compatibility with various browsers. It requires test-takers to update their versions of browsers for optimal function. Then, the software takes control of the browser, limiting access to other URLs and entirely blocking students from accessing any other website.

Can Proctorio Know if Someone Takes My Exam?

The first thing Proctorio does is to scan your face for identity verification. The test-taker’s facial features should match the picture in the student’s LSM registration details. Should you hire an impostor, the software will ultimately flag their facial IDs and report them for real-time assessments. Note that Proctorio is incapable of determining cases of cheating or if someone else takes your exam. Its function is limited to flagging the images and reporting the impostor to the administrator, who then makes meaning out of the details.

The Parting Shots: Does Proctorio Track Eye Movement?

To this end, the answer to “Does Proctorio track eye movement?” is a straightforward NO! The software doesn’t track eye movement, but it monitors facial, head, and body movement. It also records test-takers and reports live video feeds to administrators for future assessments. As such, we encourage learners to practice calm during their test to avoid Proctorio from accidentally flagging you for suspicion. For more questions or Proctorio cheating hacks, feel free to contact us for 1-on-1 consultation.

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