Does Proctorio Record Audio? Here is the Insider Secret

Does Proctorio Record Audio

As test-takers become increasingly worried about the privacy concerns proctoring technologies present, it’s critical to address the question: does Proctorio record audio? According to a recent report, online learners experience heightened anxiety, stigma, and uneasiness during proctored exams. The thought of being recorded in their private spaces feels invasive. It results in acute distress, especially when the learner isn’t psychologically aware. Our online exam experts explain Proctorio’s recording capabilities, the data it collects, and how to bypass its security features for remote help. We can also help you do the proctoring exam without being caught.

How Does Proctorio Record Audio?

To understand Proctorio’s security protocols, learners must know they are under strict webcam surveillance, with a human proctor remotely watching them. However, before the test commences, learners must scan their rooms to confirm if the spaces are conducive for a testing environment. This step entails snapping a picture a few feet from their desk and uploading it on Proctorio for verification. In other instances, Proctorio instructs learners to record a short video of their room, allowing Proctorio to verify the absence of an abnormal audio source.

Here are the steps on how a test is done on Proctorio:

  1. The instructor sends a unique link leading to the exam page
  2. Learners click on the link, giving access and control of their computers to human proctors
  3. Proctorio does a system compatibility check, verifying the absence of unauthorized software in the computer, such as Remote Desktop Control. It also confirms if the device has a fully functioning webcam and audio features used to detect cheating. Lastly, the device must have a fast internet connection and a compatible Operating System and browser.
  4. The test starts immediately after room scanning, where learners are remotely monitored via a webcam. Proctorio uses facial detection features to ensure students aren’t looking away to access crib notes or external help.
  5. Proctorio will flag a learner and notify the human proctor whenever it spots abnormal behavior. These suspicious acts include detecting background noises from the room, i.e., someone talking or a cat purring.
  6. The human proctor confirms cases of strange behavior if they amount to cheating or overstepping the existing exam protocols. If they do, the exam may stop, with the instructor closing the exam window.

Does Proctorio Record Audio?

Yes. Proctorio takes control of the audio input source of the test-taker’s computer, mainly the built-in microphone, to record ambient sounds. Additionally, Proctorio uses the audio recording API of the learner’s computer, such as Window Audio Session API, to capture audio. The capturing happens in real-time, generating timestamps. Proctorio then compresses the audio into a suitable size and bandwidth using audio codecs like AAC. It then buffers the audio to prevent data loss and locks unauthorized access by encrypting the files. Lastly, it sends the records to the instructor for further assessment.

How Does Proctorio Record Audio, and which Type?

Proctorio records all ambient sounds. These are background noises generated around or present in the test-taking environment and its vicinity. It can be someone talking or hissing, a cat purring, or a dog barking. So sensitive is the audio recording feature that it can capture people talking in the next room. It also records the learners’ keyboard strokes and mouse clicks.

Proctorio analyses audio records in real-time. Full-length analysis detects human voices, conversations, and malicious sounds that may signify cheating. If the software detects misconduct, it flags the audio records and alerts the human proctor to review them.

Can I Do an Online Exam with My Pet Present, or Does Proctorio Record Audio and flag me If My Cat Purrs?

Yes. Your cat can be present in the test-taking environment. However, any noise they make can get your exam flagged for suspicion. Thus, many institutions require students to lock their cats outside the testing environment. It can be in another room or outside to prevent these accidental flagging. This code of conduct can be limiting to learners living in one-room apartments. However, it exists to ensure fairness for all, and that’s one of the critical objectives of a proctored exam.

What if My Device Lacks a Built-In Microphone? Will Proctorio Still Record Me?

No. It won’t record you. However, Proctorio’s examination codes of conduct put students with microphone-less computers in unlucky situations of buying and installing external microphones. One of the key features it checks for during the system check is whether the computer has a microphone. The software flags all microphone-less computers and reports them to the human proctors. Your instructor may lock you out and advise you to take a makeup exam if you can’t access an external microphone.

Does Proctorio Record Audio? Parting Shots

The answer to, does Proctorio record audio, is a straightforward yes. It records all ambient noises in the testing environment and analyzes them in real time to detect cheating. It then sends the records to a human proctor for further assessment. Contact our customer support for help if you want assistance on Proctorio exam help.

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