Does LockDown Browser Record You?

Does LockDown Browser Record You

Learners considering cheating on a LockDown Browser need to get one question right: Does LockDown Browser record you? The answer to this question is vital as it defines what cheating method to use, security measures to adopt, and how to prepare adequately. Ideally, the Learning Management System (LMS) administrator should notify all test-takers of the possibility of being monitored and recorded via a LockDown Browser. However, this information is not guaranteed as some administrators would want to breach the learners’ privacy by monitoring them without their consent or prior knowledge. Our proctored exam experts have dedicated this blog to helping you know how LockDown Browser works and whether it records you.

Is There a Safe Way to Bypass the LockDown Browser Without Being Caught?

Yes. Not only can you bypass the browser using our special software, but also effortlessly assign your exam to top experts for timely assistance. We have designed our system to guarantee a risk-free and reliable way to bypass the LockDown Browser with just a few clicks. It is part of the answer to the question: does LockDown browser record you? The key here is to use the details assigned by your administrator to log into our software and let experts handle the technical details.

How Does the LockDown Browser Work?

In today’s digital age, when online learning is becoming the standard mode of education, institutions globally are turning to proctoring technology to preserve exam integrity. One such technology is the LockDown Browser (LDB). The LDB is a customized browser designed to lock the testing environment by having full-screen access to your window. It performs various functions to prevent cheating, including:

  1. Limiting access to other windows and tabs
  2. Restricting access to other URLs
  3. Deactivating the toolbar section
  4. Deactivating the function keys and the right-click options
  5. Deactivating the tab-switching options
  6. Restricting access to the exam details once you exit the full-screen mode
  7. Limiting screen recording
  8. Limiting copying the exam details a

With these stringent measures in place, does LockDown Browser record you? Reserve this question for the next section, as we intend to exhaust it. Meanwhile, below is an explanation of how it works:

  1. Before beginning the exam, your administrator will send a unique link for signing into the Learning Management System (LMS) like BlackBoard.
  2. Click the link and follow the steps provided to access the Blackboard
  3. You will be notified to allow the system to check your surrounding environment for exam aids.
  4. Once your room is verified to be void of exam aids, you can put your face in view and begin your exam.

Does It Record You?

The tactical answer to “Does LockDown Browser record you” is no. It is not sufficiently equipped to conduct the functions a typical proctoring system does. It works concurrently with a monitor called the Respondus Monitor (also called Respondus LockDown Browser) to conduct full-length proctoring. Adding this monitor on top of the browser allows the LMS administrator to:

  1. Track hand, body, heady, and facial movements
  2. Conduct a full scan of the immediate environment
  3. Record background noise for future assessment
  4. Flag suspicious activities like moving in a manner that denotes cheating

When test-takers click the link to the LMS, the first screen that appears instructs them to conduct a webcam check. Respondus LockDown Browser uses your computer’s webcam to monitor you throughout the exam. Among the many instructions you must heed is putting your face in view, using a computer with an optimally functioning device, and doing your exam in a well-lit room. These conditions enable the LMS administrator to watch over you and record a brief of your video for future assessments.

It is the right of the administrator to stop the exam or flag you if:

  1. Suspiciously move the eye as if reading from an additional source
  2. Suspiciously move the head or hand as if communicating with someone in the background
  3. The system records abnormal videos as if rummaging through prohibited materials to seek answers

The best part is that you can avoid all these frustrations by learning how to bypass the LockDown browser.

Does The Procotri Browser record you: Concluding Observation

In summary, the question “Does LockDown Browser record you” points to only one answer. The browser alone is incapable of recording learners. It works hand-in-hand with the Respondus LockDown Monitor to record full audio and video feeds. By accepting the terms put in place by your LMS provider, you allow for full control of the webcam and microphone functions. So, if you intend to cheat, do it safely by using our software to bypass both the browser and monitor. Contact us, and we will explain the technical details for your understanding. 

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