Does Honorlock Use Webcam? How Honorlock Works

Does Honorlock Use Webcam

Honorlock uses many features to prevent students from cheating in an online exam. Before sitting for a proctored exam, many exam-takers wonder, does Honorlock use webcam to monitor test-takers activities in a remote testing environment? In this guide, our proctored exam-help experts look at how the Honorlock exam proctoring system works, including whether it uses a webcam. They also explain why our software is the best suited for cheating on a virtual Honorlock exam and how students can use it to bypass the Honorlock system.

Does Honorlock Use Webcam to Detect Cheating?

Many institutions and instructors prefer Honorlock due to its ease of use. Unlike other software, students don’t need to download Honorlock into their devices as the system integrates with the test-taking platform. Honorlock also uses several AI-powered features to secure test-taking environments and prevent cheating in an exam. The following are the main features Honorlock uses to track cheating instances in an exam:


Students must have a webcam or camera on their exam device before an Honorlock proctored exam. The webcam takes photos of the students and their exam identification to prevent imposters from doing the exam. In addition, the webcam records the exam device’s screen to monitor any suspicious activities that can indicate someone is cheating in an exam. 

Honorlock’s artificial intelligence also accesses the webcam to scan the testing area for phones, computers, or secondary devices before an exam begins. The AI multi-device detection feature uses infrared to know how close or far devices are to a student during an exam.

Browser Guard

Instructors or institutions can enable the Browser Guard feature on Honorlock in an exam. Browser Guard blocks students from opening other tabs apart from the exam browser until the test is complete. It also prevents from leaving or resizing the exam window below 90% to access cheating software and apps on a device. If a student attempts to visit other websites, the Browser Guard feature records and flags the attempts to visit unapproved URLs.

Proctor Pop-in

If Honorlock detects insufficient lighting, incomplete scans, or background noise in an exam, a live proctor pop-in will appear on the student’s screen. The proctor pop-in feature prompts students to satisfy exam requirements before proceeding with an exam. For example, if your face isn’t in full view of the camera, the live proctor pop-in will alert you to return to the recommended position. The Honorlock proctor also notifies the instructor of an incident through a review report for further action.

Disable Printing, Copy and Paste

Honorlock disables the right and left-click options on an exam device. This prevents students from copying and pasting information directly on the platform in an exam. It also blocks students from printing exam information as PDF or another file format.

Does Honorlock Use Webcam? Tips for Bypassing Honorlock Webcam in an Exam

Before taking an Honorlock exam, students must satisfy these system requirements for the best experience using the platform:

  • Have Windows 10, macOS 10.14+, and Chrome OS.
  • Install Google Chrome browser
  • Access internet speeds of up to 1.5Mbps for downloads and 750kb for uploads.

With these in place, students can bypass the Honorlock webcam using the following techniques:

  1. Avoid facing the camera directly: Looking at the webcam directly allows it to monitor movements closer. Instead, place the camera at an angle that can only record your face from the side rather than the front.
  2. Position cheating materials away from the webcam view: Place all secondary devices away from the webcam’s view. The least detectable position in a proctored exam is under your exam monitor.
  3. Minimize attention: Avoid actions that might trigger close the Honorlock webcam to monitor you closely. Eliminate all unnecessary materials, background noise, and motion from your test environment.
  4. Practice: Before the exam, practice the steps for cheating in an Honorlock exam. This will help you feel more prepared and less anxious during the exam.

Can I Cheat in an Honorlock Proctored Exam?

Yes. You can cheat on Honorlock with the help of our software and exam experts. Our software bypasses the Honorlock security protocols, allowing our exam experts to take the exam for you undetected. Our exam experts are Master’s and Ph.D. holders from accredited institutions. Therefore, you can be sure of good grades in your exam. Click on the link in the introduction paragraph to request for Honorlock proctored exam-help services.

Does Honorlock Use Webcam? The Final Word

The answer to “Does Honorlock use webcam…” is Yes. The Honorlock proctoring platform uses a webcam to monitor student activities in an exam room. The camera also scans the testing area and records the videos for review by the exam instructor. However, our software can help students bypass all Honorlock security protocols, including the webcam.

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