Dermaplaning Classes Online: The Best Dermatology Course

Dermaplaning Classes Online

Dermaplaning is an effective treatment that removes dead skin and tiny facial hair that ordinary shaving devices may not clear. It’s so popular today that it has over 3.8 billion mentions and views on TikTok and other social media platforms. Beauty enthusiasts with a certificate from approved dermaplaning classes online can perform the treatment effectively and tap into the unlimited market. In this guide, our online class help experts explain the entry requirements for the online classes, the content covered, and the time taken to become certified. We do classwork for students, handle classwork assignments, and participate in classroom discussions.

Dermaplaning Online Classes Entry Requirements

The Dermaplaning classes online are for beginner beauticians who desire to know how to conduct the exfoliation treatment from scratch. It’s also for experienced beauticians looking to add the skill to their portfolio and expand their client base. Most dermaplaning classes occur through online portals, while others via apps and websites. To access these platforms, learners will need access to a smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet, and stable internet connection. They will also require the tools and products to perform the procedures in the coursework. Some courses also need two or three models for the practice tests and case studies.

What Dermaplaning Classes Online Cover

Dermaplaning classes online cover a wide range of topics. The content covered in the class is accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), meaning it’s safe and of high standard.  The various topics explained in online dermaplaning classes include:

Overview of Dermaplaning

In the first module, learners go through the dermaplaning basics. They learn the meaning of dermaplaning and the aim of the treatment. They also cover the main threats to human skin, such as ultraviolet rays, pollution, and free radicals, and how they cause pigmentation, premature aging, and skin dullness. Finally, students get an overview of how the dermaplaning process reverses these damaging effects on the skin.

Dermaplaning Anatomy and Physiology Online Class

Students learn about skin anatomy and physiology in dermaplaning classes online. They discover the cell formation process in the skin, including how cells move from the innermost layer (dermis) to the outer skin (Stratum Corenum).

The online class also explains how natural exfoliation occurs and the factors contributing to its performance decline over time. Lastly, the lesson explains how removing dead cells from the skin can reverse the impact of aging and other environmental factors that disrupt the natural exfoliation process.

Tool and Product Selection

In the tool and product lesson, discover the most essential equipment before the dermaplaning treatment begins. Some tools they familiarize themselves with include a steel bowl for storing cleansing water, a headband for holding clients’ hair back, cotton pads, a blade, disinfected steel handle, cleanser, antiseptic, painless peel, moisturizer, skin toner, and serum. This lesson also explains how to arrange various tools and products in a trolley for easier access during the treatment.

Client Consultation and Contradictions

Many clients have concerns about the dermaplaning treatment. This lesson helps students address client concerns and common contradictions, such as whether their hair will grow thicker and darker after the treatment. They also know how to evaluate if patients can take the treatment and explain why they may or may not be able to undergo the treatment.

Treatment Procedure

The dermaplaning treatment lesson covers the entire procedure, from cleansing the skin to applying moisturizer or serum. It explains ways to effectively clean different skin types, including dry, oily, mature, delicate, and sensitive skin. Students also learn how to use the blade or scalpel to remove dead cells from the skin, including the pattern to follow. The final section of the lesson in this section explains the cleansing process using enzyme peel, warm water, and antiseptics.


Lastly, the dermaplaning classes online provide skin care tips after the procedure that students should recommend to their clients. Some aftercare techniques covered include:

  1. Gently cleanse the skin
  2. Hydrating the skin with serum or facial oil
  3. Avoiding makeup
  4. Applying sunscreen
  5. Avoiding swimming or touching the face
  6. Drinking plenty of water

Dermaplaning Classes Online Duration

Dermaplaning classes online last about 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the material covered in the program. Some programs teach through pre-recorded videos and manuals that take less time than scheduling live sessions. Basically, the more accessible the study materials, the faster it is to learn dermaplaning, as students can take the courses quickly. Most classes offer official certification a week or two after completing the class via email.

Cost of Learning

The cost of dermaplaning online classes varies depending on the program requirements and materials offered during training. Courses with a more detailed learning approach, including virtual practice sessions or case studies, cost more than those without.

Get Help with Dermaplaning Online Classes

Dermaplaning classes online equip learners with the skills and knowledge to perform the treatment effectively. Learners should take each lesson seriously and practice continuously to advance their skills. Our online class helpers can take the dermaplaning class for busy students who already understand the process and only want certification to conduct the treatment legally.

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